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The Strain - S4E8 - Extraction

Previously on The Strain, “Ouroboros” 

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I give The Strain a lot of shit. A lot. But if you listen to the podcast, you know more often than not, I am thoroughly entertained by this show. It has been genuinely scary, laugh out loud funny, and I actually care about what happens to the characters.

Well, not New Zach. Fuck that kid.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that The Strain would finally make me cry, but I was when I did. This is in large part to the performances by David Bradley and Kevin Durand. They’ve spent this entire season apart, but the relationship they’ve developed over the past three seasons was evident when Fet says, “This can’t be happening,” upon seeing that Abraham Setrakian has been infected by Eichorst. The fact that Abe killed Eichorst, finally, in the process isn’t really a consolation when their general, the man who has been the driving force behind stopping the Master, is dying.

In his final moments, Abe tells his team to separate the Master from his collaborators.

“The power of the beast lies not within itself, but in its limbs. Those that do its bidding and provide its sustenance.” 

This, Abe believes, is the true key to defeating him and will require an act of self sacrifice. After they promise to carry on, Abe gets on his knees before Quinlan and offers the half-breed his sword. Without a word, Quinlan beheads Abraham Setrakian.

After they lament all that they’ve lost, the team wastes no time disagreeing on how to move forward. Quinlan is totally #TeamBlowShitUp, while Eph and the others hesitate to set off yet another nuclear bomb. I mean, two in nine months is a bit excessive. In the end, they decide to follow Dutch’s plan to kidnap Sanjay Desai and force him to reveal the Master’s location. Not quite sure how this solves their problem: they’ll have the Master’s location, but what then? They still need to decide whether they’re willing to nuke an entire city to kill him. Meanwhile, Gus convinces his and Creem’s team to join the fight. Sitting it out as they have been has actually helped the Master. They’ve been collaborators in their own way.

With his top lieutenant gone, the Master tasks Zach with a secret mission. Unfortunately, it’s not to get a haircut.

The group infiltrates the medical facility where Dutch was held easily enough, but extracting Sanjay takes a bit of work once he’s tipped off to their presence. Sanjay has completely embraced his ain’t shitness. Collaborating may have been an act of survival in the beginning, but he’s taken a shine to the power he now wields. He’s quite savage in his attempts to keep Dutch and company from destroying his operations. It’s fitting Dutch is ultimately the one who takes him down since he spent the better part of this season making her life hell.

Back at Gus’ crew’s headquarters, while they wait for Sanjay to wake so the torture can begin, Eph gets word that a kid fitting Zach’s description was outside asking for him. Against Fet’s and Dutch’s advice, Eph takes off and actually looks pleased when he finds Zach outside. Huh.

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The Strain - S4E8 - “Extraction” Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand,Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel Gomez, Ruta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

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6 Comments on The Strain - S4E8 - Extraction

  1. For the podcast


    Ok, I actually watched this one without watching the last 2 episodes and the previously on caught me up. Damn, Abe & Eichorst gone. 😭 I teared up too Nina when Abe died but so happy he took Eichorst out. Well earned death. But man is the old man petty gonna be missed. So what does the Master do now?

    Happy to see the crew back together. Hope they don’t forget about Roman. So which plans do you think will be most successful? Other than the fallout & death, I’m on Team Quinlan. Nuke the bastards! But I like the collaborator plan too. But how well will that work? Other than disrupting the feed lines? And if they succeed in killing the Master, what happens to his minions? He’s the queen bee of their hive. If he dies do the others fall apart without his guidance or just run amuck?

    Gus is still hot af! Just had to reiterate that fact.

    So from next week’s promo, looks like Eph is reunited with his evil demon spawn. Please let Eph kill FNZ cause that is a worthy sacrifice for the cause! FUCK NEW ZACH!

    That’s it. This got long. Sorry about that. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. And poor Alex! Damn!

  2. For the podcast:
    A step down from last week but overall a good episode
    First, RIP Abraham Setrakian a true G! I got a tad misty yet I’m glad he went quickly rather than linger.
    Y’all know I luv me some 😍uinlan and Imho he was the MVP of the episode. His quiet showing of strength yet grief at ending sertrakian’s life , his graceful & touching eulogy, the transfer of the came to an emotional fet, the words of encouragement to a guilt ridden Gus-we’re aware of his bad assery(is that a word?)but to me he has become more human w/each episode
    Nice emotional moment w/Dutch & fet and Gus/eph whose missing his boo Alex (why did they kill her off!?!?😡)
    Funny moment when they were arguing whether 2 bomb or not, i imagined sertrakian yelling in a cranky voice to stop all this bs!!!😄 Eph was making sense yet he still came off like a dick or is it a case Eph being an Eph??!😁
    The fight scenes @ the birthing facility were great & im glad Dutch finally kicked some Sanjay ass!
    Zack aka demon spawn Corniest line of the season “you’re so hot”-😝 & was that Kelly’s voice coming out of strgoi Abby’s mouth or zack hallucination? Boy needs help.
    That’s all I have-next week penultimate episode-they better bring it!!

  3. For the podcast: I’m just sad now. I knew Abe wouldn’t last but damnit I wasn’t ready. My heart hurts for that cranky old man. What’s the point now? They don’t even really know what they’re doing. The only person I officially care about now is Quinlan. I’m going to reluctantly watch the last two episodes. Dutch & Fet better not start knocking boots again 😷🤢. Someone better kill new Zach next week cos he sure as hell doesn’t deserve to make it till the end (neither does Dutch or random Gus. Actually no, he was useful this episode). I’m just sad. Abraham 😭😭😭😭. How did we get here? HOW??? NEW ZACH!!!

  4. For the podcast: Im confused on why they are debating now about using the nuke. Didn’t planning on using a nuke always come with the caveat that people were going to die along with the Master? Why is now any different? I’ve been wondering this whole time of how they nuke the master and the strogi without harming humans in the first place? Also how did Dutch and fet know that guy wasn’t going to shoot that pregnant lady? They took a real chance. And Eph is so stupid. Like seriously, how would Zach know where to find him in the whole entire island, unless he was working with the Master in some way. Like how else would he get that intel? All the time Eph was in Philly but now he comes back to New York and Zach just magically pops back up? Come on, think Eph. Although next week it looks like Eph threatens to shoot Zach although him actually killing Zach is probably too awesome to actually happen. I was so disgusted when Zach was on the elevator and he smiled like “yea, look at my ladies seeing me off” as strogi Abby and kid strogi stared at him. Ugh. Fuck new Zach, so say we all.

  5. Hello Cousin Nina, John, and Sarah,
    And a fuck New Zack to all listeners.
    Let’s pour one out for Professor Abraham Zatrakian. It was so appropriate that he had to go off on Eph one more time. What we needed though, was one really sad 😭 “boom baby” from Fet to make it extra special.

    Random guy: Hey, there was a kid asking for you Eph.

    Eph: What did he look like?

    RG: Like a real piece of shit asshole. I wanted to shoot him in the face as soon as he opened his mouth. There were too many witnesses though, and I didn’t want to explain myself.

    Eph: New Zack?!

    That’s how that scene played in my mind.
    That’s all I got. Love you guys, you are truly doing the lords work.

  6. For the Podcast:

    Hey yall! Fuck New Zach!

    Okay so I know it’s sad that Abraham died, but I laughed when I saw the look on Fet’s face when he realised he had no more Father-Adjace. Then Ke$ha had THE AUDACITY to break down in tears after keeping the poor man dehydrated after all this time!!

    The gang for fighting over what to do in the next 3 episodes was terrible. I was with Q - the best way to remove supporters is always a nuke. Why did no one suggest that Master Palmer might just be in PALMER’S OLD HOUSE?!? Ugh, somewhere Abe is rolling in his grave.

    I feel like Sanjay being more crucial to the plot than Eichorst at this point is a failure of the story. Like, we’re supposed to believe that he’s the second scariest person compared to the Master now?

    Did anyone else forget who the fuck Miranda was when that one lady yelled it at Ke$ha? She’s got too many names!!

    Best moment of the episode:
    “I’m not a traitor”, said the literal RACE-TRAITOR to Eph. This show is ridiculous.

    Also, I’m still not here for this love triangle. If New Zach has a PG-13 love scene with his two strigurls, I will burn this show down with molotovs.

    Last, I’m not here for Fet with a sword cane, even if it does give a +10 to petty and 20% chance for its user to shout incoherent words. We can’t understand Fet as it is!?

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