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The Magicians - S1E6 - Impractical Applications

Previously on The Magicians, ‘Mendings, Major and Minor’

Even though Quentin is sure Penny was in Fillory, he doesn’t have any information on how Penny can kill/avoid The Beast since he’s not a character in the books. Penny declares Quentin useless.

Julia is jonesing for more magic, but burning bridges in her attempts to get some from other hedge witches. She does get the attention of one, Hannah, who is willing to share spells with her, but Julia flips out when they go through them pretty quickly. They decide they’ll try to steal Marina’s spells, and Hannah claims to know someone on the inside.

Penny tries to get closer to Kady, who skirts all questions about her past only revealing that her mother died when she was young and her father is a bit of a hippie. All bonding is put on hold when the first years are put through a hazing ritual known as The Trials. The faculty are off campus on a retreat so Elliot and the other upperclassmen are in charge.

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Hannah’s contact is Kady, her estranged daughter (guess what she told Penny was a lie), who refuses to help them - turns out it’s Hannah’s fault that Kady has to steal from Brakebills for Marina. This causes Hannah and Julia to go it alone. It almost works, but Marina was expecting it and Hannah is hit with some long distance magic which makes her bleed to death. Julia takes the hell off.

Elliot and Margo enjoy putting Penny, Kady, Alice, and Quentin through ridiculous tasks during The Trials, but they succeed at one test when they finally realize they should be working together. Their final test is a two-person spell where each couple is bound together. They pass when they reveal their honest selves when answering questions.

Penny says he’s falling in love with Kady and his binds loosen. She admits she was using him to steal shit from Brakebills, and her binds fall away. Alice reveals she holds back her magic, unsure of what she’s capable of because she wants desperately wants to be normal. Her ropes fall off. Quentin shares that Julia was right about him: He runs away from everything.

Free from their ropes, all four turn into birds and fly away.

I’m not even kidding.

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