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The Flash - S3E14 - Attack on Central City

Previously on The Flash, “Attack on Gorilla City”

Valentine’s Day came late to The Flash, but it was worth the wait because Iris West and Barry Allen are engaged! Well, she hasn’t said yes yet, but she will. She better.

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But before we got to that WestAllen goodness, we had to sit through yet another hour of gorilla shenanigans. Grodd sends a mind-controlled Gypsy to attack Team Flash as a diversion. His real target is a military general with access to nuclear launch codes. Under Grodd’s control, the general begins a launch that Barry is, thankfully, able to stop.

Grodd finally decides to do as he threatened last week and attack Central City with his army. The three speedsters have a tough time holding them off, but Cisco eventually arrives with Gypsy and they’ve brought a friend: Solovar.

Solovar beats the brakes off Grodd, earning back the respect of the gorillas to lead once more. Barry stops him from killing Grodd, and convinces Solovar that they’ll make sure Grodd doesn’t return to Earth-2. Barry arranges for Grodd to be held by A.R.G.U.S. since they’ve done such a stellar job holding metas. That’s sarcasm, by the way.

Speed Bumps

The idea of killing Grodd first came up earlier in the episode, with both Iris and Harry telling Barry it’s a bad idea and not who Barry is, but… Barry has already killed. Off the top of my head, he killed the meta from Earth-2 in the season two premiere. He knew that his plan to stop the meta would result in him dying from radiation, and he did it anyway. And what did Barry think was going to happen to Hunter when the Time Wraiths came for him? Also, this is a little late in the game for the series to have the Oliver Queen talk. Is it possible the writers don’t consider those kills? I mean, this is the same episode in which Barry said Harry would kill for Jesse as if it’s a possibility, and not something that already happened in season two. #RIPTurtle

Up to Speed

Gorilla stuff aside, I enjoyed this episode. Harry’s quick acceptance of Wally and Jesse’s news was followed up with him allowing Wally to think he’s dying so Wally would convince Jesse to go home. I’m glad this only lasted for one episode considering the team made a No More Secrets pact a few weeks ago. It was an entertaining last ditch effort by Harry.

Cisco and Gypsy have great chemistry; hopefully they’ll figure out a way to make this character a semi-regular. Cisco is long overdue.

H.R. is such a quick and subtly funny character. If you’re going to rewind a scene (other than WestAllen goodness), it’s most likely to catch a quip from H.R. His interactions with Harry did not disappoint. How much individuality Tom Cavanagh has managed to bring to four iterations of this character is seriously underrated.

His line of the night was, “You know what I always say: a man who can’t tell the difference between balls and lanterns is going to be in trouble when the lights go out.”

And, of course, the proposal. The episode opened with Barry surprising Iris with an elaborate breakfast, and ended with an even sweeter romantic gesture. Iris returned home from work to find their loft alight with candles. On one knee, and offering his great-grandmother’s wedding ring, Barry asked for Iris’ hand. The cliffhanger is most likely just that, and not an indication of any hesitation from Iris.

I’m holding out hope that The Flash won’t fall into the same pattern of some of its current and past The CW counterparts. We don’t need to have a different obstacle for this relationship each season. We don’t need to see an entire season of these two apart, only to have them reunite the next. What we need is a refreshing approach to a union that has already been iconic, but is now also socially relevant.

Let this interracial couple flourish. Do not sideline the black female lead, who also happens to be one of the strongest actors on the show. In other words, don’t pull a Sleepy Hollow. You see how it’s doing, right? Give Iris storylines independent of Barry’s, while remaining the inspiration for all the good he does.

Just let them live, writers.

Don’t fuck this up.

But Wait; There’s More

Jesse sends Wally out for some Big Belly Burger and he runs into Savitar, just chilling on those Central City streets.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Flash S3E14
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"Attack on Central City"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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11 Comments on The Flash - S3E14 - Attack on Central City

  1. Since when has killing someone to save someone else not been ok Harry? I can think of many instances where it is: hostages situations, self defense, ummm someone stabs my momma so I end them to get them to stop…to just name a few. Also if Grodd new Barry was stopping the nuke, then why didn’t he just mind control him to get him to stop? And how long can a breach stay open? I’m just trying to figure out how Grodd and all those other Apes came over to Earth two through a breach. Finally, my vote would’ve been for Caitlin to just freeze all the apes but I guess we not killing people….and animals now. Looking forward to the podcast

  2. This is probably too damn long. And the sad thing is that I’ve edited it several times.

    For the podcast

    Ok. I loved this episode! Granted, I’m a huge shipper and my ships are flourishing!

    WestAllen: Barry is like the perfect bf! He had me at pancakes, waffles & French toast! He can cook and you know he keeps that place spotless. And Iris is adorable and gorgeous. And also thirsty af! These 2 are always getting it in. 😉 So is the frequency of the sexy times supposed to compensate for the lack of love scenes? Didn’t see that proposal coming at all. And the ring & its history!! Omg! It was the perfect proposal. How long till something fucks everything up?

    Cynco: That kiss Cynthia laid on Cisco was 🔥🔥🔥! Damn! She needs to move to Earth 1 or something! What is her connection to the Earth 19 speedster? Plus Cisco was looking especially sexy in his Vibe suit. I wonder if they can communicate with each with a vibe.

    QuickWest: Harry stays meddling in that girl’s life. But she really needs to slow her roll. Move in together? Y’all ain’t had a first date yet! WTF! Wally was not prepared for that at all. She needs to live at Star Labs while they get to know each other. Ain’t no moving in!

    This is getting long. I swear I’m editing! Keith David came back & whooped Grodd’s ass! But how come Barry can defeat Solavar but struggle with Grodd? And how long till Grodd mind controls ARGUS and tries to take over the world? Next season I guess.

    How is Savitar able to reach out to Wally? Is it because he got his powers thru the stone and not thru the particle accelerator? Would Savitar be able to take his powers back? Would Wally actually release him? Like what if he said Wally would lose his powers if he doesn’t get him outta the speed force? Would he betray his sister in that way? Also, has Barry ever commuted cold blooded murder? Obviously some metas have died during their fights but has he ever intentionally killed someone?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And sorry for the length.

  3. This episode made up for the shitfest last week. It had its silly moments but still so much better.

    Grodd got his ass beat. I highkey wish they let Solovar kill him because I 👏🏾am 👏🏾 fed 👏🏾 up! We need more Cisco and G because that kiss and “you couldn’t handle me” were amazing! H.R should have slapped Harry with that mug because that was disgusting and so disrespectful. Wally and Jesse are still dumb as hell and I’m annoyed they took up precious screen time at the end. I’m not with the Quickwest shits at all.

    BUT LETS TALKS ABOUT BARRY “I LOVED YOU BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT THE WORD LOVE MEANT” MOTHER FUCKING ALLEN proposing to the love of his life Iris fucking West soon to be West-Allen. Blessed!!! I figured he would propose this season but didn’t expect it to be so soon. I thought we were blessed with the opening scene and even the “will you be my friend” but then Barry proposed and I’ve honestly never been so shook in my life! The candles, the speech, his new black suit 😍 THE RING. I wasn’t ready!! I’m mad they cut before she answered. Why are they playing these games? Next Tuesday needs to hurry up and get here.

  4. FOR THE PODCAST: This seriously should have aired on Valentine’s Day without the Gorillas. Because it was a love fest. Natural love that grew over time like Bart and Iris, and forced love like Wallace/Jessica and Cisco/Gypsy. The Gorilla stuff should have been one episode too. There was no need for this to be two episodes. And that “Battle for Central City” wasn’t what it was hyped up to be. Hell, half the town probably didn’t even know there was a threat of big ass gorillas there. Plus, all that happened was Wallace and Jessica ran circles around them niggas and Grodd smacked THE FUCK out of Bart. That smack was the highlight of the episode for me, because fuck Bart. That happened, and then it was a fight between a black gorilla and a white one. Then punk ass Bart had to step in with HIS sensibilities. OK, Bart, you don’t wanna kill anyone (which you have done before, but whatever), let THEM handle shit the way they handle it. They could have just given us a meta human who was jaded by love somehow, and had him or her be the big bad in this shit. Oh, and shout out to Jamelle. I feel like we’re the Wonder Twins on speaking out new found hatred of Bart and how this show is fuckin up and losing us. It’s not Walking Dead levels, hell if it was that bad I’d quit it like I did with Walking Dead. That said, overall I’m not feeling this season. There are things I’ve liked, but to this point season 3 is the worst of one they’ve had. We’ll see how they finish. Nina, clap in between each of my last words here, please. UNTIL… YOU… DO… RIGHT… BY… ME… FLASH.

  5. For The Podcast:

    - Julian: All I’ll say is that “Julian affairs in London to attend to” sounds like Julian is getting freaky in his home town again. Was the date with Caitlin really that bad?!
    - Cisco: When HR was pairing people off, yall are just gonna pretend that Cisco and Caitlin just HAPPENED to be standing next to each other? KillerVibes is better than both AlcheFrost and the Incest of Cisco with Twinsco-19.
    - Jessica: GURL NEEDS TO STAY IN HER LANE. Already this gurl is telling Wallace what to do and where to live even though she just decided she’s staying last week. I don’t like this cracker-eating bitch.
    - Bartholomew “All Lives Matter” Allen: Did this bitch really just ask if he can be more like Trump-Supporter Oliver Queen??? Did he really just try to explain mercy to sentient gorillas AGAIN?!?
    - Iris: I’m kinda mad they didn’t let her say yes. There was no reason not to. WHY DAFUQ DID THEY CUT EARLY? Sure, we know she wouldn’t say no, but I need to hear the yes just to throw it in the face of SnowBarry.
    - I also don’t know how I feel about the White Gorilla coming in to beat up the Black Gorilla and take his people and city.

  6. For the podcast: Hey guys🙋 this won’t be long I’m just here to talk about West Allen😍😍😍. I like how much love they get to show to each other this season. Bartholomew was so romantic making breakfast and shit and that proposal snuck up on me and had me throwing my hands in the air and possibly shedding a tear or two. As for the primates I was bored with the plot idk how you make that shit boring but the writers managed to make me fall asleep no less than 3 times while watching this episode 😧. Butttttt…. snozberries are pissed their crackship is dead and that at least brings me joy😆😆😆


    Hey John, Donny and Queen Nina👸🏾

    I wanted to LOVE this episode but this whole – don’t kill it’ll change you bullshit is getting on my nerves. Listen….it was so OBVIOUS they’re trying to make sure they can keep Grodd as a future villain so they throw this Don’t Kill bullshit. But there’s a psychotic gorilla on the loose and you don’t want to kill? Sorry get me a muthafuckin’ gun!

    They wanted to change the future, right? Isn’t Jessie being on earth 1 changing things? If they vibe, will they now see Jessie there also? or will she die instead?🤔🤔

    I miss season 1 Flash….the Gorilla City episodes have been my least favorite. And I shouldn’t have re-watched the episode – I hated it more than when I watched it live.😠

    As I’m writing I’m watching Barry tell White Gorilla not to kill, Grodd and they’ll keep him on Earth 1…. WHAT👏🏾THE👏🏾ENTIRE👏🏾FUCK👏🏾BARRY?🤦🏾‍♀️🤔

    I miss Harry, even though he’s an utter asshole, I adore him and those glasses. Him and Cisco finally getting his kiss was the best part.

    Oh wait the proposal….why did it have a New Moon ending? Seriously? instead of an answer we get a the gasp!

    otherwise it was cute.

    Sorry I was a downer and the feedback was long but I got pissy.

    Looking forward to the podcast.


    Hey peeps! First, let me say this, I love Harry, but he deserved an ass whopping for spitting in H.R’s drink. That is so damned nasty and I saw red for a good 2 minutes and hope he got killed off right then and there. Barry is the most adorable boyfriend ever. I loved his proposal and I hope Iris said yes, especially because she’s going to die at the end of the season. I was thinking, I wonder if Wally gets possessed by Savitar and ends up killing Iris himself. Or maybe his illusions of Savitar get Iris killed.

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