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The Originals - S4E6 - Bag of Cobras

Previously on The Originals, ““I Hear You Knocking”

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Last Tango in New Orleans

The Mikaelsons are throwing a party (quel surprise). This time it’s an elaborate ruse to find out who’s working for The Hollow. Since everyone in New Orleans knows better than to come to a Mikaelson party, they lie and say that it’s a joint bash and Marcel is the co-host. Marcel is technically an attendee because he’s down in the dungeon, but he’s definitely not a co-host.

The usual shenanigans abound. Klaus does the tango with Sofya, who barely refrains from using her thorn bracelet to kill him. Vincent uses his powers to figure out that Dominic is the High Priest of the Hollow. Elijah tries to bargain with him, but loses his cool when he realizes that the Hollow is attempting to resurrect itself. Elijah goes full ripper and kills Dominic in front of everyone to make an example.

Cold Storage

Freya is helping Hayley find out why her family is connected to the Hollow and the two of them go back to the house Hayley’s parents were killed in. After Hayley relives her parent’s deaths, she finds a key to a storage locker her parents were hiding from the Hollow’s followers. While she sifts through the locker, Freya meets Keelin at the party and then they go on a date. The show doesn’t say it outright but look at this gif and tell me that’s not two women going on a date.

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What Hayley finds in the locker is part of the Hollow’s remains. Apparently, the Hollow is seeking out its remains in order to be resurrected. While Elijah was killing Dominic, one of the other followers was getting the bone dagger Klaus stole from Marcel. So there are two undiscovered pieces they will have to find in order to keep the Hollow from becoming flesh. Bring on the MacGuffins!

While it was an entertaining week, The Originals, is relying on too many tried and true devices. There was a party, the characters have to chase down objects to beat their enemy, and Elijah killed Dominic even though he spent half the episode telling Klaus not to kill anyone. These are staples of the TVD/Originals universe. Right now, I’m more interested in who the Hollow is and if this entity was once a witch, or wolf, or vampire. And I also want to know if the Hollow is another old Mikaelson enemy. The “who” of the Hollow should inform the “why” as well as how to stop it. Instead of chasing down Horcruxes, the Mikealsons (and Victor and Marcel) would be better off asking themselves who the Hollow was before it became a spirit and why it’s powerful enough to be resurrected.

The Originals S4E6
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“Bag of Cobras”

The Originals – S4E6 – “Bag of Cobras” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Summer Fontana, Christina Marie Moses

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