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The Returned - S1E4 - Victor

Previously on The Returned, ‘Julie’

Thirty-five years ago, Victor was a little boy afraid to go to sleep after his brother told him a gruesome story. Once he fell asleep, he was awakened by the sounds of his brother and mother being shot to death. He hid in his closet, but a masked man finds him in there after Victor pees himself out of fear. He whispers to Victor to sing a song from school to make himself be less afraid. Another masked man enters and shoots Victor through the door.

In present day, Victor awakens on Julie’s couch after having a bad dream and Julie finds Ms. Payet’s body. Thomas is busy being creepy and watching everything that Adele is doing while he’s at work because he has put cameras ALL THROUGH HER HOUSE! He sees Chloe leave for school and Adele going into the attic, but there aren’t any cameras there so he doesn’t see her almost get raped by Simon, who gets rapey when he’s hungry, apparently. Simon thinks they should all go live at the church shelter, but Adele is like, “Yeah. No.”

Lena’s scar is getting bigger and looking super gross. She passes out and is rushed to the hospital. As part of the investigation into Ms. Payet’s death, Laure goes to Julie’s apartment to ask her some questions. She finds Victor there and Julie admits that she has taken him in illegally.

The police come to question Jerome about Lucy and he decides to go to the station to answer their questions so Claire won’t find out that he was sleeping with Lucy.

For some reason, Pierre is stocking up on gasoline. He pulls up to a police roadblock and one of the officers tell him they’re looking for the guy from the diner attack. Thomas is convinced he attacked Lucy and Ms. Payet. Claire calls Pierre to meet her at the hospital and tells him where Jerome went. Before he leaves to join her he gets the cop to look into why Jermoe was taken in. They both notice a ton of water trucks headed towards the dam.

Thomas watches as Simon and Adele have sex and I can’t even with this guy. He’s such a creep. Pierre arrives at the hospital and Camille tells him and Claire that Lena’s scar only appeared once she came back. She thinks it’s her fault and clearly Lena does as well. She runs off and Pierre follows. He tells her that once Lena understands why she’s back, she’ll be thrilled. Camille ain’t tryna hear that shit. Thomas goes to question Jean-Francois about Simon and asks questions about Jesus’ resurrection. Camille meets up with Frederic, and she’s still posing as “Cousin Alice.” She tells him that Lena is at the hospital getting tests done and they head to the pub.

The water trucks are pumping water into the reservoir and the dam workers are still confused as to why the levels are so low considering they can’t find a leak. The water is also the cause of all the power surges that have been happening around town.

The doctor tells Claire and Lena that her scar is a keloid that formed after an injury didn’t heal properly. She admits to being pushed into a chair at the pub a year ago. The doctor says she needs to stay overnight. At the police station, the cops ask Jerome about an incident a year ago when he took Lena to the hospital because of a back wound. They know he hit her. He says it’s not like that. They also suspect that Lucy was a prostitute that he was frequenting. Chloe comes home from school and hears Simon moving around in the attic again. She gets a chair to be closer to the ceiling and discovers the camera.

Laure comes to take Victor away. Before they go, Julie notices Victor made drawings of Ms. Payet’s dead body being eaten by her cats. She keeps that bit of info to herself and Victor just stares at her as he walks out. Chloe finds Adele and Simon in the attic and Adele introduces him as her dad.

The cop calls Pierre to tell him that Jerome was questioned about Lucy’s attack and he’s suspected of hitting Lena a year ago. He immediately calls Claire because he’s a snitching little bitch. When Jerome comes home, Claire confronts him and then kicks him out. Adele confronts Thomas about the cameras and he says he had them installed to check on her when she was depressed and not answering the phone. Apparently, there was a suicide attempt before. Simon is chased by police and he ends up at HH.

While Camille is at the pub with Frederic, he touches her arm. Lena feels this at the hospital and rushes over there. She screams at Camille and tells Frederic who she really is, but Camille plays it off like Lena is too sick to know what she’s talking about. Lena runs out.

Laure is informed that Lucy was having sex with men for money because she claimed that she could communicate with the dead, but only while having sex with the men. Laure gets Ms. Payet’s autopsy results and calls Julie to tell her it was ruled a suicide. Victor is taken to HH where Pierre gives him a cot near Vivienne. They share a creepy-ass look. Pierre tries to comfort Victor by telling him to sing a song in his head. A song from school. And Victor realizes that Pierre is the masked man who was in his house the night he and his family were killed.

Oh, shit!

Thomas tells Adele that the police lied about how Simon died ten years ago. Jean-Francois asked them to say it was an accident. Later, after they think she’s in bed, Chloe draw a picture of Simon shooting himself in the head. Lena wanders into the tunnel and falls down. Serge approaches and looks like it’s his lucky day. Gah!

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