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The Walking Dead - S6E4 - Here’s Not Here

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Thank You’

Halfway through the first half of this season and everyone was wondering how Morgan went from “clearing” anyone and anything that crossed his path to “all life is precious,” even the lives trying to take his. The Walking Dead took 90 minutes to tell us last night. And while it was well acted and directed, we didn’t learn anything new about Morgan. We’d already pieced together that he’d met someone who not only taught him how to wield a bo staff, but presumably set him on the journey to preserving all life. And we knew this person made cheese.

After accidentally setting his Fortress of Cray on fire, Morgan takes to living in the woods and hunting walkers. He burns their corpses in the center of his camp, which is fortified by a shield of pointy sticks. So far, nothing about this seems too bad… until Morgan kills a father and son whose only crime appears to be following Morgan in the woods.

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While out hunting for things to kill simply because he can, Morgan comes across a cabin in the woods with a goat tied up out front. The owner, hidden, calls out to Morgan to put down his weapons and not harm the goat. Morgan responds with gunfire and is eventually knocked out.

Meet Eastman (John Carroll Lynch), a forensic psychiatrist with a jail cell in his living room. He’s nice enough: vegetarian, teaching himself to make goat cheese, friendly, but that jail cell, tho. Since Morgan has no home training, he spends a few days in the cell ranting first that Eastman should kill him and then that he’ll kill Eastman. To his credit, Eastman continues to feed Morgan and speak to him as though he’s not a homicidal maniac. And clearly Morgan doesn’t really want to die or else he’d not eat this nice man’s tomatoes.

Eastman figures out Morgan is suffering from PTSD having seen his family killed, and tells him there is a way out of that anger and pain. He doesn’t need to kill anymore. Also, there’s a way out of the jail cell beyond jimmying the window open with a broken zipper (as Morgan had been doing) because the cell was never locked. Morgan can go or stay, but Eastman not about that let you kill him life. Morgan’s not out of the cell four seconds before he tries to go for Eastman, who handles him somewhat easily.

The door or the couch, Morgan. DASSIT. There’s no door number three.

Morgan chooses to remain in the cell, closing the door behind him so I guess there was a third door.

Eastman explains he used Aikido on Morgan, and more than being a means to protect himself, it’s a philosophy that believes you should avoid killing at ALL costs. While Morgan lays off trying to kill Eastman, he remains surly and sullen in his cage, reluctantly flipping through The Art of Peace until the goat’s (Tabitha) cries draws him outside. It’s then that Morgan begins to rejoin the land of the living when he saves Tabitha from a walker.

Tabitha is portrayed by Eli the Goat. You may have seen his cousin on The Leftovers. They’re like the Amells of the goat world.

Even though Eastman talks of the two of them taking a trip (he doesn’t know where they’re going, he just knows they’re getting the hell up outta there), they settle into a rhythm of co-existence with Eastman teaching Morgan the ways of Aikido, how to use a bo staff, and how to bury the walkers they kill - giving them dignity in death by bothering to learn their names and giving their graves markers.

Morgan eventually asks the million dollar question: Why the hell you got a cell in your cabin, dude?

Eastman built the cell after he’d decided to kill the only patient he’d ever deemed truly evil. A man who would eventually kill Eastman’s wife, son, and daughter. He’d planned on kidnapping the man and holding him in the cell until he starved to death. Morgan notes that Eastman is good at redirecting all of his pain and anger. Eastman believes Morgan will get there as well.

They take a trip to get supplies from Morgan’s smaller, but no less cray, fortress in the woods. After Morgan speaks the names of his dead wife and son, Eastman decides he needs a little Aikido session to redirect his pain. But Morgan zones out when confronted by a walker, who was the young guy Morgan had killed earlier in the episode. Eastman steps in and is bitten on his back for his troubles. Morgan attacks him in a rage. After knocking Morgan on his ass, Eastman heads home to bury the walker, leaving Morgan at his old camp to make some life decisions.

Morgan saves a couple from a walker in the woods and doesn’t kill them. Progress! They thank him with a can of chicken noodle soup and a bullet. Morgan has embraced Aikido and runs home. There, he finds Tabitha got out of the cage while Eastman was at the graveyard, and she’s being eaten by a walker.

Before Eastman dies, Morgan learns his new friend did kidnap the man who murdered his family and watched him starve to death in that cell for 47 days. It didn’t bring Eastman peace. He only found that when he decided to never kill another living thing. On his way to turn himself in to the police, he learned the world had ended.

Even though Morgan has enough food and security to live out the rest of his days in the cabin, Eastman advises him to take that trip and find people. And so, after burying Eastman, Morgan sets off in search of people and finds a sign to Terminus.

The Walking Dead S6E4
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This “all life is precious so never kill” philosophy feels like a square peg The Walking Dead keeps trying to force into a round hole. I understand convictions don’t mean anything if you can’t keep them in even the hardest times, and not killing a man who has killed those around you and who vows to kill you definitely shows you’re devout in your beliefs. But this type of mentality is never going to fly on this show when the human threats they face are getting increasingly more dangerous and devoid of any humanity. Then the philosophy feels extremely foolish and only serves to get you (or worse: the innocent people around you) killed.

This wasn’t a bad 90 minutes of television by any means, but it killed the momentum the show had built in the first three episodes. The reveal that Morgan was holding the Wolf from the end of episode 2 (and telling him the story of his time with Eastman) was something I called back then, though I suspected that Morgan would eventually torture the guy until he gave up where the other Wolves were. Now, it seems he’s just torturing him with the story of how he learned Aikido.

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16 Comments on The Walking Dead - S6E4 - Here’s Not Here

  1. I appreciate the backstory, but they could have given us that entire epsiode in 20 minutes and got us back to the story we really care about.

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: Even though the acting was good…..I didn’t need a 90 min episode. In fact they could have done this episode in a flashback sequence to make it more enjoyable. And now Morgan wants to be the teacher with the Wolf guy….idiot. I just don’t see that rehabilitation ending well.


    Both Lennie James & John Carroll Lynch were phenomenal. I hope they get other projects together.

    However, Eastman’s logic is flawed in the ZA. I understand why he didn’t want to kill anymore. But evil during regular times and evil in the ZA are 2 different things. Would he have the same reaction if he met people like the Wolves, Termites and the Governor? It looks like he probably didn’t run into that many people after everything went to shit because he was very isolated. So he didn’t run into any ZA hardened folks who may have made him change his vow.

    So Morgan let that Wolf live. Damn! Sigh. Morgan ain’t no trained forensic psychologist so who is he to judge whether a person is evil or not? Plus they have repeatedly told him what they were gonna do to everyone! If it was just him, fine, every life is precious. But when you live in a community with innocent civilians, your ass protects them first! Leaving that guy alive endangers the group! Stop being an idiot Morgan!

    That’s it. Hope this isn’t too long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    So as I stated in last weeks feedback that I wasn’t here for 90 mins of Morgan!! Welp, amc said fuck yo couch and proceeded to give it to me straight with no chaser!!! And as much I enjoyed the episode I didn’t care as much as they wanted me to!! The whole time I was like, it’s cool you teaching that ninja Krav Maga & 💩 but what’s up Glenn and How is Rick and his tetanus filled hand doing!!! And since much didn’t happen my highlight are as follows!!

    1. Why Morgan came up in that mans camp shooting like he ain’t got no home training?!?! I mean as black man in the south he knows damn well you gotta put on a fake voice and ask for some sugar or white people will scare easily!!

    2. Why the fuck were they gonna leave this wonderful cabin with solar panels and soft mattresses?!?! Ain’t no way in hell that makes sense!! I would’ve been eating oatmeal burgers and s’getti rings until the day I die!! I know you feel me Nina?!?! ✊🏾💯

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  5. For The Podcast.

    This is a episode that people were either going to love or hate. Most of the internet seemed to hate this or episodes like this (one of the many annoying things about a good portion of The Walking Dead fandom), i personally loved the episode. I felt Lennies James and John Lynch made this episode so enjoyable in the same way Chad Coleman and Melissa McBride worked their magic in The Grove.

    I really liked the character of Eastman and felt he got one of the more intriguing backstories from someone who wasn’t a main character.

    It’s weird how people go on about Morgan’s philosophy getting people killed yet Ricks plan has caused several deaths.

    I’m going to keep this short but i have a question for you guys, more then likely that was Rick screaming at the end of the episode. Do you think the herd that cornered him at the RV are now on their way to Alexandria?

  6. For the Podcast

    Glen died for this? They’re just gonna replace Glen as the groups moral compass with Morgan as the groups moral compass? Okay. No matter how this story turns out does it not seem like we’ve seen this before?

    Do you guys think this episode exist just to add more weight if Morgan snaps?

    Don’t have much to say-Enjoyed the episode for the most part-though it could’ve been condensed to an hour.
    Morgan-I like him whether crazed or at peace-Lenny James is a wonderful actor.
    Eastman-wasn’t he twisty the clown & J Gacy in AHS anthology? Now he’s the zen master. 😄
    Morgan & the wolf-their convo was creepy especially the wolf-his voice, the way he talks to Morgan, ex. to kill him cause he’ll kill everyone if freed & Morgan putting the community in more danger by failing to do so-Was the wolf bitten or injured? Either way I think he’s done.
    That’s call I have-looking forward to the podcast-thanks


    Another amazing episode! The Walking Dead was is on fire this season for so far. I was scared that it was going to be a “meh” flashback episode like the Beth one last season and I was more than happy to be to wrong. Slower episodes like this I feel are needed after 3 episodes of straight violence and death.

    I’ve been waiting for this episode and I was more then happy with what I got. I know people complained about it being a 90 minute episode but they were covering time between Season 3 & Season 5 and, in my opinion atleast, it was necessary and worth it. It wasn’t about explaining who Morgan was or is. It simply explained how he went from the man obsessed with ‘clearing’ to ‘someone who values all life.

    I really liked the character of Eastman and felt his backstory made me care for and enjoy him more despite knowing he wouldn’t make it out the episode alive. I found it interesting how he still looked at the walkers like people and gave them proper burials. I felt it was similar in a way to how Tyreese buried The Hunters/Termites despite the threat they posed previously.

    I’m weird how a lot of fans have switched up on the character of Morgan. Close to 5 seasons of people begging for him and when you get him, it’s “Oh never mind”? There’s a serious lack of empathy in the fandom for people that aren’t like Rick despite Rick himself having serious flaws in his POV. How is 1 Wolf endangering the community when he’s locked up and would to get through 3 doors, 1 that is locked?

    Anyway, eager to see what goes down this Sunday and can’t wait for the podcast.


    Remember when all of us were like “How did Teenage Morgan Ninja Turtle come to exist?” Well, we shoulda shut the fuck up, because that’s all these people needed to hear in order to justify a 90-minute answer to that question.

    Would anybody have been dissatisfied with this story being told through a couple flashbacks during an episode that was also advancing the narrative? Or how about Morgan simply saying “I met a man back in Georgia who brought me back to the world and gave me a purpose” and just left it mysteriously at that? Isn’t that sort of a cool thing to leave hanging out there without ever having to see it or am I alone in enjoying that kind of storytelling? It’s OK to have stuff happen off screen sometimes.

    A lot of people are going to say this episode was great because it was superbly acted and an interesting enough story on its own, and perhaps they would be right if we hadn’t just had a crazy 3-episode start to this season. This show has got to stop doing this shit. There are routinely 3-4 episodes every single season that just murder the momentum of the story. I can’t figure out why this is their favorite thing.

  10. For The Podcast.

    This is a episode that people were either going to love or hate. Most of the internet seemed to hate this or episodes like this (one of the many annoying things about a good portion of The Walking Dead fandom), i personally loved the episode. I felt Lennies James and John Lynch made this episode so enjoyable in the same way Chad Coleman and Melissa McBride worked their magic in The Grove.

    I really liked the character of Eastman and felt he got one of the more intriguing backstories from someone who wasn’t a main character.

    The only thing I’m side eyeing Morgan about is that the makeshift prison seems to be right where Carol left Olivia in the armory.

    I’m going to keep this short but i have a question for you guys, more then likely that was Rick screaming at the end of the episode. Do you think the herd that cornered him at the RV are now on their way to Alexandria?


    I’m trying to go with things that I’m not seeing a lot of talk about here, so excuse me while I clear my throat…

    Stephen Yuen being omitted from the open was brilliant! It leaves 3 schools of thought.

    School 1 - His name’s gone from the credits! He’s dead! They’ve actually done it!

    School 2 - Enough time passed during the credits on the timepiece between Reedus and Cohen’s name where Yuen should be…they’re gonna put his name back cuz he’s not dead! YAY!

    School 3 - Gimple, Nicotero, and Kirkman can go lovingly suck a dick. They’re purposely leaving the watch part of the credits empty to give us false hope…but we know…that poor Asian is dead. R.I.P. buddy.

    Personally, I’m going to school 2, because I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m sure you guys addressed it at some point during this podcast, but if you didn’t dive deep, I’m just curious what school the 3 of you attend?

    Two things that made me laugh real quick:

    Eastman had enough time to get between Morgan and the zombie, but not enough time to shove the zombie to the ground instead? So you value all life EXCEPT for your own? No more homemade cheese for you, bro.

    Eastman says sadly that Tabitha figured out how to open her gate or whatever upon Morgan rolling her half eaten carcass to the cemetery. Tabitha must have opposable hooves then, because I never met a goat that could open gates AND work doorknobs. That goat is gonna get a shit load of work if that’s the case.

    Love you guys! Love the show! Peace!

  12. Just saw this, thought it was cool


    I’m new here I’m going to keep it short. I really liked the episode. While I haven’t agreed with minor stuff he’s done lately, I understand it more now and think it’s incredible how he came back from being too far gone.

    I don’t get why people are saying it “killed” the momentum, they were more then likely were gonna slow down the pace regardless. This was as good as time as any to do this episode. *shrug*. Last, I’m curious to see what happens to Rick and hope he doesn’t bring those walkers with him.

  14. I was totally engaged by this episode — I cried over Tabitha and Eastman so good job Gimple & Co.

    The only problem was the order of this episode. They would have been well served to put this AFTER JSS and before “Thank you”. There was a natural pause at the end of JSS and everyone was all WTF about what Morgan was about. It answers those questions then picks right back up afterwards with Thank You.

    Too bad they didn’t because this was a great episode and got lost in the pacing.

    When I do a series rewatch I intend to watch in order of 1,2,4,3… I suggest anyone who watches after the series airs do the same.

  15. This episode was crap!!! And really made feel like I spent 30min trying to stream it just so I could have something to be pissed about. Really love the show but could careless with how this episode played out.

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