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The Leftovers - S2E8 - International Assassin

Previously on The Leftovers, ‘A Most Powerful Adversary’

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Kevin seems to have no clue what’s happening as he gets birthed out of a hotel bathtub and tries to gain his bearings.

The International Assassin gives us a trippy look into a hotel occupied by lost souls. Kevin’s poison cocktail was effective and he is now in search of Patty to evict her from his life. In the first quiet moments of his room, the lack of her presence is obvious. There is a level of quiet that screams “Patty’s not here” and this alone would have to be a small victory for Kevin.

Unfortunately, death, like life, comes with no instruction manual. Kevin is completely lost as he tries to determine where he is and what he should be doing. From what to wear to why the flower delivery guy is trying to beat him down, life after death is a confusing affair.

When Kevin catches a glimpse of Virgil in the lobby, it looks like a path for his mission may be revealed. Virgil is acting peculiar, more interested in a bird in the lobby than Kevin’s questions, but redeems himself with a note to rendezvous in the parking garage.

Nothing comes easy for Kevin, even in the afterlife. He is delayed on the way to meet Virgil by a young girl drowning in the pool and the boorish man who comes to claim her. Virgil reveals Patty is running for President and outlines a plan ripped straight from The Godfather. Things are very odd in Hotel California but the rules are simple - do not drink the water and do not hesitate.

This entire episode was a trip down memory lane for characters and viewers alike. We were treated to glimpses from the past with the reappearance of favorites like Gladys and Holy Wayne. Kevin learns more about how Patty came to be the monster he wants banished and develops a painful compassion for her along the way.

In the end, both Kevin and Michael are certain of the miracles in Jarden when Kevin arises from the ground like a bird freed from its box.

The Leftovers S2E8
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We really need a new rating scale for The Leftovers. On any given Sunday, this show sets the bar for excellent programming. Then, we get an episode like International Assassin, and even the perfection of a 10 seems weak when compared to itself. This was one of the most perfect hours in TV history. The mysterious quality of Kevin’s visit to the afterlife unwound in such a way that even a casual viewer could have tuned in and been entertained, but enough treats were included to keep longtime fans feeling like they were part of the Inside Club the best moments were aimed towards.

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5 Comments on The Leftovers - S2E8 - International Assassin

  1. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    This show. This frickin’ show.

    This episode was like Groundhog Day, The Ring, James Bond, Inception, and The Godfather all in one!

    I’m amazed they brought everybody back. It was good to see the forever sweaty Holy Wayne! Someone get that negro a towel. Good Lord. I was blown away with the stuff about Neil and how he just so casually said it’s so hard to find someone to poop on him. Bruh, that is not normal. You can’t just throw that into conversation randomly.

    I wonder if Kevin Sr. is alive communicating to Kevin through that TV…and the people in the back are his normally invisible voices. Then again, I could be thinking too hard. I guess we’ll see. Or not. Yeah probably not.

    Mary being there halfway makes sense since she’s more or less a vegetable. So I guess that didn’t surprise me too much.

    Sweet precious lil baby girl Patti broke my heart until I realized she was still Patti. Glad Kevin didn’t hesitate pushing her down that well. I don’t know if I fully believe she’s gone.

    One stray note…that assassin who tried to kill Kevin had some nerve telling Kevin his last name was “Harvey” and not Garvey. Bitch I know my last name. Fck outta here.

    Also..the music was amazing. I love a good choir and symphony.

    Cheers to y’all and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


    This episode was like John Wick on mushrooms.

    Was it a trip to another plane of existence or a near-death experience causing Kevin’s brain to conjur up crazy visions? Honestly, I give no fucks. This show is more interested in the characters, their journeys, and in asking the questions they would be asking themselves. I’m so here for it. I get depressed when I realize that there are only a couple of episodes left this season (and maybe ever).

    There was a bunch of surreal shit going on in this episode, which I loved, but the thing that was most effective to me was Kevin’s growing compassion and empathy for Patty as he was forced to see her as her most pure, victimized self. Something about watching a little girl actress deliver those lines about being worthless and talking too much and all the shit Patty’s abusers heaped on her just killed me. It was hard to watch, but so effective.

    And the way they came full circle with Kevin first saving Patty from drowning in the pool then going on this journey where he came to understand her as a person and a victim, only to later drown her in the well to free them both - it’s too much, this show has too much fucking heart.

    Fortunately, it’s also got a lot of humor. When fake Senator Patty told Wayne to shoot Kevin in the face, I howled. I could say so many things about this episode and all the random stuff that made it so amazing that I’ll be re-watching it again and again. I look forward to the podcast and in the meantime, don’t ask me about North Korea, gun control, abortion, or Neil.


    This fucking show just continues to be perfect! I was awestruck at how beautiful this episode was. It was just like The Test Dream from The Sopranos.

    I was glad to see some of the previously deceased cast return. I hollered when Wayne came back and Gladys was looking great. Patti even cleaned up nice.

    The last 20 minutes of this episode damn near devastated me. Kevin taking little adorable Patti to the well and her asking him if she should shut up and him telling her it’s okay to talk. It’s making me tear up just thinking about it.

    My wife had a theory that Patti appearing as a little girl was because Neal always made her feel small and insignificant. That jeopardy story she told was great because we got the answer to why she joined the GR.

    I wished we could have gotten a bit more from that segment with Mary but it was very interesting to see that she was receiving a delivery of blue and yellow balloons saying its a boy! Also the most notable thing that we did not see was any sign of Evie and her friends so we know they aren’t dead. I think they would have shown then in the foreground or background if that was the case.

    Again this episode was pure mystical beauty and I can’t wait for the last two episodes. This is truly the best show on television this season!

    Love you guys. Take care!


    Justin Theroux is on a level that he’s never been on in his entire career. We are watching a McConaughey-style tour de force from him right now. I’m convinced that he could do an entire episode where he didn’t say a single word and still tell a more interesting story with his face than the majority of shows on TV could tell in a whole season.

    I was hoping against all reason that we were going to get a Dante’s Inferno journey, but never did I expect that we would actually get it, and I was so fucking giddy once I realized that’s exactly what was happening. I love that they didn’t jerk us around for 4 weeks about Kevin’s fate. Last week’s “Next Week On The Leftovers” previews were brilliant, because they didn’t show any of this shit, and actually had scenes from NEXT week’s episode. The only thing I remember being in the preview that was actually from this episode was Michael saying “Holy shit.”

    My heart broke for Patti so hard in this episode and I had some real man tears during the last couple of minutes of this episode. That little girl aspect of her saying how she’s a fat pig and should keep her mouth shut…ugh why do you do this to me Leftovers? And then you put Mary Jamison in the got damn Hotel? I had to lift weights and punch stuff afterwards just to get back to my awesome and cool man status.

    I am blown away by this season, and I do not understand why this isn’t the most watched, talked about, and genuinely celebrated show on TV. Essays should be written about the themes and metaphors that are constantly woven through this story, and this is the type of show that any future show runner should be taking copious amounts of notes on. This is how you do stand-alone episodes and “play with time” Scott Gimple you fucking hack.

    Said it on TWD podcast and I’ll say it again here, Happy Thanksgiving Project Fandom and everyone in the The Podcast Fandom Crew, I’ve loved every minute of the short amount of time I’ve been apart of this community!


    Welp I didn’t get a chance to rewatch this episode so I’m totally relying on you guys to point out all the 💩 I missed(no pressure). And let’s be real even if I did rewatch I would still miss a bunch of things you professional tv watchers see upon first viewing!! With that being said onto the 💩 I did grasp!!

    1. I spent most of the episode trying to figure out what the hell was even happening 😓, I was like did Kevin die and turn into 007?!?!

    2. Then when I realized it wasn’t a bond film! I started thinking it was the flash and they were on Earth 2!! Was magical negro number really zoom and if Kevin kills him will Jay garret get his speed byke?!?😓

    3. Lastly I was thinking ,this has to be what hell is like bc if I die and I gotta perform a bunch of side quests to get to heaven then I Midas 🐳 embrace my heathen side fully bc I’m not bout that working after I’m dead life!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️

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