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The Walking Dead - S5E9 - What Happened, and What’s Going On

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Coda’

First, I was spoiled. And I will go into a rant about it on the podcast tonight, but for now, just know that I was spoiled on the big character death about an hour before the show aired… and I was furious.

I was particularly annoyed halfway through this episode when I realized that the way it was unfolding was meant to make you think one thing and then sucker punch you with another. I didn’t get to experience that as they show intended because people are the worst.

But, I will say that even if I hadn’t been spoiled, the cold open would have completely tipped me off that Tyreese was going to die - or at least be in serious trouble. Intercut with scenes of first Noah then Rick trying to convince the group to go to Noah’s home in Virginia, there are shots of the prison, Woodbury, railroad tracks, and Lizzie and Mika - both alive, but clearly showing signs of the wounds that caused their deaths. Those things were only important to Tyreese, and together, only things that he experienced. You can’t say that about any other remaining character.

Ten miles away from Noah’s subdivision, Rick (riding with Noah, Tyreese, Michonne, and Glenn) radios Carol, who is waiting at another location with everyone not in the car. They are smartly checking to see how far the walkie-talkies will work. He tells her they are close and they agree that if she doesn’t hear from them in twenty minutes, she’ll come looking for them.

Before they get there, Noah tries to make Tyreese feel better about his call to negotiate with Dawn. He says it worked, they just had no way of anticipating just how fucking petty she was. Tyreese talks about how his father used to make sure they listened to the radio, and heard all the horrible things going on all over the world so you don’t disconnect from it. He called it paying the high cost of living.

Once they get to Noah’s subdivision, they find it abandoned: dead bodies are scattered everywhere, the homes have been burned out, etc. Noah breaks down in the middle of the street and Tyreese agrees to stay with him while the others do a quick sweep of the neighborhood for supplies.

Rick and Glenn talk about whether or not they really believed this place would be safe. Rick admits that he saw that Dawn didn’t mean to kill Beth, but he wanted to kill her anyway. Making this trip was for Beth, and it could have been for them… but it’s not. Tyreese tries to reach a despondent Noah by telling him that he needs to keep going. If he hadn’t made the decision to keep going after Karen, he never would have been around to save Judith. Noah seems to take this advice until he doesn’t… and then runs his ass to his house. And Tyreese gives chase and still can’t catch him, even though Noah has a limp. Okay.

Tyreese does the knock test and when no walkers come out, they go inside. Noah’s mother is dead on the living room floor, her head bashed in. While Noah has a private moment with his mom, Tyreese investigates the rest of the house and finds one of Noah’s little brothers dead in his bed. The other, is a walker in another room. As Tyreese looks at their photos on the wall, the walker brother sneaks up on Tyreese and bites him in the arm. Noah kills his walker brother with a model airplane and then runs for help.

Now, I don’t know how fucking far Noah had to go, but he’s gone long enough for Tyreese to hallucinate dead people:

  • White Glenn tells Tyreese that his poor life choices cost the group losses - like Bob.
  • Bob calls bullshit. He’s like, “My dumb ass would have gotten bitten eventually.”
  • Mika and Lizzie try to convince him that it’s better now on the other side.
  • The Governor (Yes, I squealed!) is like, “‘member that time you said you’d do your part to be a member of my crew and then you fucking didn’t?”

Then the Governor turns into a walker that Tyreese tries to fight off even though he’s bleeding like a geyser. He ends up letting the walker bite him on the same arm Noah’s brother chomped so he can grab a weapon and kill it.

Michonne wants to stay and make a go of it. Glenn and Rick ain’t feeling it and point out all the reasons why this place isn’t secure. It’s not until they inspect where the wall was compromised and find limbs strewn about that Michonne is like, “Okay. You may have a point.” But she’s still sick of running. And she convinces Rick that they should at least travel the 100 miles to D.C., even though Eugene was full of all the shit in the world.

They FINALLY hear Noah screaming because I don’t fucking know why or how he got pinned down on a porch by two walkers, but whatever. They save his bad luck ass and he tells them about Tyreese.

Tyreese is still bleeding out and hallucinating:

  • We’re joined by Beth and her guitar, and she tells Tyreese it’s okay.
  • Bob tells him it’s okay if he didn’t want to be a part of it anymore (I fucking loved this!).
  • White Glenn is still yapping, chewing gum, and rocking those stab wounds Sasha laid on him.
  • The Governor basically tries to punk Tyreese out for forgiving Carol.

When Tyreese has finally had enough of his shit, he tells him he did offer to do his part, but that was before he knew The Governor was fucking insane. He vows not to give up. The Governor pushes him to the floor where Mika and Lizzie hold his wounded arm. Then it shifts to Glenn and Rick holding his arm and Michonne cutting it off in one smooth sword slice.

They carry him through the subdivision, back to the car, dropping him a few times and stopping to take care of walkers at the gate. Once in the car, Rick has trouble getting out of the ditch he parked in for some fucking reason, and ends up crashing into a truck parked in front of him. A bunch of walker heads come tumbling out, all with a W etched on their foreheads.

They finally get going, but Tyreese dies in the car after seeing Beth, Mika, Lizzie, and Bob (all minus their injuries). Tyreese is buried after a service delivered by Gabriel. His grave marker is his skullcap. Then someone started cutting onions in my bedroom.

Score | 10/10Thoughts & Questions: 
  • The subdivision was clearly attacked: burned homes, dismembered bodies all about (torso and limbs in the subdivision; heads near where the group left their car), and graffiti on the walls saying, ‘Wolves are near.” This must have something to do with the Ws carved in the foreheads of the dead bodies.
  • Glenn and that baseball bat is clearly foreshadowing.
  • When Tyreese dropped his hammer. *sob*
  • This is the best episode of the series so far.
  • I’m gonna need Bad Luck Noah to find somewhere else to be.
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10 Comments on The Walking Dead - S5E9 - What Happened, and What’s Going On

  1. So sorry you got spoiled. I try to stay extra cryptic in my fb posts and warn my friends who post stuff the west coast hasn’t seen it yet.

    The onions were being cut in my living room too. I bawled more than I thought I would considering how much I dogged Tyrese for being a punk and not killing white Glenn. But it was such a strong performance by Chad L. Coleman and a very nice touch with all the departed around him. The only thing that would have made that better would have been of Karen had shown up too. But I figured she’s too busy being the awesome tv mom that she is on Teen Wolf.

    Someone on twitter was saying Michonne’s sword had broke but it looked ok to me. What do you think of her plan for them to go on to Washington? I have a bad feeling about this. But they need to do something. They need to find a place to hold up in. I wonder why they don’t just take over an apartment building or something. That might work. Just saying.

    So Glenn is no longer an optimist. Beth’s death cured him of that. Kinda glad to be honest. But I figure something bad is about to happen anyway.

    Very well done episode. Excellent acting. Very trippy. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    And Noah has one more chance. If one more person dies cause of him, he’s out. Bring in a new black guy. Speaking of which, looks like we are back to the bring in new black guy, lose old black guy troupe.

  2. I really don’t know how 2 talk about this episode because I loved it as much as most people I think because it feels so different the way they are shooting it that it almost feels like a different show. I really hope this ghost hallucination thing was just for this episode because this isn’t American horror story we don’t need that shit (but I did love seeing my girl beth again). im sure tyrese was looking at noah like Fiona goode was looking at Madison in coven another black person has been chosen so I know my ass aint long for this earth and we all know the walking dead can’t have 2 much black ppl on their show. tyrese death for some reason wasn’t sad 2 me, probably because I gave up on his character a while ago, I think it was after I found out white Glenn was still alive so it was just like oh well. Judith needs 2 learn how 2 walk and handle a weapon real soon because first beth now tyrese who’s going 2 take of her now? can I just say I found it hilarious that the last three people tyrese is imagining before he dies is three little white girls and a creepy looking bob stookey, I don’t know why but that image just made me laugh. so that’s my feedback for today im sorry someone spoiled the episode for you, im pretty sure it wasn’t me because I didn’t send any twitter messages directly 2 you but for some reason im still sitting sweating bullets like a kid who broke his mothers new lamp while shes at work and I can ‘t do anything but sit here and wait for the whooping.

  3. Chad Coleman’s performance was everything. And I give the show a lot of credit because I knew from the bite that Tyrese was a dead man but they made me question it throughout. I really thought a few times that they might pony up the budget for the CGI to do an armless Tyrese. I’m sorry you got spoiled, though. That sucks.

    I liked the opposing viewpoints expressed in the visions that boiled down to: Does horrible shit happen because you’re a dumbass who makes dumbass decisions or is bad shit going to happen regardless and if you close your eyes to the worst of it (like Tyrese, vs. his dad and Rick who look at it head on), does that make a difference? Sort of the governor/white Glenn v. Bob vision of the world. I think it’s probably all true at different points. It actually goes quite a way toward allowing me to shrug off some of the seemingly dumb decisions the characters make.

    Richonne moment of the week: Michonne said DC and Rick said “yes, ma’am.”

    And I just found out Andrew Lincoln did the radio voice overs and now I just want to listen again.

  4. Welcome back, Walking Dead? But what the hell was that???
    1. Tyrese ? Bye, bitch!!!!!! I was partying when he got bit. I loved it, because as you know I hated this character. But, in typical Tyrese fashion his death went back and forth, took too damn long, and annoyed me. I kept screaming out ?Just die, n*gga. Shit!?. The hallucinations he had were weird and a bit confusing for a while. After thinking about it, and talking to people, it seems like what they were trying to show us was the inner turmoil that Tyrese faced each day as he went on. The struggle he had with coping with the things he had done, and hadn?t done and their consequences? That?s all well and good, but fuck Tyrese and his struggle. He was a huge liability for most of his time on the show. I?m surprised he didn?t die sooner and/or get someone else killed in the process of him being a dumb ass. And why did they have him sounding like he was fresh off the plantation? They had this cat sounding like 12 Years A Tyrese. Anyway, I think a better use of the flashbacks would have been to show us whatever he was running from this whole time. Seeing the old Tyrese would have been nice. He?s had this whole thing about not wanting to go back to his old ways, so I would have liked to see who he was before we met him. Mixing that in along with the stuff we already knew from the show would have been cool. I?d still say fuck him, but maybe not as forcefully. Also, his interaction with the imaginary Governor had me thinking he was gonna lash out and take someone else out before he died. I was glad that didn?t happen.
    2. Noah ? It?s clear this dude isn?t an athlete. He can?t take 10 steps without falling down, let alone trying to run. How the hell has he made it this far?
    3. Noah?s Brother ? MY DUDE!!!!! He?s the real MVP! He took out Tyrese?s punk ass. This young man is a scholar and a gentleman. I hope he does well in the after life and gets all the zombie snatch he can handle! You did well, kid! You did well!
    4. Location ? Uhh, where the hell are we? It feels like they only went a few miles up the damn street to get to Noah?s house. Are we still in Georgia or nah?

  5. I want to start by giving myself a pat on the back for calling Hodor as my first death prediction!! I was so tired of his bullshit and was completely ready for him to go, and after this episode my anger now has been switched to another party(more on that later).

    To me the character of tyreese was a huge swing and a miss!! Instead of me understanding the inner turmoil that he was going through, the whole time I just kept wondering why is this big black dude such a bitch!?!?! From the moment he got his ass handed to him by Rick at the prison, to when he let white glenn stay alive its been one questionable decision after another! Also upon my 2nd watch I noticed he saw the other Walker was in the house and yet he still thought he had time to learn Noah’s family history? That’s just plane dumb!! Pun intended!!All I can say is RIP HODOR( rest in pieces) ??.

    As far as the episode I loved it though I loved it!! My favorite parts were of course white glenn shit talking tyreese in his hallucinations, and also the resurrection of the governor!! It was great to have them back!! It was also good to see Mika and Lizzie’s crazy ass!! But as happy as I was to see beth, it was quickly ruined by the fact that she was singing!!

    Now onto the person I hate on the show now!! Kunta aka Noah!! He is the absolute worst!!! He is a black widow, anyone that gets close to him suffers a horrific fate!! Beth gone tyreese gone, and Carol was near death until the writers sprinkled some holy water on her in the mid season finale to heal all her wounds!! How the hell does Kunta keep getting in these awful ass situations?!?!

    Lastly I love the fact the glenn is on some g shit now!! It’s good he let his softness die at terminus!! Bc I truly thought he was a goner, but now I have hope(as long as he keeps his eyes on the prize about securing that threesome with Tits Mcgee!).

    Lastly a couple of questions!
    1. Was it me or does Rick have a huge Papa Smurf beard thing working?
    2. How do you guys think Sasha will handle this? Will she go full shane mode(although u never go full shane) or will she take the Herschel route, either way I’m excited to see how the last 2 weeks affects her character moving forward!!

  6. Welcome Black!

    I liked this episode for the most part. It wasn’t the big bang of a opener like some may have expected but it was good non the less.

    I guess the only thing to really talk about is Tyrese and his existential Tony Soprano ‘Test Dream’ I mean mostly everyone has been clamoring for Tyrese to die ever since late season 4 or early season 5 so I didn’t really have a problem with it when he got bit. By the way I saw folks in other forums nitpick about “stealth walkers” this wasn’t a stealth walker we the audience and Tyrese both saw and heard the walker and Tyrese dumb ass didn’t clear the room and chose to turn his back to a open door so whatever dawg, good riddance. I did feel sad during the burial scene but it was his time to go I didn’t see the character having any kind of future after all he did or failed to do in the first half of the season. It was cool to see some of the old cast come back, even The Governor who I actually kind of missed. I have high hopes for the rest of the season. The group have really hit bottom and I’m interested to see where they go from here.

    Glad to be enjoying The Walking Dead with the Project Fandom Community again!

  7. Welcome back everybody! I loved the episode with how Tyrese’s flashbacks brought back characters I never thought I’d see again. It’s crazy because I couldn’t stand Tyrese all last season but when he got bit I was like “cmon it’s black history month!” and wanted him to survive. I want more backstory on Noah’s town, some of those homes had huge holes in the roof (like from artillery) and what’s up with all the torsos? Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  8. Judith is getting big, Tyrese must’ve breastfed her considering I ain’t seen them make no baby food.

    Speaking of Tyrese, he gone!!! The only bad part is The Hazelnut goddess will suffer. Bring Morgan on, guys.

  9. The Walking Dead is back, and I’m excited not only for the show to be back, but to hear your review.

    When I seen how big Judith was getting the onlything I could think is, wow Tyrese bitch ass must’ve learned to breastfeed. Man, it was so time for him to go. The only playing with my emotions that happened this episode was how long it took him to die and it looking like it might not happen. I’m sorry the Hazelnut Goddess has to go through this but she better off without that useless brother around.

    I thought that prayer was for Beth at the beginning, guess not I like the way they brought that full circle.

    Solid episode, bye Tyrese. Bring on Morgan!!!!

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