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The Walking Dead - S8E2 - The Damned

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Mercy”

If you were dying to know whether or not Gabriel was wearing his shitting pants last week, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. After a promising premiere, The Walking Dead fell back into familiar, redundant, unnecessary territory. It wasn’t an altogether unpleasant revisit; and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that The Walking Dead decided to act like itself with characters inexplicably saying aloud what we just witnessed (trust the audience!) and having deep, philosophical debates while on their We’re Going to Kill People missions.

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Frankly, I’m Surprised More People Didn’t Die

The next leg of the attack on the Saviors saw separate groups simultaneously hitting up Savior compounds. One group consisted of Aaron, Eric, Tobin, Scott, and Francine (who I thought was named Annie until she died and Eric yelled, “Francine!”), or more accurately: All the Characters Who Could Die and It Wouldn’t Change a Damn Thing.

They roll up on a Savior compound in their armored-up cars and let the lead fly. Bullets are no longer a concern, apparently. It’s pretty clear their plan is to keep the Saviors pinned down while killing as many as they can. If it’s not clear (it is), don’t worry because at least three characters say it outright.

Also, if his two whole-ass lines of dialogue last week didn’t tell you Eric was dying, this episode contained at least four prolonged looks between him and Aaron as they exchange gunfire with the Saviors. They probably correctly assumed most people would forget who Eric was between commercial breaks. Eric yells there’s “no time” to wait for Tobin’s cover fire when Aaron tells him to, and instead runs off to mow down Saviors on his own. He’s mostly successful if you don’t count Annie-Francine dying and Eric taking a bullet to the gut. The Saviors they killed reanimate as walkers and take out the still shooting Saviors, starting with their leader named Mara, but I call her Neganette.

Not sure what the next part of the plan was, but Aaron calls an audible and decides the new mission is Get Bleeding Bae The Fuck Outta Here.

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Shakespeare in the Park

The Savior who lobbed a grenade at Carol and Ezekiel’s group takes off while they’re busy killing walkers. Again, the full mission isn’t revealed, but Carol notes that they’ll be in trouble if the runner alerts others to their presence. Ezekiel sends his best rangers and a bard off to get reinforcements, and he rallies the others to go after the runner.

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What follows is a few scenes of Ezekiel answering the “Why are you like this?” look Carol gives him in the first few minutes of the episode with Renn Faire speak and idioms. Their runner is wounded and backup arrives just in time, but they hear over the walkie that the Saviors at their next destination know they’re coming.

Ezekiel casts a Level 15 Morale Spell and they head into the breach once more.

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Of note: Jerry kills a walker that looked like it had been put through it before he found it. Is this a peek at the next threat the communities will face?

Don’t Trust Jesus

Morgan, Jesus, and Tara lead a group to the same Savior compound that got them into this mess. Since their last massacre, the Saviors have walkers act as a line of defense. They split up to breach the facility at the same time from different points, and then coordinate to take rooms throughout the building at once.

Jesus and Tara find a Savior who has pissed his pants in fear, and he claims to be a worker who’s forced to be there in order to protect his family back at the Sanctuary. It doesn’t matter if they believe him or not because he has his hands up, and Jesus thinks this is enough to take him alive. Tara thinks Jesus must be brand new. And I think they should really have these “What Kind of Killers Are We” talks before they leave the house on their “The Only Reason We’re Getting Out of Bed Today is to Go Kill People” missions.

They end up pinned down in a room with the man while the others clear an exit and attempt to catch up with Morgan’s team. The Savior shows his true colors by attacking Jesus and then holding him at gunpoint. Because all Saviors are certified Ain’t Shit, he also stomps on prenatal vitamins that were stolen from Hilltop and admits that he purposely pissed his pants to sell his lie. Even when they get the drop on him once more, Jesus insists on taking him as a prisoner of war.

Meanwhile, Morgan kills every Savior he sees after the two men he was with are killed. He literally kills Saviors just a few feet from where Jesus has talked everyone into taking even more prisoners. Morgan is, understandably, confused. Did we not come here to kill people?

You did, Morgan. You did.

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Who Dat?

Rick and Daryl follow a tip from Dwight to hit a Savior compound that supposedly has a huge cache of weapons. They split up in their search and Rick ends up fighting himself. Well, it was another man, but he really could have just been the Savior’s version of Rick. I just called him Rick As Well.

They try to kill each other and Rick demands to know where the guns are. Rick As Well only gets out, “No. Guns” because Rick is choking the life out of him at the time. Too bad he didn’t add “baby” because then maybe Rick wouldn’t have killed him before discovering the man’s sleeping infant in the next room… the room Rick assumed held guns. Nah. Rick probably would have killed him anyway.

He shoulda said “Martha.”

In another room, Rick finds himself on the wrong end of a gun held by someone he knew back in Atlanta: Morales. Morales has already called the Saviors and tells Rick it’s over.

Morales, you don’t even know Rick like that.

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"The Damned"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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8 Comments on The Walking Dead - S8E2 - The Damned

  1. For the Podcast

    It was all right. Nice action and all.

    Tara is my new fav cause she don’t have any more fucks to give! Love her! I don’t go with the Jesus is a spy theory but he needs to be about that killing life. Be like Morgan. And I never thought I’d ever say that.

    I know he’s extra but I really love Kang Zeke & all his extraness! Plus he’s fine af!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And what exactly is their plan? And how many people are part of the Saviors? Did Dwight play them or is Negan on to him?

  2. For the podcast: Zeke the Kang breaking character saying “Fake it ’til you make it, baby” was the best part of the episode, along with Carol’s “is this nigga serious” looks.Still love TWD and can’t wait for the podcast.

  3. For the podcast:
    Well we got some bang bang, some scream scream, and some blood in this episode. Bullets going into saviors, yasss. And it looks like Morgan is looking to build up a big enough killstreak to drop a nuke, shot out to Call of duty! He woke up like the Undertaker & now I’m instantly afraid of him. Now that pacifist ass Morgan died, he’s replaced by forgiveness ass Jesus. Dammit Jesus! I hope he really does resurrect after he gets himself killed. Maybe he’ll go T-1000 after like Morgan did.

    Rick out here making orphans. They really know how to make a person feel bad after just yelling “choke him out Rick” at my screen repeatedly. Ah well, at least Judith will have a friend.

  4. For The Podcast

    I hate yall for speaking Sketchy Jesus into existence. That said, he’s sketchy as fuck now! Tara should have killed both of those fools.

    The highlight of that episode had to be Rick walking in on that baby, and thinking “Great, now I have to take care of some other guy’s baby AGAIN!” And then he abandoned them quicker than he abandons Judith every season. Morgan getting me hyped for The Punisher next month was also pretty good too.

    I don’t really care about Morales being back. When The Red Machete is a better developed character than half the cast, it’s hard to care about this show. But yeah, decent episode. Yall best not shit on the bandwagon again, not after we all just had a great season of Game of Thrones to compare this to!!

  5. Podcast: What I want to know is how Jesus had time to straight-iron & use product on his hair but Rick & Daryl can’t even shower…. 🤔
    I really don’t get Jesus in this episode. I thought he knew what they had to do but here he is not doing it & almost got killed for it. Dean pulled off the oldest trick in the book and Jesus fell for it! 😑

    I do think we need more of Ezekiel just being himself and not so extra. I like him but he WEARS ME OUT!!

    Wondering what is with the green stuff on that one walker that Jerry killed (I think that was who it was)? They went to the trouble of pointing it out… so it can’t be for nothing.

    Love hearing y’all every week! Need to bump myself up to premium for ST2! 😎

  6. For the podcast: This episode was better that last weeks just b/c of those last 10 minutes. I never expected to even see Morales again and yet they made him and Stuart Minkus both Saviors. Mind Blown lol. The only thing I care about is Gracie, who is going to take care of that baby?, it better not be Rick. He’s already raising another man’s kid. he ain’t got time for more. You guys were right. Jesus ain’t shit. Next time there’s a mission that needs to get done, put Jesus with someone like Michonne or something for the next time he wants to be captain save a hoe, they can knock some sense into his ass. All those Saviors should be dead. Who wants to recruit from this bunch? Do you think Rick is going to feel guilty now about Gracie’s dad? Y’all think Morales’ family is still alive? Will Eric die? Will Carol and and King Zeke make sweet zpoc love? I can’t wait to find out. 👩‍🎤😉 P.S. I’m not happy that gimple keeps saying which episodes are really action-packed and fast-paced b/c now I know when the lull is going to happen and I’m already dreading it. He needs to keep his mouth shut. That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  7. For the podcast:
    I thought it was a good episode-not great or exceptional.
    Tara/Jesus/savior- What did Tara & Jesus look like arguing in front of the savior re sparing his life; in this kill or be killed war he should be dead!
    Kang Ezequiel & his apocalyptic knights of the round table were fun; kang for all his chivalrous words & gestures got real when he said fake it til u make it! I’m like brother please! 😄
    Who didn’t see Aaron’s bae, Eric, death coming?
    Is Morgan the new superhero of the apocalypse? He got up from that barrage of gunshots w/o a scratch!
    Inquiring minds want 2 know what did rick do w/the baby?
    Twist of the week-NOT the return of morales (wonder how many people said who?!?)
    That’s it for me; hope it’s not 2 long & I got it posted in time. Until next week…..

  8. Hi, Nina, Donald, John!

    I liked this episode…even if it’s only for that look Morgan gave trembles. Morgan really looked at that dude with so much disgust when he seen him shaking with the heat. He really laid his hand on the gun so he could get himself together and have him the look of pity and shame. Then to make matters worse he looked at his boy like “What’s up with your man?”

    Also, I am with Morgan, in the immortal words of Big Freedia via Beyonce “I came to slay, bitch!” so damn it I am slaying! How you know these people gonna forgive you killing their sister wives and sister aunties? Nope. They all should’ve died, they flipping as soon as the other red hats with white writing show up.

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