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The Flash - S4E19 - Fury Rogue

I am so disgusted.

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After centering this season around Make Ralph Great Again instead of the interesting parallels between Barry and Iris’ relationship and the Devoe’s, we were finally rid of Ralph last week. I thought there would be some relief in this final handful of episodes, but I was wrong. At least for this week. This entire hour managed to be a complete waste of time despite the always amazing presence of Wentworth Miller and the direction of Rachel Talalay.

This episode only works if we feel anything about Ralph’s life, death, and his connection to Barry. Their whole relationship began because Barry thought he could change Ralph. He saw potential in him in just one episode. Since then, though, every Ralph-centric episode was about convincing him to be a hero, be brave, or, sometimes, to just be a decent person. This potential was always a mystery and those episodes only served to make Barry’s decision even more questionable.

Then Ralph dies, and despite Citizen Cold’s warning to keep his head in the game by allowing himself time to grieve Ralph, Barry almost gets everyone killed because he’s hung up on the moment Ralph died and failing him. This only feels genuine in one of the final scenes when Barry explains how Ralph’s death affected him to his therapist, and that only feels authentic because Grant Gustin is a great actor.

Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

Up to Speed

Leonard Snart from any Earth is always fun. His goodbye to the team felt especially poignant since this is supposed to be Miller’s last time in the Flarrowverse. Kim Engelbrecht continues to shine as Marlize, but I wish the storyline was better/different.

There’s a better than great chance Killer Frost will back, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… yes!

Speed Bumps

This nuclear bus meta was just introduced a few weeks ago, right? I don’t remember a damn thing about him, nor did I care about saving him. In fact, at this point, I might be #TeamThinker.

Someone at this network really likes Katie Cassidy.

But Wait; There’s More

Further proof that this episode was a waste of time and that no network show needs 23 damn episodes a season: Devoe knows exactly where Team Flash hid the bus meta. So, yeah.

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"Fury Rogue"

The Flash - S4E19 - “Fury Rogue” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicole

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4 Comments on The Flash - S4E19 - Fury Rogue

  1. It’s getting harder and harder to watch.

  2. The Flash has been getting shittier and shittier for years, but Snart just keeps getting better and better. Wentworth Miller is an absolute delight. I pretty much just watched his scenes and ignored the rest of the episode.

  3. Wow how can I hate more a character that is already dead? I don’t know but I sure do.
    What a terrible ep.. Only enjoyed Snart

  4. I’m a few episodes behind & I have zero motivation to watch them.

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