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The Flash - S2E1 - The Man Who Saved Central City

Previously on The Flash

Sweet Dreams

Barry takes down Captain Cold and Heat Wave with an assist from Firestorm. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he’s congratulated by Cisco, Caitlin, Dr. Stein, Joe, Iris, Eddie, and Dr. Wells. If you hadn’t already figured it out, this is a day dream, which he snaps out of right after Wells tells Barry there’s nothing else he can teach him.

Barry is alone in a dark S.T.A.R. Labs. He gets an alert and races off as The Flash. In his dream, he claimed he couldn’t do what he does alone. Now, six months after the events in the finale, that’s exactly what he’s doing - fighting crime alone to keep those he cares about safe.

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He’s also ignoring urgent mail from a law firm.

The Case Meta-Human of the Week

Barry gives Joe the low-down on a body found at a nuclear plant: Al Rothstein, a welder at the plant, was strangled by something large and strong.

Joe wonders if Barry will attend Flash Day, a celebration to honor him and present him with the key to the city. Barry’s leaning towards no since he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

A man hiding nearby takes photos of Barry.

New Jobs

Cisco now consults the police on cases involving meta-humans (and Joe now leads the meta-human task force), and he’s working on a gun that will help officers take them down. He and Joe discuss Barry’s new lone wolf ways, and when Iris arrives to ask about Barry’s attendance at Flash Day, Joe thinks Iris should try to talk some sense into Barry. We learn here that Caitlin has been working at Mercury Labs.

Most importantly: Captain Singh has a sexy new beard.

Hey, boo.

“Central City Believes in The Flash.. So Do I”

Iris finds Barry using his speed to fix the damage done to Jitters six months ago. He’s been working alone at night and in secret to repair local businesses. All the more reason for him to go to Flash Day and give people an opportunity to see and thank him, she says. Barry still resists, insisting he’s not the man who saved the city.

Six Months Ago

Shortly after Barry ran into the singularity, he stabilized it, but Ronnie and Stein had to separate in the eye of it in order to close it. That works, but Ronnie doesn’t survive.

Damn. Both and Iris and Caitlin lost their loves that day and it explains why Barry feels so guilty.

The Flash S2E1 - Barry is Sad

Flash Day

The Flash does show up at the celebration, and good thing because just as he’s about to accept the key to the city, a cart comes flying out of the sky and headed straight for Barry and the mayor.

The man who threw it wears a metal mask and has his heart set on killing Barry. Cisco’s meta-human defusing boot doesn’t work - the bad guy shakes it off and then increases in size. Joe’s bullets also don’t affect him. It’s not until Barry lobs propane tanks at his face - and Joe shoots them - does the giant stumble. His mask comes off and reveals: Al Rothstein, the dead guy at the nuclear plant.

Less Asking; More Telling

Turns out, Al was not in Central City when the particle accelerator blew AND his dead body has not left the morgue. Cisco investigates whether the meta-human’s appearance had anything to do with all the x-ray and radiation machines giving out in the hospital next to where the celebration was held. Despite all the bizarre details of the case, he can’t entice Caitlin to return to S.T.A.R. Labs, but she does agree to look into the hospital connection.

Iris decides they need to stop asking Barry’s permission to help.

Barry gets a visit from the attorney who has been trying to reach him for months. He’s handling Wells’ estate, and S.T.A.R. Labs, though left to Barry, will be taken away unless Barry watches a video message from Wells.

Barry’s like:

The alarm at the Labs is tripped and Barry finds Iris, Joe, Stein, and Cisco hard at work on their new meta-human problem. Barry really wants them to leave, but they refuse. Stein and Cisco figure out Al’s location (and Stein dubs him Atom Smasher), and to prove he don’t need no damn body, Barry races off without his comms.

Barry gets every bit of his ass kicked, but does learn that someone sent Atom Smasher to kill him. Oh, and AS is not impressed by Barry at all. Thanks to some intervention from the team back at the Labs, Barry escapes bruised and broken. He passes out at the Labs and dreams of the moment he finally broke down and cried in Joe’s arms after his mother’s death.

He awakens to find Joe watching over him. Joe drops some black fatherhood bars and convinces Barry he needs to stop shouldering all the responsibility  - Ronnie and Eddie were grown-ass men who made grown-ass men decisions. Also, he needs to let his friends have his back.

Joe just waiting for his son to wake up so he can tell him to get it together.

If You’re Watching This

The new and enlightened Barry visits Caitlin at Mercury Labs and learns she doesn’t blame him for Ronnie’s second death. She blames herself for not leaving town with Ronnie when he asked. They hug it out and when Caitlin learns of Wells’ video, she offers to watch it with Barry.

After Wells claims that they were never truly enemies and that he’s not what Barry hates, he announces he’ll give Barry what he wants even though it won’t make him happy. Wells then confesses to the murder of Nora Allen.


Wells’ video does the trick: It has enough details to convince the police he’s telling the truth and Henry is coming home.

Now they need to deal with Atom Smasher. They lure him to a trap in the nuclear plant, lock him in a tube and fill it with radiation. AS can’t absorb it all and it takes him down. Before he dies, Atom Smasher confesses someone named Zoom said he’d take AS home if he killed The Flash.

Daddy’s Home

Henry comes home and it’s a celebration, bitches! The party takes a sour turn when Henry tells Barry he’s not going to stay in town.

Say what?

This makes zero sense to me, and I will definitely have a lot to say about this on the podcast tonight. 

“Your World is in Danger”

At the Labs, Cisco and the team show Barry his new suit with the white emblem behind the lightning bolt. And that’s not all that has changed. They’ve now increased security so no more strangers walking up in there like they pay rent.

Then Jay Garrick walks up in there, like he pays rent.

Episode 2.1 By the Numbers:

  • Unannounced Visits to Star Labs: 1 (Jay Garrick)
  • Feel Sorry For: Caitlin. Now she’s a widow.
  • Best Joe Black Fatherhood Moment: He got through to that boy some mac and cheese and a motherfucking pep talk!
  • West-Allen Moment: When Barry blushes and smiles at Iris before taking a sip of his water.
  • Barry Saves the Day By: Trusting his friends.
  • No extra scene after the end logo!

Overall Thoughts & Questions:

  • Any return of Wells will certainly be complicated now that the world thinks he’s 1. dead and 2. a dead murderer.
  • Game-score-8.5I really hope Caitlin remains at Mercury Labs. She’s the only character I feel no connection to. That said, I love Cisco, but I also hope he remains working at the CCPD. Of course they’ll still come together to work cases and whomever the current “big bad” will be, but it’s cool to see them build other areas of their lives that don’t pertain to meta-humans. Plus, Cisco finally got a badge!
  • Speaking of Cisco and meta-humans: How long can he keep the secret that he is one? Cool seeing him view Atom Smasher in his world, though.
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9 Comments on The Flash - S2E1 - The Man Who Saved Central City

  1. Yay, season premiere! I loved this episode. It was so great to see everyone again. And is it me or did everyone in the cast look utterly beautiful in the premiere? Even more than usual beautiful. Is that the “YayWeAllHaveJobsAndWeAreInSeasonTwo” glow about them? Speaking of beautiful, Grant Gustin makes me question my sexuality… damn you, double G, damn you!

    My only comments and questions are in regards to Henry leaving. The fuh? Barry has abandonment issues. Why do this to Barry? Why do it to himself? Hopefully the logical reason will be revealed to us later on. I just hope it’s not some “to protect Barry” silliness because we know how those “well-intended” reasons can backfire. *cough IRIS cough*

    And what do you guys think about Joe listening in on Barry and Henry. a) Was Joe just being a creeper b) did Henry know ahead of time and wanted to see how Barry would take the news or c) did Henry and Joe agree to/plan Henry’s departure?

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and the podcast. Welcome back, y’all!

  2. The Flash is back, bitches! This was one of the best new shows last year, and I’m glad to have it back on my TV. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens this season.
    1. Iris – I’m so glad she’s in the loop now. This makes things so much better. Now, I don’t have to hate her anymore. Candice Patton is too pretty for me to be side eyeing each week.
    2. Joe West – Y’all know this is my main man right here. God damn he’s good! If I have a child, I want to be as good a black father to him or her as this man is. I’m only half joking about this too. Shit! That Black Fatherhood makes a brotha get emotional. It’s so damn beautiful.
    3. Henry –I can get why he would want to leave Central City after all the bullshit he’s been through there, but come on. Maybe there’s a bigger reason he’s leaving. I expect to see him again, and we’ll probably find out the full story at some point. I just didn’t like the way he did this. He gave Joe the perfect alley oop, but damn. He could have given a better explanation of why he needed or wanted to leave, and it could have come at a better time. The way he did it in this episode BETTER be because someone has him by the balls and he needed to get away in order to protect Barry and the crew. If not, fuck him.
    4. Great Moments In Black Fatherhood – Fuck Henry Allen for crushing his son’s hopes and dreams an hour after being released from prison… BUT, by doing this he set my man Joe up for yet another great moment in black fatherhood. As if the flashback to that wonderful 7 pasta Mac & Cheese meal, Mean Joe Greene giving a kid a Coke moment wasn’t enough for us, they set up an Uncle Phil/Will moment. When I watched that scene of punk ass Henry trying to skip town, it took me back to that episode of Fresh Prince with Will’s dad. It was exactly the same. The punk ass daddy says some bullshit about having to leave, and how he’ll be back later, the son knows it’s complete bullshit, then the great black daddy comes in, grabs the young man, hugs him, and gives him the love he needs. The only thing missing from this scene was Barry asking “Uncle Phil, how come he don’t want me??????”

  3. The Flash is back & I couldn’t be happier! Loved it!

    I see everyone is feeling some kind of way about Henry leaving. A) the producers said we’ll see him as much as we did while he’s in prison. B) did he cough a bit there? Maybe he’s sick & doesn’t want Barry sitting at his bedside while he dies?

    Joe West is EVERYTHING!! He’s so good with Barry & Cisco and even his own child. Love him!

    So is Ronnie dead or did he end up in some other dimension or something? Was there a body? If not, he ain’t dead.

    Even from the grave, Wells/Thawne is still fucking with Barry.

    That’s it! Loving the new dynamic of Team Flash! Glad Barry’s not depressed anymore & can’t wait to see what he & Jay Garrick get into! Really looking forward to the podcast!

  4. So good. Just consistently good. I need to buy up the dollar store kleenex because every time Joe and Barry have a father son moment I cry. Barry was crying, I was crying, Joe was being father of the year…I live for those scenes!!!! And they had my man Edge, who I think has done a great job transitioning from the WWE to a career on the small screen. I hope to see more of him in the future (possibly on this show, possibly on others). The writers are listening and doing a better job of writing Iris if this episode is any indication. All in all, great episode. Can’t wait til next week!

  5. Other than the Mindy Project, the Flash is the only other show I anxiously awaited its return. Emo Barry is HOT but dude you’re still a baby Flash and need your friends. I dont know what I was expecting on the video but a confession was NOT IT! Loved Joe and his black fatherhood but I still don’t get Bio-Dad leaving!!! Did he feel like he was in the way? I mean 2 people in Barry’s inner circle died to help the Allen family so he should have stayed for a few episodes…or decide to go back to school so he could come back and help Barry - ANYTHING BUT LEAVE!! Other than the off key chants at the rally (I’m looking at you Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris and over acting Extras) and Bio Dad leaving I was ok with this episode. And loved the Stein/Cisco hug - adorable! As much as I enjoyed the The Flash Re-watch podcast(s) over the summer, I can’t wait until the crew is back together to discuss The Flash! (sorry for typos, hiding from boss!) ONE LAST THING: Everyone outside STAR Labs needs to STOP using BARRY & The Flash names together!! Some nosey neighbor in the office (aka someone like me) will put 2 +2 together!!

  6. I seriously had a nergasm when I was watching the flash. I had goosebumps all over and totally shed a tear when it came on. It is such a weird feeling that I just don’t know how to explain. I just know that this show is my favorite show on television right now.


    HOLUP! Do they watch the podcast? Cisco said something about the security of star labs! And then the end when he said “FOR REAL?” when Jay Garrick came in I cried. Very funny.

    Cisco! I love him so much. Everyone on this show makes me smile and happy *Internal Screaming* Anyway, why are they talking about flash business in the police station?

    I enjoyed that they showed how they stopped the singularity because I truly hate when shows don’t show shit like that.

    I loved seeing Cisco starting to get his powers! I am seriously fangirling right now with him and seeing Adam Copland aka Edge (for wrestling fans) on the show. Cisco hugging Stein? Black fatherhood from past to present? Wells incredible acting and admitting killing Barry’s mom? The run Barry run throwback line Joe said? Barry’s father getting out and his father giving me all the tears? UGH. I am so sorry nothing is coherent for me right now because I am in my feels so many emotions. And the Zoom situation, I can’t wait. I am so excited for this season. This was a great start!

  7. All I got to say is I’m with Nina & John and happy they addressed their security but damn did they forget to turn it on cause dude just waltz in there like it was an open house.

  8. Between this and Agents of SHIELD I was so emotionally compromised last night. It was great. And clearly Cisco and Iris listen to the podcast cause they were like “folks need to stop walking up in here like they pay rent!”

  9. Why Jay Garrick just stand around while Barry got his ass beat y’all?

    I know it’s a small sample size, but apart of the team Iris is way better than not apart of the team Iris. She seems like she might be the emotional center of the team, she was getting through to Barry even when Joe couldn’t. BTW Joe looked exactly the same 15 years ago? That fool Coco butter game must be strong!

    I think Al killed himself, or at least his other worldly double.

    Cisco just building whatever he wants and passing the buck to the CCPD? What’s their budget like?

    Where does Barry get the Materials to rebuild all those Businesses? Do they just leave the materials out at night like The Shoemaker and the elves?

    Do you think Jay Garrick knows about the Speed Force? I I almost fell out of my chair when he showed up RIGHT after they made that joke about security.

    Prediction, I think Jay Garrick was checking Barry out the whole episode to see what he was like because his world’s Barry is Zoom.

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