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The Flash - S2E22 - Invincible

Previously on The Flash, “The Runaway Dinosaur”

Barry Allen is like a born-again man-of-faith, asking anyone who’ll listen if they have a moment to talk about his Lord and Savior, The Speed Force. Bolstered by the blessings of The Speed Force and the girl of his dreams finally ready to pursue a romantic relationship with him, Barry’s been zipping around town, easily assisting the police in handling the E2 meta-humans.

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Even when Caitlin returns, shaken and hallucinating Zoom, and says she doesn’t think Barry can stop Zoom, Barry’s confidence doesn’t waiver. He brushes off advice from both of his dads to dial it back a bit, and he even disagrees when Joe asks The Flash to speak with Wally and deter him from playing vigilante to prove himself worthy of being saved. Barry is even more convinced Wally should be allowed to help people when Wally saves The Flash from a meta-human. Iris warns Barry that feeling fear is a healthy emotion and that he’s not untouchable. Bad things will still find a way to happen. More on that in a bit.

Zoom quickly reminds Barry that he’s still a threat by having one of his top lieutenants, E2’s Black Siren, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), topple Mercury Labs with her call. Dealing with this distraction involves Dr. Tina McGee admitting that she knows Barry is The Flash, Cisco reaching out to Hartley to figure out a way to use Earth-1’s frequency against the unwelcome E2 meta-humans (including Zoom), and Caitlin and Cisco going undercover as Killer Frost and Reverb to play mind games with Siren. While they do their best to convince her they survived and want to team up against Zoom, Barry runs through the city to create the effect needed to disarm the meta-humans.

The meta-humans are incapacitated and taken into custody, except Zoom, who created a breach and ran home.

Though the day isn’t quite saved, the team celebrates with dinner and drinks at the West household. Joe admits he’s proud of Wally for saving The Flash, and Jesse’s proud of him, too, but in a much more flirtatious manner. Henry seems to be getting along with Dr. McGee, and not to be outdone, Barry asks Iris if she’d like to see where a relationship between the two might go - and, of course, she says yes. This was so sweet and heartwarming that no one was surprised that Zoom appeared to grip up Henry before they could complete the first toast.

He takes Henry to the Allen home where Nora died, determined to show Barry that they are very much alike - a claim Barry vehemently denied earlier in the episode. Is Barry just one bad day from becoming Zoom? After Zoom punches a hole through Henry’s chest, we’re about to find out.

At this point, I’m just waiting for the finale and hoping the show can expand on the things that did work this season (the people in on Barry’s secret working together, Iris West with agency and involvement, the amazing chemistry between the cast working in STAR Labs - especially Cisco, Iris, and Wells) and scale back things like Caitlin Snow, people comically not knowing Barry is The Flash when he’s doing everything shy of wearing a sign that reads “I’m The Flash” around his neck.

Zoom has been such a letdown. First he wants to kill all speedsters, but this later turns out to be part of Jay’s lies. Then he wants Barry’s speed because he’s dying. Then he wants to take over Earth-1, starting with Central City. Then he wants Caitlin to love him so he’s not alone. Finally, he wants to prove Barry is just like him. It’s exhausting. And considering he was clearly up to something else while the Earth-2 meta-humans were wreaking metaapocalypse in Central City, and considering we still don’t know who the man in the iron mask is, it appears this will just get more convoluted before it gets better.

The Flash S2E22 - Zoom

Now that Henry is dead, we need Barry to find a happy (?) medium. Though anyone would hardly blame him if he checked out after witnessing his father’s murder, he is the only one capable of stopping Zoom. Hopefully, he still has the Speed Force boost to his confidence without being reckless, and directs his grief and anger into stopping Zoom once and for all so we can all move on to season three and a better full-season arc.

The Good

- The Flash rescuing Dr. McGee inside a toppling Mercury Labs
- The banter between the team - especially Joe and Wells
- Barry taking his shot with Iris, finally
- Wally and Jesse - I’m rooting for those crazy kids
- Hopefully, Cisco’s vibes of an exploding Earth-2 are a setup for an exciting season 3 arc. Maybe.
- Henry’s death scene - We all saw it coming, and it was sad, but Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp acted the hell out of that moment.

The Bad

- Katie Cassidy’s acting. Can we just stop with Laurel Lance once and for all?
- Danielle Panabaker’s acting. Can Zoom take her back to Earth-2 and then close the breaches forever?
- Zoom’s mommy and daddy issues are boring now

The Flash S2E22 = 7.9/10
  • 6.5/10
    Plot - 6.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Action - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10
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6 Comments on The Flash - S2E22 - Invincible


    This season has been rather meh. This was an ok episode. Not fantastic but not bad.

    All the good stuff was basically everyone who wasn’t Caitlin or Zoom. She has PTSD. Ok. Whatever. And I totally agree that Zoom is a letdown. Ugh. It’s like he doesn’t know what he wants. So do you think he causes the destruction Cisco sees in his vision?

    I didn’t mind Black Siren. Liked her boots. And that coat was sharp.

    I’m mad that Henry is dead now. We all knew it was coming but damnit! Don’t tease me with the meet cute and flirty banter between him & Tina Magee! My 90s Flash otp!

    So how do you guys think Barry is gonna deal with losing his deadbeat dad? At least Barry addressed that issue before his death. Obviously he’s not gonna turn evil like Zoom wants. But he’s gonna be a mess and hopefully he’ll let Iris be there for him and not shut her or anyone else out.

    So how pissed will Wally be that they didn’t tell him?

    And did the Speed Force give Barry too good a pep talk that he was too confident. Maybe needing pep talks keeps Barry from becoming overconfident?

    That’s it. I’m sure this is too long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And will we ever find out the Garrick connection to the Allen family?


    How you gonna turn Barry evil, Zoom ? Come on man, you been in the lab, you been around Barry and you know who his Daddy is, that boy daddy is Joe West. You can’t be fucking up like this! I mean… I am happy you fucked up cause I personally prefer the black fatherhood style of Joe West over the Henry Allen I’ll see you when I see you style. It was to the point I knew this was supposed to be emotional but I just thought “At least it wasn’t Joe.” Even Barry was like “it’s only Henry” cause he just stood there and let Zoom do it, he didn’t even try to save his pop, he was just standing there like “So my kids gonna call Joe Paw Paw? Cool, I like it!”

    I don’t like how that doctor knew Barry was the flash because “[She’s] not an idiot” but Wally still had to see it to figure it out.

    Zoom v Barry next week. I’m excited.


    The ending of this season has been meh to me!! I agree they definitely had some highs the episode but I’m just ready to move onto another season too!!

    I am curious to see the affects the particle accelerator had on everyone!! Although I don’t hate her acting I do wish they find something better for Caitlin next season!! I mean I love killer frost!!

    But also according to the preview Barry and Zoom gonna run the 100 meters for earth? Well we all kno Barry will lose bc zoom is the black one of the 2 and we all kno niggas don’t lose foot races!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! ✌🏾️

  4. For the podcast: Hey Nina hows your feet doing from jumping in all thoses asses on Twitter? I’m just going to focus on how Westallen is everything! Iris in that dress at the end of the episode…😍 Barry feeling all confident and asking her out just all of it! I like how zen Barry was he was feeling himself but then everyone tried to bring him down wtf was that? Blah blah Caityln has PTSD…sure okay blah blah Black Siren eh not bad but Katie is just not that good of an actress….umm bye Henry you will not be missed…at least by me oh and Cisco vibing dead birds all episode was weird until we got the payoff at the end what is happen on Earth 2…and finally who is the man in the iron mask?

  5. For the podcast:
    Ok it’s clear that the writers don’t want me to use my brain.

    Please disregard that Catlin knows about as much about PTSD as Tyrion knows about slavery. Why doesn’t Jessie have problems? She was held for months and was threatened to be killed. Catlin didn’t even have to worry about dying.

    Or that Wally couldn’t figure out who the flash was even though he knows everybody who knows the flash.

    Or how Cisco and Catlin were going to pretend to be their earth 2 doppelgängers without having to use any powers.

    Or how Barry suddenly has a self confidence problem even though he keeps going after Zoom after constantly getting his ass kicked.

    Or Henry, conveniently, leaving just to comeback and get killed, conveniently. You want to make Henry’s death matter? Have Zoom kill him as soon as he gets out of jail. That way you get an epic villain entrance and you don’t need a reason for Henry to go fishing and comeback and be an ass.

    This episode sucked by the way


    Hi guys, I’m new to the podcast and already look forward to hearing you guys dissect the episode each week. A few thoughts:
    The heady combination of questionable writing and Danielle Panabaker’s acting had me looking away from the screen during Caitlin’s ’emotional’ scenes. The writers tried to look at the consequences of her abduction but apparently it wasn’t so bad because she was back to normal after a 30 second pep talk . Even pre-born-again-speedster Barry needed longer pep talks to get out of his funks. If the writers are gonna do a PTSD storyline they should do it properly or not do it at all.

    God dammit Henry, I figured he only came back to die but seeing it happen made me realise how useless he was this season. Everything we needed from him from a story point of view could have been achieved from Barry getting an account.

    Zoom. Eugh. Although props to the man physically playing Zoom - I could actually see him raise his eyebrow through the mask while he had Henry in his grasp.

    Question: do you think that they will use a non-speedster villain for next season? If so, who?

    Sorry it’s so long, love the pod!

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