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The Strain - S4E10 - The Last Stand

Previously on The Strain, “The Traitor”

The Strain, whether it likes it or not, has the great distinction of being one of the few shows we’ve covered on our podcast from beginning to end. It may not be as critically acclaimed as some of the other shows we cover (The Leftovers — another we covered for its entire run — and Game of Thrones come to mind), but it’s always been a good time. Even when the storylines didn’t make much sense (WHY are people ordering Indian takeout during the vampire apocalypse?), or when they didn’t quite pan out (how ’bout that Lumen?), we were able to find entertainment in the gory violence, the decades-long rivalry between Eichorst and Abraham, and our collective hate for New Zach. That’s why I wish this series finale had been better. Even though it ended pretty much how I thought it would, it wasn’t fun to watch and a lot of the decisions made little to no sense.

CR: Russ Martin/FX

Fet’s extensive New York City knowledge pays off yet again when he takes the crew to a tunnel system that is deep enough beneath the city’s surface to set off the nuke without killing everyone… well, everyone not in the tunnel when it goes off. Quinlan suggests drawing the Master out and luring him into the tunnel where he’ll keep him busy by kicking his ass while Fet detonates the bomb. Understandably, Dutch doesn’t like this plan, and when Fet refuses to listen to reason she reveals she was hoping they’d have a future together. It’s as if she and Eph and Rhona Mitra never happened! Still, Fet insists.

Meanwhile, The Master has given up any pretense of a peaceful co-existence with mankind. He sends his strigoi out to kill every human they see and to search every block for the nuke. This is when the first signs of fuckery appeared. Zach, who had no problem with all of New York City starving under The Master’s rule, suddenly looks uncomfortable with the idea of the city being destroyed and him being the Master’s sole companion.

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Eph and Fet allow themselves to be spotted in order to lure the Master to their location, and it works. However, when Eph sees a gun-wielding Zach with the Master, he takes Fet’s place underground. Quinlan, having managed to get The Master right where they wanted him, goes down ridiculously fast and easy, but not before ripping out the Master’s throat. In his final moments, Quinlan declares he’s won. But winning looks a lot like the Master stomping his entire upper body cavity into pulp.

Eph moves to detonate the bomb, but Zach fires on him. Despite the Master’s coaching, though, Zach can’t bring himself to kill his father. Disappointed, but not all that surprised, the Master attempts to make Zach his new host, but Eph pushes Zach out of the way and takes his place. Before Eph can fully turn, he tells Zach they’ve won because of him.

Say what now?

Eph’s last act of free will is to activate the bomb. As the new Master, he opens his arms to Zach, telling him they will finally rule as father and son. Zach appeals to any part of Eph he hopes can still hear him, and tells his father he loves him just before detonating the nuke.

That’s right, after a full season and a half of setting this kid up to be the absolute worst, The Strain decided to make Zach a hero. Was it supposed to be poetic that he set off two nuclear bombs; one out of hate and anger and the other out of love? Maybe this would have resonated if there’d been the slightest indication that Zach was still capable of such an act or that he still loved his father.

Once Eph was The Master, why didn’t he just kill Zach? He’d already seen that Zach was no longer under his thrall. Offering to rule together makes no sense, especially when it seems he only kept an attachment to Zach to taunt and punish Eph. Without that, what possible reason could this ancient monster have for keeping an annoying teenager around?

Let’s talk about Quinlan. Invictus. The Born. Did he purposely allow the Master to kick his ass in order to give Fet (but really Eph) time to detonate the bomb? I’m gonna need the answer to that to be yes or my head will explode.

Once the Master was killed, his strigoi didn’t follow, but without a link to the Master, they went back to being mindless creatures who were easily hunted and destroyed. Five years later, they’ve been eliminated (save for a few the government is keeping locked up because that’s a good idea), Roman is a successful real estate developer in New York, Gus helps refugees return home, Fet is back to catching rats, and Dutch has restored the internet. She and Fet finally reconnect and walk off into the sunset (the sun is back; although, only for a few hours each day) together.

One of the things that made Eph switch places with Fet was seeing Fet and Dutch embrace. Nice to see those crazy kids took five damn years to get together after Eph’s sacrifice.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast, where I will have so many more thoughts to share. 

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"The Last Stand"

The Strain - S4E10 - “The Last Stand” Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand,Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel Gomez, Ruta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

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15 Comments on The Strain - S4E10 - The Last Stand

  1. So 5 years and you still ain’t together really 5 damn years rebuilding New York and the world but you 2 after all that shit still ain’t together in a relationship how. I call bullshit this upset me because quinlan could have survived this shit apparently if all these other monsters are still alive. Gus really out there trying to help people and look for his girl who’s most likely already died that same night he saved her. How the hell no one asking about how roman got all this money and went into real-estate is he the black Palmer now like seriously and this ending with eph becoming the master and that piece of shit new zack saving the day no no no fuck that he doesn’t get to get redemption at the end with his self sacrifice that kid is a piece of shit and I’m glad everyone think eph set off the bomb because zack deserves no credit I’m glad he’s finally dead. Thank you Nina for this amazing podcast your the only reason I stuck with this show it will be missed

  2. For the podcast: my feedback will be as random as this episode. The best thing about this episode was seeing Abe clean & healthy-ish. So my petty is set up such that I still hate new Zach. His sacrifice just isn’t enough for all the bodies he has on his hands. Did I miss something? How did Quinlan win? I really wanted him to survive. It all just all ended so weirdly. Fet & Dutch (who I was side-eying when she was fiddling with the nuke. Forgot that she had actual know-how since she broke the internet). Why? Why couldn’t she just let him die/sacrifice himself in peace? Poor Eph. He didn’t deserve they outpouring of those nasty worms. Talk about overkill when 1 can do the trick. Y’all were by far the BEST thing about the strain. Thank you for being so entertaining.

  3. For the Podcast:

    Fuck New Zach everybody, i’m back from my GoT doldrums just in time to binge and see this bullshit. So Quinlan went all this way to get his ass beat? That was anticlimactic. Why it take Eph so long to get down there from a speeding elevator? And how did he sneak past the master? I would have thought all those people died in New York once the master called off the “truce”?

    A lot bullshit this episode but I bet both the master and Eph’s last thoughts were “Fuck New Zach”

    You guys made this show greater than it had any reason to be. So, so long and Fuck New Zach.

  4. For the Podcast:

    See just when I was thinking of going ahead and watching seasons 3 and 4, I read this recap and realize y’all have saved this Black woman’s life and time.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  5. A final Fuck New Zack to you all (aww who am I kidding, I’ll still say FNZ every time we get a horrible television child). This was such an interesting finale because I feel like they spent most of the season building up these things (New Zack being a horrible MRA/psycho, Rhona Mitra and Fet being in love, Eph realizing NZ ain’t shit, Dutch realizing she has to save herself) and then they tried to give us Dutch & Fet: The Love Story and Redeemable Zack in the last 20 mins. Nah son. It was a satisfying finale for sure but Zack is not a hero, Dutch and Fet still ain’t nothing but friends 5 years later and the only thing we’re celebrating is rats being back in Manhattan cause ain’t no bridges been rebuilt! Also we know those strigoi they saved are getting out and starting a second apocalypse, right? Well at least my man Roman got the come up. Gus outchea delivering pizzas hoping to run into a random girl he met 3 seasons ago tho 😒. Ok a lovely FNZ and a fond farewell. I will miss Nina’s Abe voice and Sarah’s Fet (BOOM BABY!) 😘 Besitos.

  6. Hi Nina, John and Sarah 👉👌 So uh….not here for Zach setting off a bomb and being a hero right af the end of the story 🙄so it still fuck new zach forever. Worst child in the history of television I could write a thesis about how much I hate him. Anyways Quinlan going out of like how he did was some next level bullshit😢😢😢😢 and Dutch and Fet not being together after that whole dramatic ass out of nowhere kiss… annoyed tf outta me writers you got a ship sail it in the last episode da fuq!



    “In the end it was love that saved us” FUCK THIS STUPID ASS SHOW FOREVER.
    I’m confused, i thought killing the Master was suppose to kill the other vampires.
    Why didn’t the Master immediately snap Zack’s neck when he took over Eph? Are we suppose to believe he actually had a fatherly love for that boy? I hated everything about this shit.

    That’s my feedback for today, i can’t wait to hear your podcast.

  8. For the podcast:
    I thought it was a great series finale; I really enjoyed it. I knew there would be sacrifice but I didnt expect quite the ending we got. My highlights:
    1. Zack, the devils spawn, made the ultimate sacrifice for society so has he earned redemption? Can he be forgiven? Should he be? Me-nah; the damage has been done; as the master stated, the kid has a black heart; he nor his screwed up dad could be saved.
    2. 😩uinlan-(moment of silence) while I enjoyed the fight sequence b/t him & the master, Quinlan was underwhelming. He’s been the baddest mofo on this show so to see him on the losing end getting his head bashed in like a melon of was disappointing. Yet he did go “Rick grimes” on the master by tearing out part of his neck mortally wounding him. Q had some good moments prior 2 his demise: he killed all those strogoi in masters lair w/a couple of gun blasts, the way he looked@ Dutch when she made the snarky vsmpire comment (u know he wanted 2 slap her or worse) his eloquent good bye 2 eph-Q, my warrior prince, RIP 😪
    3. Eph-figures he’d be the sacrificial lamb: his son is evil incarnate & helped bring about this mess & for the most part he’s been a terrible dad & husband. When the master hurled in his mouth , did you see the big red worm?!? Eww
    4. Fet may have felt duty bound 2 blow up w/the nuke but u could also see he was reluctant, scared or both. He probably breathed a sigh of relief when eph took his place. I thought Fet would make it; he’s teflon like those rats & other vermin he likes 2 catch. Btw was I seeing things or were those large rat turds!??
    5. Fet/Dutch had good moments this season but I wasn’t feeling them this episode. I actually like him & charlotte; last scene I thought it was her walking 2ward Fet in the park.
    6. It was so good 2 see sertrakian in the flashback;
    7. Is it ironic that the blast site has become the eternal tomb for 2 dysfunctional fathers/sons: master/Quinlan & eph/zack

    That’s all I have. I’m going to miss this show. I really enjoyed it though some of the episodes were uneven and meandering at times. The podcasts hosted by Nina, Sarah, John and even Donny were the best; they were filled with lots of fun & laughter. Thanks to all of you for your hard work. So it’s on to the next show……

  9. Hello Nina, Sarah, and Jon (hopefully his power is back on).
    We. Were. Robbed!
    Bad Ass Q stomped to death by his Old Ass Father? What kind of “winning” is that? Why did he let The Master keep striking him down? I was screaming “get up and beat his ass” but no. I wanted Q to live, dang it.

    BadZach the Strigoi Collaborator, War Criminal and Budding Sexual Deviant Redeemed and saves New York? What a crock.

    I enjoyed Fet’s arc this season, and was pleased he lived and Eph died. And I cackled watching Roman become the face of New Prosperity - a well deserved come up. Did not think Gus (pretty as he is) would be one of the last team members standing, though.

    Confused about the lack of importance of the Occido Lumen, and the silver Gus collected, and that funny trance dance the strigoi did when the worms were taking root in Eph—but it wouldn’t be The Strain if we had answers to important questions-it would be The Solve.

    Enjoyed the series and loved the podcasting.

  10. Hello Cousin Nina, Sarah, and John/Donald,
    I can’t believe it’s our final Fuck New Zack ever. Oh, let’s and not get it twisted. New Zack will never ever be redeemed.
    Ok, now that we’re clear. The Strain did what True Blood and Dexter could not, it gave me a satisfying end. Even though some of it was predictable, and NZ is still the worst, I enjoyed the finale and the season as a whole.
    Finally the Master Palmer is dead! Although I could’ve done without the outpouring of thick white all over Ephs face. 🤢 I guess Eph wasn’t the only one that was backed up. Did y’all notice MP putting his arm around NZ when he saw Eph? That motherfucker stayed petty until the end. Oh and FNZ, this fucker grabbed a gun and joined MP with the quickness when it was time to finish their world domination plan.
    Eph did what needed to be done and I was here for it. That’s the redemption I wanted. Make up for raising a shitty war criminal and don’t let Fet take the hit for your bullshit. I wasn’t here for all NZ lives matter bullshit Fet was trying to tell Eph tho. In the end I’m glad we got to see Abe talking to his two sons one last time. I wish Abe would’ve given Eph one of these: “God damnit Eph, we’re not battling math, we’re battling strigoi!”
    Q went out like a G! When he ripped Master Palmers trachea, I was like Yes!! When I saw what was coming out I was like No! The saddest part to me was all that strigoi on strigoi crime 😥.
    Finally, I want to thank you for all you do. The Strain wasn’t in my radar until Nina brought it up. There was never a dull moment. There isn’t enough I can give to you to make up for all the hours of entertainment. I love you all! If Karen made it to the finale, I love you too. It’s because of Nina that I learned about TBGWT, and I’m forever grateful. Alright, it’s getting real dusty in my room as I write this. Bye for now.

  11. For The Podcast:

    First up, hey yall! Fuck New Zack, and I apologise for showing my entire drunk ass on Sunday.

    I see a lot of feedback saying how New Zack is the hero, but to me he’s just petty as fuck. He hates his dad so much that he would actually do the right thing rather than look at Eph’s face any longer!! New Zack is a terrible human being, and as far as I’m concerned Eph pulled the trigger on the Master in those tunnels. Fuck that 42 year old looking whispering ass war criminal ass, Euron Greyjoy metal band looking, “But I’m a nice guy” ass bullshit ass kid.

    The way the writers did my man Quinlan was disgusting. We all knew he was dying at the end of this, but he didn’t have to go out like that. The fact that a character like Roman gets a better send off than fan favourite Quinlan is abysmal. Fuck these writers.

    The writing room must clearly also be made up of teenagers, because I can’t think of any regular adult person that would come up with “The Master twitches his throat vagina flaps and makes his enemies paralysed”. WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?

    Speaking of where the fuck did that come from, WE 👏 DID 👏 NOT 👏 NEED 👏 FETCH 👏👏 IN 👏 THIS 👏 FINALE. Fuck the writers. Dutch’s last encounter was with Eph of all people, and even though “Trousers” was bad, her interactions with Fet’s hypocritical judgemental ass were worse. I refuse to believe that them torturing Sanjay together made them realise they loved each other, but that’s all they’ve done together this season. God forbid Dutch just be an independent woman after all this masculine dick measuring bullshit. #TrousersGate Returns.

    Finally, Abe didn’t die for this. Alex didn’t die for this. Eichorst didn’t die for this. OG Palmer didn’t die for this. Heck, Old Zack didn’t die for this.

    I’ve loved these podcasts so much. Nina and John you’ve been amazing, and I’m going to miss Sarah while she’s off hunting down Rhona Mitra in the post-vampire apocalyptic wasteland or wherever she’s going. Thanks for the great coverage.

  12. I hope this isn’t late.

    One last time, For the podcast FUCK NEW ZACH!!!

    It’s Tuesday and I’m still not sure how I feel about this finale. I guess I liked it. Or hated it. Not sure.

    I’m honestly shocked that both Roman & Gus survived. But why Gus gotta go looking for his girlfriend. Smh. That’s his ending?

    Why did they make it about Fet & Dutch? That felt wrong on so many levels. Oh well.

    Quinlan deserved better! How could he get jacked up by the Master like that? That throats grab was awesome tho!

    As for FNZ’s redemption arc, ugh. Never thought I’d say this but Eph deserved better. At least they’re dead now.

    Ok. Hope I made it in time. Thanks Nina, John & Sarah for giving us this hilarious podcast! Now what are we gonna watch to laugh at?

    Sup fam, Nina you know you’re my favorite, 👋🏾 sarah, 👊🏾 John!!

    I really enjoyed this finale, the endings were kinda dumb but I enjoyed it…kinda like that beyond the wall episode of game of thrones 🙃

    Let’s get to my highlights!! Speaking of game of thrones I love the fact the show said fuck Abe’s DNR we bringing this nigga byke for the finale and I said 🗣LETS RIDE BRETHREN!!

    Next is the Duthces and nem, it’s just like a woman to tell a nigga she wanna start a family right after he accepts a suicide mission amirite….im like y’all been riding round gettin it for 3 episodes and u couldn’t tell a nigga yo when this over let’s try to go swim again!!! Anyways then she tells her other ex nigga(eph) can u holla at your rival about maybe not killing himself for me… all the while I’m shaking my head saying “you’re something else” 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Lastly let’s touch on the master!! Does anyone else hate how he twerks his neck vagina…🤢🤢🤢 that was so gross!!! Then the master turned into a Popeyes and started giving quinlin a 2 piece special with a biscuit 🍗🍗🍞!!! I was blowed how unprepared quinlin was for this fight!! No wonder he never caught his daddy he sucks!!!

    Last thing is how the master died… First quinlin doesn’t use any foreplay.. then when the master takes over eph’s body and new zach proves he ain’t 💩 Bc he had his pops outchea looking like a porn ⭐️… I screamed 🗣HAND YO DADDY A NAPKIN U UNGRATEFUL BASTARD….

    That’s all I got can’t wait to 👂🏾 the podcast!!! I hope that was good sarah!! I won’t say how you yelled at me through text… o wait I guess I just did, but at least u text me unlike other people on the podcast…😒!! Oh last thing I swear did Dutch and Fet really wait 5 years to have they’re(😉) first date…

  14. FOR THE PODCAST… If it’s not too late… Man, fuck this show for trying to redeem New Zach and having his punk ass be the one to save humanity. If HE is the person who saves me and all the rest of us, fuck it. I’d rather die or become a Strigoi. I’d hate life if I knew that little mutha fucka is the reason I’m alive. Anyway, thanks for the podcast. It was great hearing y’all cover this show even tho they took a Vampire Shit in the bed in the finale!

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