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The Mist - S1E3 - Show and Tell

Previously on The Mist, “Withdrawal”

A group of strangers locked together in a deadly environment with no communication to the outside world is the perfect setting to brew a conspiracy theory, and suspicions are high when the mall crew realizes the two people who killed themselves were in the military. The last man standing in their group is questioned, but claims ignorance; he’s just a private not privy to information. One thing is clear, though: If they were aware of what’s going on with the mist, it must be extremely serious if they’re willing to die rather than face it.

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Gus makes the call to store the bodies in a freezer in the food court, insisting that the soldiers be treated with a measure of respect. Unfortunately, the guys from the game store decide to set the bodies outside in the hopes of luring whatever lurks in the mist.

Gus once again tries to maintain order by implementing a group of rules, but Eve has concerns about Alex being so close to Jay so she and two others opt to reside in another part of the mall. This may be putting Alex in more danger as there appears to be safety in numbers. Before they move, Jay corners Alex alone and tries to convince her that he didn’t rape her. He claims he only put her to bed and left. If he’s to be believed, someone else raped Alex. Jay isn’t doing himself any favors with his uber creepy behavior and refusing to get out of Alex’s personal space when she asked several times. It’s not surprising when Eve pulls a gun on him as he tries to stop them from moving to another area of the mall.

Things at the church aren’t much better as Kevin and Connor clash over whether the prisoners (Mia and Brian) can accompany Kevin to the mall. Connor is a douchebag, yes, but he has a point: Mia is wanted for murder. When the fight gets personal and petty, Connor locks Brian and Mia in the basement where they further bond and decide to trust each other.

Nathalie decides she doesn’t want to live without her husband and walks out into the mist. Mikhail (Steven Yahfee) tries to stop her and because no good deed goes unpunished, a bug flies into his ear and expands inside of his chest. Its wings break through his flesh and sprout from his back and more bugs fly out of his mouth. See. This is why you let little old white ladies do what they gonna do.

I can’t be the only one hoping the two military bodies also become inhabited by creatures, right? Come on! Don’t act like you don’t want to see mothmen kill the two guys from the game store!

Adrian plays along with Father Romanov’s (Dan Butler) plan to baptize him, but it’s just an excuse to swipe the keys and aid his escape with Kevin, Brian, and Mia. Odds are they won’t make it to the mall before running into more trouble.

The Mist S1E3
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"Show and Tell"

The Mist - S1E2 - “Withdrawal” | Starring: Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Spector, Gus Birney, Russell Posner, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Okezie Morro, Danica Curcic, Frances Conroy, Isiah Whitlock, Jr.

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