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The Flash - S2E20 - Rupture

Previously on The Flash, “Back to Normal”

Now we know why Henry Allen had to be all deadbeat daddin’ it since episode one of this season. Because the moment he heard Jay Garrick’s last name, he’d have mentioned that his mother’s maiden name was Garrick. I’m sure Team Flash would have responded much the way Barry did when he found out: mild interest and then quickly moved on to something else. But we would have definitely started side-eye’ing Jay sooner than we did. And the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask wouldn’t have been much of a mystery at all. Anyway, we know this is true because less than ten seconds after mentioning his mother’s maiden name to Barry, Henry is back in Central City and ready to stay.

Once Barry makes up his mind, there’s little chance anyone will be able to change it. However, before he knows what he should do, Barry will seek the advice of those closest to him. Enter Henry, who’s not down with Wells’ plan to recreate the particle accelerator explosion in an attempt to return Barry’s speed. Joe isn’t as opposed, but he also trusts Barry to make the right decision. It would also be weird for him to weigh in too heavily as Barry only gave up his speed to save Wally’s life.

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In a moment many fans have been waiting for (especially me, at the front of the line that hasn’t moved since S1E15), Iris makes sure Barry understands that she doesn’t care if he’s The Flash. She cares about Barry Allen and she’s been thinking about a future with him. I’m hoping Barry’s lack of proper response was due to shock and not that he’s no longer interested in Iris romantically. ‘Cause, boy, when a woman who looks that damn fine in leather pants tells you she wants to be with you, you really need to muster up some words. Shit.

Still, Barry decides he’s not going to risk the lives of everyone else in Central City just to get his speed back. He maintains this stance even after Zoom arrives and Debos the entire police station. He maintains this stance even after a meta-human from Earth-2, Rupture, arrives and attacks Cisco and his brother Dante.

Zoom told Rupture that Cisco (Vibe) killed his brother, Reverb. That’s right: Earth-2’s Dante is a meta-human with a badass scythe and attitude to match. This leads to Cisco finally admitting to his brother that he’s a meta-human, and ultimately fuels a reconciliation between the brothers at odds. I’m hoping this means we’ll get more Dante - but we probably won’t. Also, I don’t call out how wonderful Carlos Valdes is nearly enough. He brings so much humor to the show, but also a lot of heart. It’s easy to forget that when you’re laughing at his one-liners and pop culture references.

Zoom instructs Rupture to put his quest for vengeance on hold once he learns the CCPD is still operating out of Jitters. When Rupture fails, Zoom kills him and several police officers on live TV. Then he outs The Flash as a hologram created by Cisco and Barry to keep The Flash’s lack of speed under wraps.

Zoom is the pettiest motherfucker to ever petty.

This is enough to put Barry into Wells’ particle accelerator reconstruction, but it doesn’t go as planned. Barry… ruptures and disappears. The dark matter isn’t contained and knocks both Wally and Jesse out. Y’all know Wells will be blamed when they wake up as speedsters, but no one told those two to leave the safety of Wells-Thawne’s evil time vault.

Then Zoom drops by to thank everyone for killing Barry for him.

I told you. Petty AF.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s The Flash podcast. 

The Flash S2E20 = 9/10
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9 Comments on The Flash - S2E20 - Rupture

    Got’damn, what an EXCELLENT episode ! I was behind last night, so I decided to watch SHIELD first because I knew Flash would heal my broken heart. But NO, Flash had to go and break my heart, too. Barry evaporated, exploded, SOMETHIN! All I know is, he gone! What the fuck?? My heart can’t take it.

    Anyway, I have a few questions:
    1. they opened a portal and didn’t bother to close it? Or did Zoom re-open it with his stolen super speed?
    2. Does wraith Barry zipping through Wally and Jessie mean they’re now speedsters? It’s got to, right? I’m here for it.
    3. What are the implications of Garrick being a family name for the Allens? Is it too much to ask that the writers explore that?

  2. For The Podcast:
    This was a great episode so much goodness to dig into plus all that WestAllen had me swooning!! Now I got a couple of questions
    1. So was anyone else really annoyed with Cisco’s brother for most of the episode? Cause I was like boy bye until they had their cute brotherly moment.
    2. Was Barry too overwhelmed with emotion when Iris told him she wanted to be with him? Cause I wanted a WestAllen kiss and they came up short.
    3. So I’m just saying wasn’t the way that Barry got his powers back pretty much just like it happened in flashpoint paradox? I called it 😆
    4. Wtf is going on in the preview for next week is he stuck in the past or worse?


    YASSSSS. GET CHO MAN IRIS. YOU ALWAYS HAD SOMEONE TO COME HOME TO. BRING IT ON HOME IRIS! She has all of the lines of the night! I wanted to push both their heads together and make them kiss. Also Iris outfit was on point!
    * Hoodlum and Holograms is the new Ghouls and Goblins on wellstendo y’all. Also the line “the one you built for the Harry Potter convention” killed me. I am really going to need this Wells to stay forever.
    * Henry came back and decided he is just gon insert himself into the speed equation by speed blocking Barry. What type of deadbeat nonsense is this?
    * Caitlin shaded the fuck out of Zoom. “Is that way you change your voice so people will be afraid of you?” Preach! But this of course when she did this, I was so scared of him killing Joe. That was a sweet moment for Cisco and his brother.
    * Zoom also had the stupidest line of the night” “How? How? Oh you are smart aren’t you?” and in the words of Antoine Dobson, “You are so dumb”
    * I’m sure y’all went over this but if you didn’t, do y’all think that Barry is related to Jay? The real Jay since his grandmother’s maiden name is Garrick?
    * So Wally is in the fucking lair and he aint see Barry? He ain’t think about Barry? He ain’t question his Damn Daddy? Convenient writing. I hate you right now writers because aint no way I’ll be calm getting placed in that room and not knowing shit. He aint that damn happy to have you as his dad Joe for this to be logical dammit! You going to question Iris, Wally? No? But he has Jessie so I guess it’s okay *eye roll* And yes, the end result was worth it, so I’ll shut it up right now.
    * Now come on we all know Barry aint dead! He gon come back on dat ass in the season finale in my Chanel No. 1 voice “surprise bitch.” Oh I can’t wait. 10 out of 10 for me. Thanks for the podcast!

  4. FOR THE PODCAST: Is it me or does us knowing who Zoom is take a little of his badassness away? Just a little bit, because when he’s Zoom he’s a fuckin beast. It’s kinda like when Kylo Ren took his mask off. He didn’t look like what I expected at all. He was still scary with it on tho. Same with Hunter/Zoom. Mask on, he’s terrifying. Mask off, I’m like Fuck outta here. I’ll reserve comment on everything else in the interest of time except for I need Caitlyn to die. I hate how they are trying to make it like she’s the Zoom Whisperer. It’s corny. Heffa, lay you ass down in a grave already! Shit!

  5. So is earth 2 Barry’s dad a speedster and he’s the man in the iron mask and Jay just stole his name/super hero identity from him? The ending scene was epic in terms of acting. Wells looked dumbfounded and shocked that his plan hasn’t worked while everyone else looked dismayed and heartbroken. Do y’all think Barry has his speed again and is just in another dimension or did wells experiment just place him somewhere else without even his speed being restored? Also, do y’all think Barry; Jessie, and Wally will be the way to defeat zoom? I wonder though if they will have time enough to train them as speedsters to defeat zoom.

  6. For the Podcast:

    I was not sure how much I’d enjoy another episode of powered down Barry. But here we are and I liked it. Barry wasn’t even asking everybody to sacrifice their lives to help him get his powers back. Growth people. But he was a little too determined not to get them powers back I mean, he was just gonna let Zoom have the city? He didn’t know what that would look like? Cisco was nearly killed because Barry was in his feelings.

    Zoom told the cops to stop copping and Barry just like, y’all could just go to Jitters. How does the owner of Jitters feel about this plan, Barry? Well apparently fine. I know I wouldn’t have my bidness be a target of the dude that dragged the flash around the town 3 months ago.

    Caitlin can’t not be Killer Frost now, right? Cause all this talk about her past and the darkness…. I just want her to be interesting.

    Overall great episode. Even though I was slightly annoyed with Barry ignoring Wells even though he was right about everything but still it took until Zoom showed up and looked in the camera like “I’m Marilyn Manson with madness now just imagine the magic I light to asses, don’t ask for your favorite hero. He dead. Yessir. Amen. Chuuch. He dead. I killed him. Amen.” for Barry to realize he needed to stop him.

    PS My new favorite thing is having Nina read rap lyrics to songs she probably doesn’t know.


    So we are all in agreement that earth 2 Henry Allen is the man in the iron mask and his name there is Jay Garrick, right? And these writers really need to stop having characters reveal big information like “my mothers Maiden name was Garrick” and just have Barry shrug like all Henry said was” i had Tacos for lunch”. This just makes me look at our main character like he is a fucking clueless idiot.
    My girl Iris (side note: Iris in those leather jeans really had me questioning my sexuality for a second, but hen i saw Barry in his old navy jeans and all was right with the world again. PHEW) she finally decided to tell Barry how she feels and this mother fucker says NOTHING. I was so pissed, they needed to kiss right then and there but this fucking show likes to prolong everything. What if Barry says he is not in love with Iris anymore, how would you guys feel about that?

    Caitlin still a damsel in distress and when she finally tried to do something to help she gets a bunch of police officers (and i think i saw a camera man in there) KILLED. they need to turn her evil or just kill her ass by the end of the season because the only time i had a problem with Zoom this episode was when i had to watch Teddy Sears try really hard 2 pretend he has romantic feelings for Danielle Panabaker, Actually that’s been my problem the whole fucking season.
    Zoom stuff would be a lot more effective if he just kept his mask on the whole time because that’s when zoom really scares the fuck out of me. I don’t give a fuck about Dante or his meta human, he had a cool sythe but that was it. Lucky for the writers i love Cisco and he was the only thing keeping me from hating this story line.

    So Wally and Jessie were locked in that room together and they didn’t even try 2 fuck? I CALL BULLSHIT. So do you guys think they will start developing their powers by the end of this season or at the beginning of next season? i think we are going to get a hint of it by the end of this season then one of them will explore their powers on The Flash and the other will go over 2 LOT. Or maybe Jessie can go become The Flash over on earth 2. So i’m going to stop now because i am at the library and this man really wants the computer and is about to get punched if his ass don’t stop staring at me. Can’t wait to hear you podcast 🙂


    Barry doesn’t deserve that beautiful Black queen. She confessed her feelings to you two times in one episode. Something that he has been waiting for since he hit puberty and what did he do? Nothing. That’s not even an exaggeration. That fool didn’t do dick. TWICE. She told him no matter what, she’ll always feel the same and this nigga might as well have said “Cool story bro.” BLEGH.

    Barry’s daddy needs to go back to Lake Ontario or wherever the hell he came from too. He’s just gonna let Barry down again. When Barry told the gang that Henry is back for good, Henry was looking like “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” That fool got more trout to catch. He don’t have time to be parenting.

    I’m also over Barry and his need for a pep talk every 5 minutes. He doubts himself every episode and then somebody gotta pat him on the shoulder and say “You can do it!” He needs to get Chicken Soup For The Superhero Soul or something. Good Lord.

    Also, shout out to Zoom for rolling up after the particle accelerator didn’t work and saying “Bitch you tried it.” Petty!
    That’s all I have! Be blessed, y’all.

  9. This is probably late


    I’m just gonna say I loved it! The drama and angst and action and everything!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Cisco! Love him! His always hilarious but when he brings it, such as watching his E2 bro die and when realizing Barry was dead. Love him! Excellent performances.

    Loved the WestAllen scenes. Just wish kissing was involved. Just saying.

    I liked the holoFlash stuff. It was an inventive short term fix and I really liked the combo of Barry/Iris/Cisco working together.

    Jeez, this is getting long!

    Ok, why would you put two college age kids in that room together like that? Do Joe & Harry want grandbabies that badly? And Joe & deadbeat, I mean Henry are gonna beat the life outta Harry. But I liked the scene with the 3 of them discussing Barry’s choices. His 3 dads. But why do they insist on not telling these kids wtf is going on?

    So how is Zoom related to Barry’s family? Clearly it’s family in the mask. How will Barry return? Any ideas?

    Ok, way too long. And sorry. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

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