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The Originals - S5E7 - God’s Gonna Trouble the Water

Previously on The Originals, “What, Will, I, Have, Left”

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Little Wolf

Hayley’s funeral is a logistical nightmare. Since more than one Mikaelson can’t be in the city at the same time, Klaus is going to be astrally projected in via Ivy. Marcel and Vincent are not around because they are trying to clean up Klaus’ mess and no one told Declan that Hayley is dead. Basically, everything sucks when you’re a teenage hybrid-witch who can’t even mourn her mother in peace.

Hope is (rightfully) feeling guilty about her mom’s death and also feels like she wants to die herself but Klaus can’t go to her because Ivy’s prophecies show that every time the Mikaelsons encounter each other, the consequences become more severe and will eventually result in the deaths of all the first-born children of New Orleans, that includes Hope herself. Despite that, Klaus still makes the trip to see Hope and be there for her mom’s funeral. It’s dumb, but touching. They’re about two biblical plagues from everyone dying but his daughter needed a hug.

Meanwhile, Klaus takes out his rage on Elijah and Antoinette by biting the latter which means she’ll die unless she gets hybrid blood to cure her. Elijah decides to barter himself for Antoinette, promising to get his memories back and return to the Mikaelson family for Antoinette’s life, but Klaus turns him down. It seems like Klaus is being petty and cruel but he knows that returning Elijah’s memories will only compound his guilt when he realizes what he’s done to Hayley. And Klaus is absolutely right because when Marcel and Vincent go behind his back and agree to Elijah’s terms, he ends up a blubbering mess on the floor.  

The Good

  • #Klayley: I haven’t shipped Klaus romantically with anyone on The Originals because most of his relationships have felt forced, but the mutual respect and love for their daughter that Klaus and Hayley shared was always better than any romance. His solitary eulogy to her was beautiful.
  • Antoinette: I still don’t think she’s one of the vampire Nazis. If she is, this woman is playing one hell of a long con.
  • Father Klaus: Klaus is now a single dad who can’t be near his teenage daughter. His absence made Hope vulnerable to all the forces that are against her and now that Klaus can’t be near his daughter to protect her.
  • Keelin returning to be there for Freya was a much needed moment of beauty and it won’t result in any blood rain.

The Bad

  • Nazi vampires. I still can’t believe we’re dealing with Nazi vampires. And there’s so many of them … and some of them are BLACK! Ole Stacey Dash-Ben Carson vampires.
  • I’m sad that Elijah is brain dead because I want him to feel every bit of the guilt he should feel for killing Hayley.

I’m not going to keep saying it. This show is determined to take you there every week while it wraps up its story. I don’t think Hope will find a cure for The Hollow by the end of the season, especially since it would make sense for the Mikaelsons to stay separated in the spin-off, but I think she will get rid of these Nazi vampires and unite the other supernatural factions. Hopefully, this prophecy ends in an unexpected way because the Mikaelsons can’t seem to stay away from each other.

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“God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”

The Originals – S5E7 – “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Danielle Rose Russell | guest starring Jaime Murray

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