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The Originals - S4E8 - Voodoo In My Blood

Previously on The Originals, “High Water and the Devil’s Daughter”


Like the title suggests, a big part of The Originals is showing the origins of supernatural creatures. Klaus and his siblings are the original vampires. Klaus’ mother was a powerful witch who created the original vampires. And now we have the origin of the werewolf curse. The Vampire Diaries never told this story despite their frequent werewolf-centered storylines and I never considered that The Hollow would be linked to the werewolves since it seemed to transcend any one supernatural species, but this was a masterful (if convoluted) origin story.

The Hollow was a Native American witch named Inadu, born after her mother and father were married to unite their tribes. The tribes did spells to make the newborn powerful as a symbol of the power of their unification, but instead the child became too potent and hungered for more power. No amount of power was enough, she was hollow (get it?). The tribes were finally able to trap her but before they could kill her, she got off one last spell cursing the tribes under the full moon (see where this is going?). Hayley and Hope are descendants of The Hollow’s bloodline and Hayley’s blood is the only thing that can hurt The Hollow, but only the sacrifice of an immortal can fully stop it.

Give My Regards to Mystic Falls

Obviously, the Mikaelsons want to stop The Hollow without killing one of their own so they’re still trying to get all the bones before The Hollow. Alaric is meeting Elijah and Marcel halfway between Mystic Falls and New Orleans cause he don’t want them problems in his town, and Klaus and Hayley go to talk to the ancestors via Davina (guest star Danielle Campbell) to find out more about their enemy.

It’s The Originals so there’s always a double cross. Davina tells Hayley that her blood will hurt the Hollow and convinces her to leave Klaus behind because she wants to sacrifice Klaus while Hayley is gone. Of course, once The Hollow spills that tea, Hayley and the crew rush back to help Klaus and Hope shows up to stop Davina. So now everyone has seen the scope of Hope’s power, but the Hollow has three of the four bone pieces. Alaric does suggest that Hope come to the faux-Hogwarts he and Caroline started, but Klaus isn’t going to send his daughter away anytime soon. It amazes me that no one has considered that the uber-powerful, baby witch, hybrid from her bloodline might be the perfect body for The Hollow to inhabit.


Usually I’m not a fan of the flashback/origin stories especially when they involve random tribes of brown people, but the twist of Inadu creating the werewolf curse was unexpected and added a nice connection between The Hollow and Hayley. Her cursed bloodline has a lot more depth now and her character development has always been interesting as she grows more and more into her own power. And she finally called Elijah on his bullshit. She wants to be with him in the end, but not if he loses his humanity along the way. Having Davina back was such a treat. My prediction for the end of this season is that Hope will end up at Mystic Falls Hogwarts. I honestly don’t see the character being around next season unless she is aged up considerably. Having a child around is a nice season long arc and while the character of Hope has always been a great impetus for storytelling, having a child in this never-ending supernatural battle is a liability.

The Originals S4E8
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"Voodoo In My Blood"

The Originals – S4E8 – “Voodoo In My Blood” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Summer Fontana, Christina Marie Moses guest starring Danielle Campbell

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