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The Walking Dead - S7E15 - Something They Need

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Other Side”

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Gregory is a Whole, Entire Bitch

Gregory has had enough of Maggie teaching everyone how to be a farmer and people calling her “boss lady,” so he approaches her outside Hilltop’s walls and not-so-subtly asks when she’s taking her ass back to from whence she came. For about ten seconds he contemplates killing a pregnant woman, then comes to his senses. Then he behaves like a decent human being for all of five seconds when he offers to kill an incoming walker. But then he remembers he ain’t shit and Maggie has to kill TWO walkers to save his sorry ass.

Later, Gregory sits in his feelings, then packs up his tequila and tells his manservant to bring the car around. You just know he’s going to run his damn mouth to Simon.

We Just Need to Borrow Your Guns Right Quick

Rick and company surround Oceanside and then send Tara in to give MeeMaw one chance to hand over their guns willingly. MeeMaw is a G. She’s not giving them anything and tells Cyndi this is all her fault for not killing Tara like she was supposed to. She’s not wrong.

Things explode. All the Oceanside women get gripped up and Tara is taken hostage. Rick makes it clear: if MeeMaw kills Tara, well, then he’s going to kill her and still take the guns. MeeMaw is fine with that plan because she needs her people to see she means business. Like I said, a G.

Walkers approach, Cyndi sucker punches MeeMaw (probably for all that lip earlier), and the Oceanside women team up with Rick and ’em to take out the walkers. They’re all friends now, and they give up their guns (all of them) even though they really have no choice.

This was the weakest point in the episode. In the little time we spent with this community, they made it abundantly clear they don’t fuck around. They were going to kill Tara after letting her believe she was going home. Making it so that these women quickly agreed to the demands of a group of people who just held them hostage stinks of convenience because next week is the finale.

Good news, everyone. Rachel is still an asshole.

My Lovely Lady Nuts

Sasha got caught, y’all. She’s occupying Daryl’s old cell when Rapey Davey comes in looking to rape. He gets a head butt for his troubles, and then a knife to the throat when Negan arrives because Negan is totally fine with murder and disfigurement, but he draws the line at rape. (He’s okay with rape adjace; see: his wives)

Negan likes the cut of Sasha’s lady nuts so he offers her a place at the Negan table. He leaves her with Rapey Davey’s corpse in case she doesn’t want to take him up on that, and with that ridiculously large knife in case she does. Eugene pays her a visit to push the Sellout Program and its member benefits. The main one being: you get to live.

When Negan returns to find Sasha has indeed killed Walker Rapey Davey, he’s happy to have her aboard. He doesn’t trust her completely, though, so he takes back his knife and tells her she’ll be in the cell for a bit longer. Also, she’s totally going to help him squash any rebellion Rick might be planning since “a little birdie” told him Rick is up to no good. While I would love for the snitch to be Jesus so that it may justify my irrational suspicions of him, it’s most likely those mentally delayed junkyard dogs.

“Rick is up, up, up to no good. Us need nearly twice. Also, stole cat.”

Feeling remorseful, Sasha begs Eugene to give her a weapon so she can kill herself. She won’t be used against their friends. Eugene thinks it over and grants her request, but instead of something she can use to kill Negan (which was her real plan because HUGE lady nuts), he gives her the pills he made for Negan’s wives.

Now, Sasha is ready to die, but she doesn’t want to die trying to kill Negan; she wants to die having killed Negan.

Great Value Daryl

Rosita is saved from having to explain her and Sasha’s fool-ass plan when Rick returns because she has to show them their new houseguest: Dwight. He’s in their cell and claims he wants to help them kill Negan. Daryl just wants to jump in his ass.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Walking Dead S7E15
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"Something They Need"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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7 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E15 - Something They Need

  1. For the podcast: So, we just not gonna know how Sasha got caught? We just gotta use our imagination like we’re children? Oh. 😒 How many of y’all yelled at the screen, “You’re doing it wrong!!” to the walker that attacked Gregory’s ungrateful ass? I did. Tara and her middle finger are fierce! Sasha, just gone head and die. Why drag it out? Dumb ass plan. 😒 Eugene used one pill. Who do you think the other one is for? He only made two, right? Finally, Dwight turncoating gives Rick and nem a great advantage, but they still need more people. That’s all I got. Be easy! ✌

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: Like Will said in Bad Boys, THAT’S HOW YOU DO AN EPISODE. Just irritated it took all season for them to give us a good well paced episode.

    How do we lose Sasha? Do we find out this season or next that Hobbit sized Jesus is the snitch? Will OceanSide join the cause a la Eomer in the Two Towers?

  3. For The Podcast:

    Multiple locations and plot lines in one episode? And it’s not even a season finale?? Madness. It’s almost like they should have done this from the start!!

    This was no episode of The Wire, but it was aight. Carver took over from Papa G this week, because he was taking control! Rachel is the anti-christ, so maybe she will get with New Zach at some point. Rosita didn’t kill Dwight for reasons - the one time I’ve wanted her to get someone killed ffs! They have no reason to trust him, even if he’s gonna betray Negan. He killed Denise and was super rapey to Rosita earlier in the season.

    Also, Daryl, Rosita and Dwight are finally all back with Tara, but you just know NO ONE is gonna talk about how Denise got killed.

    Sasha should have packed a black dress in one of those bags. Wish she would flip to be honest. Rick could use more “Non-Dwight” double agents.

    Maggie was throwing all the shade, but clearly doesn’t want that baby with all the work she’s doing. Girl needs to put her feet up.

    Oh and Eric got lines…so Aaron better start laying the groundwork for Jaron real soon. Also, Fuck you Tobin for existing.

    Final Question: Who is dying next week?

    PS Hope Donny’s exams and stuff went well 🙂

  4. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST

    Dwight ruined a great episode. That bitch had the nerve to come wanting to help the cause WHILE wearing Daryl’s vest and probably toting his crossbow. How much you wanna bet he rode Daryl’s bike to Alexandria? Fuck Dwight.

    What happened to them showing Sasha all the comfort Saviorland has to offer? They just gave her a fluffy pillow and a flashlight. Put her in your Bellagio room!

    We all know Oceanside is going to Han Solo this upcoming battle with the Saviors and show up at the last minute.

    I’m still confused as to why they can plant so many crops at Hillside, but not at Alexandria. They tried once and never did it again.

    All I got for now! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  5. For the podcast

    Gregory and his ain’t shit ass totally snitched! His ass can’t even kill walkers. Useless!

    Loved that Cindy cold-clocked grandma and that Tara gave Rachel the bird! But why wouldn’t Grandma let some of her folks fight too?

    Eugene is more Negan than Negan at this point. But what are Sasha’s options? Clearly she’s not surviving this but the clips from next week have me concerned about what she ends up doing.

    Can Dwight be trusted?

    That’s it. Not a bad episode. Finale next week. We’ll see if it’s actually entertaining. I don’t trust it to be good but hopefully it’ll be entertaining. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  6. (Rick to Oceanside )
    We’re gonna invade you … give you freedom ?Que?

    I want to fight but it’s either all of us but non of us ….who said this ? Who made up this rule !?
    Just go if you wanna go .

    How is Sasha alive !? It doesn’t make any sense . Tv Negan’s threat stock is going down dramatically. He’s letting all this shit slide just because the script says so . Sasha should be dead after running in there, It’s getting frustrating.

    The plus side of this episode is I’ve never laughed so hard at a tv show until I saw Gregory get blindsided by that walker .

  7. For the podcast
    I thought it was a good, not great episode but I enjoyed it.
    1. Oceanside-Rick & co were cold blooded to leave women/children w/o any weapons to protect themselves. I know they needed those weapons but it didn’t seem right to me 2 leave them with nothing. to be fair, Tara & Rick gave them an opportunity 2 to join in the fight but didn’t waste time begging/pleading/reasoning-you’re in or you’re out -end of story..
    2. Sasha -last week, she appeared to be on a suicide mission now she wants 2 live or die? Or is this part of her plan to bring down the saviors?? Her convo w/Eugene made it seem that she was going to attempt an escape. Btw, great kill by neagan against the creepy would be rapist guy. That knife went through his neck like butter.
    3. Gregory & Maggie-so Gregory, the cowardly would be snitch bitch-is he abdicating the throne & heading 2wards the saviors? Some tough guy-squealing like a pig when that Walker came upon him-Maggie handled both w/little to no effort.
    4. Should we trust Dwight?
    That’s all I have- looking forward to finale-Next Sunday TWD season finale and Black Sails series finale! Yesss!!😄

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