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The Flash - S3E10 - Borrowing Problems From the Future

Previously on The Flash, “The Present”

“A man often meets his destiny on the very road he takes to avoid it.” - HR Wells

HR’s point is that the future is fixed and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Not exactly what Barry wants to hear considering he knows Savitar will kill Iris in four months (just in time for the season finale!). Visions of her death haunt Barry’s dreams and causes him to lash out at Wally when Kid Flash captures Plunder, a villain Barry knows he apprehended thanks to the news report he saw the night Iris dies. If Plunder isn’t in custody, that means the future can be changed and Iris can be saved. This is why you shouldn’t keep secrets, Barry. Wally didn’t know!

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

News of her impending death goes over about as you’d expect, but Iris convinces Barry to tell the rest of the team. If they’re going to change the future, they’ll need help. Once everyone (minus Joe) is filled in, Cisco vibes Barry to the future so they can study the news report for events they can prevent.

  • Killer Frost is at large.
  • Joe West honored at City Hall.
  • Music Miester gets six-figure book deal.
  • Luigi’s opens after murder.
  • City still recovering following gorilla attack.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs Museum closes.

That last bit is particularly sad since they just celebrated their grand opening - even though no one showed up. Now they have a to-do list and a bit of hope: In the new version of the future, HR is on a rooftop pointing a rifle at Iris. Things can be changed.

They begin with the main news story. Plunder is caught again after escaping custody, but this time Barry allows Wally to flex his speedster muscles and bring Plunder in and take the credit. This also cements Kid Flash’s place as Central City’s newest hero.

But Wait; There’s More

A woman comes through a breach with a holographic image of HR. It doesn’t appear she’s traveled all that way to take him out for coffee.

Quick Hits

  • Joe West being honored at City Hall might not be a good thing. What if it’s posthumously? More on that in a bit.
  • Since they’re now aiming to reverse the headlines, Cisco goes out of his way to make the museum’s grand re-opening a success. This is great because Cisco being such an asshole to HR is not a good look.
  • They’ve found a natural way to bring Julian into the fold. Him knowing their secrets wasn’t enough. Caitlin reaching out because she needs help reversing her powers despite having the bracelets (more on that in a bit, too) makes sense. However, it was more compelling when she pointed out to the team that what they do and what they’ve seen takes a toll. They have each other; Julian doesn’t have anyone.
  • Candice Patton and Grant Gustin acted their entire asses off this week.
  • Looks like HR is holding Plunder’s plundered rifle in the future.

The Flash - S3E10 - Plunder

Speed Bumps

  • I know secrets are necessary plot devices and I also get that they’re par for the course when dealing with secret identities. But we really need better reasons for keeping these massive secrets, especially when it comes to Iris. Such a big deal was made of everyone gaslighting her in season one - and rightfully so - that it makes no sense that she continues to insist upon keeping things from Wally and now Joe. This is going to be particularly annoying if Joe being kept out of the loop causes him to die or be seriously harmed.
  • Speaking of secret keeping… Caitlin, boo. Stop inviting people into the secret superhero club without first telling the secret superheroes! Anyone remember #NotAllMen Firestorm and how that worked out?
  • They established early in the episode that Caitlin’s bracelets were on the fritz when they needed to be charged, yet she asked Cisco to “fix them” and insisted that she needs Julian’s help as well. Did they ever explain why the bracelets needed fixing?

Finally, um, who the hell would eat at Luigi’s now?

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Flash S3E10
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"Borrowing Problems From the Future"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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5 Comments on The Flash - S3E10 - Borrowing Problems From the Future


    If feels like we were waiting forever this! FUCK. Okay, my thoughts on the show. If this is too long, skipety skip.

    1. DEY FUCKING! They threw their asses in a circle y’all! The real question is HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY AFFORD THAT PLACE? Neither of them make that much so Barry is either robbing banks on the side or really throwing his ass in a circle so people can make it rain.
    2. Wallace, Walter, or my choice Clean Fade was job shadowing! He was walking with purpose and random white man from Heroes called him a coward. NIGGA HE SAVED YOU! YA UNGRATEFUL HACK. It’s because clean fade black isn’t it? Next time let that man burn or get stabbed. They gone stop hurting Wall-E and when he said “OH FORREAL?” Blackety black black black. I am loving Mr. steal yo headline right now.
    3. San Francisco’s first hologram is awful. The dragging out of “science!” had me laughing though. The grand opening was trash. No one came and it was awkward. BUT everyone was looking good in their clothes. ESPECIALLY IRIS WITH THAT RED FUCKSUIT I mean jumpsuit. Also, her outfit at the end was great too. I have clothes envy.
    4. NO five head and Caitlin. EYE don’t want this. EYE don’t need this. Remove this from my life. Also, how many niggas do we need working for Star labs because dome piece had a steady job with a check we could trace. Star labs ain’t paying none of these folks. They took mother brain in and now he is going to be paid in big belly burgers instead.
    5. Iris is a real one because y’all I would let the whole city burn to stay alive. It could have been sucked in by a black hole and I wouldn’t care. My only question would be “Am I still alive?” If the answer is yes, then RIP everyone. Also, how Barry swearing on his parents who died? You can’t swear on life that ain’t there so this means Iris still dying. He could swear on his life but NOPE. His dead parents.
    6. Finally, we got to see Barry and San Fran enter the matrix to learn they have to “change the headlines, save the girl?” Okay cool. I just know this better not be the okey doke where they all are playing a part and Iris is dying on purpose. I’ll fight a bitch.

    Great episode and thanks for the free shit!

  2. For the podcast:
    Welcome back ya’ll!!! Ok that WestAllen domestic goodness was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (yes I rewatched it a few times- mind your business). This episode will be the 💩stain on those poor Snowbarry stans dreams. Loved that he told Iris (though he technically waited a month) but I’m not loving secret #3456. Cisco needs to catch some hands for being so mean to HR. It isn’t a cute look. HR was comedy gold as usual so I’m loving him more. Caitlin, just charge the damn battery. I still don’t trust Malfoy (HES A SERIAL KILLER). He got over his moral grey area rather quickly. But he’ll be dead soon since Caitlin likes him so it’s all good. I’m loving Wally’s enthusiasm but he needs to stop posing for pics. It was a great episode & I can’t wait for more. Yay for the Flash & yay for y’all!!!!!

  3. For the Podcast:

    Hey yall! Whiter Nathan is here to talk about the greatness that is the return of The Flash!!
    1) Barry and Iris…let’s just say #DeyFucking, and then something something booty like groceries and leave it at that.
    2) Joe finally experience racism in the workforce, because FUCK THAT COP. Literally weeks ago Jessie Quick AKA White Girl Flash was running around no problem, yet we have to put a handicap on Wallace?! Fuck that noise.
    3) When they were talking about the lack of a second mannequin, was anyone else thinking “They have loads going spare on Arrow. You could even take Oliver, because he’s emoting capability is basically equivalent to one.”
    4) Snowbarry Moment: Caitlin asks Barry if she can go run an errand. Barry lets her go as he doesn’t care about her.
    5) Not 👏 Here 👏 For 👏 AlcheFrost! 👏
    6) Fuck all these Wallace haters, trying to keep a strong capable black man down for no reason other than Racism and Shade™
    7) FUCK YOU CISCO. I am so done with this character. Fuck him and everything he stands for. Hating on HR for no good reason!! Since HR got here, he has helped stop numerous criminals, helped Wallace train (and therefore, without HR we wouldn’t have Kid Flash because we’d be back keeping Wallace oppressed again), helped revive Star Labs and therefore get Cisco the money he needs to live, and overall has been a stand-up, resourceful and amazing part of the team. Meanwhile Cisco has brought an unknown threat directly into the team (and yes, that is still HR, but my point stands that Cisco has no moral high ground XD), has been dangerously petty to Barry to the point where Aliens nearly took over, and EVEN ALMOST LET SAVITAR BE FREED. Fuck Cisco, his character is ruined and terrible. I am done with this shit. Fuck that noise!
    8) I know I’m not the only one that was looking to see if “Julius” had a Corsage at the end.
    9) Villain Counter: Two teenagers, a shadow, Aliens, Caitlin and Julian, Cisco’s petty, a transformer, Great Value Frank from HTGAWM, Baltimore Rival, and now a modern-day Pirate.

  4. For the podcast

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

    1) So much WestAllen goodness!! Alluded to sexy times that we are never gonna see on the show. But good to know they’re getting it in quite frequently. 😏😉But would it hurt them to maybe have Iris reference the vibrating cause you know that has gotta be something that goes down. Inquiring minds want to know! And that heartbreaking scene in the time vault. Omg. Both of them actor their asses off. All up in my feelings over that. Tho why did it take him a month to tell her?

    2) Yes Cisco was being mean to HR but he looked adorable doing it. And HR is quite poetic when he wants to be. But who is paying for anything? Seriously tho. Is there a trust or something set up that pays them all?

    3) Wallace!! Kid Flash is showing off and looking adorable doing it! That whole motorcycle scene was awesome! He still has some things to learn tho. But I’m glad Barry apologized for being a dick to him.

    4) Joe is gonna walk in and see that board and cuss all their asses out for not telling him. Cuss all of them out!!

    5) Charge your shit Caitlin! And stop bringing any old body up in the joint without mentioning it!

    6) Iris looked amazing! I mean DAYUM!!! She basically killed us all with how hot she is.

    Ok that’s it. Skip whatever needs to be skipped if it’s too long. So happy the podcast is back! Can’t wait to listen to you guys discussing it!


    Sup fam, I’ve missed you all and this podcast so much!! I thought this episode was just ok and it seemed a little long!

    I only have 2 things to say really, 1. Did Barry promise on his dead parents that iris wouldn’t die bc I don’t know math but I would definitely say that was a trend. Speaking of death 💀 iris is totally dead. Every scene screamed she’s dying guys!!

    2. Did Candace Patton get finer over the break bc I was feeling some type of way every time she switched outfits!! Also y’all heard they having marathon sex sessions now…?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast ✌🏾

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