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Tokyo Ghoul - S1E3 - Dove

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul, ‘Incubation’

The first 2 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul shot by at a brisk pace. It was inevitable that the series would have to take a breath. It’s almost a law of nature, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when it comes. The world, and the players in it, are fleshed out some more, finally giving us a foundation, but not much else.


The Ball Gets Rolling

In a small mom and pop doctor’s office, a ghoul named Yamori bursts in. He’s lost his “what’s it” and needs the doctor to make him a new one. Yamori leaves as the doctor’s wife and daughter come out from hiding behind a curtain. For their safety, they head to Anteiku.

Meanwhile at Anteiku, “Sir” has been training Kaneki. We learn that Anteiku is a coffee house front for ghouls to gather and get help. When Kaneki is sent downstairs to help Toka, he finds her talking to Hide. Hide has been told that he and Kaneki were caught in a car accident with Nishio, but Nishio is the only one who had to stay in the hospital. After he leaves, Toka warns Kaneki that she will kill Hide if he ever finds out about them being ghouls.

Kaneki doesn’t have a chance to fully process this before the doctor’s wife, Ryoko, and daughter, Hinami, show up. Ryoko asks for Yoshimura and I’m deeply saddened that “Sir” now has a name. Hinami is cold to everyone which makes Kaneki ask about them after they leave. Toka snaps at him and he drops the subject.

The Gs of CCG

In a big briefing of its investigators, we learn the CCG is a task force bent on forcing the ghouls out of Tokyo. Ghoul activity is rising in usually quiet areas, like the 20th Ward, and they believe something big is about to happen. At this point, Amon lays out his and Mado’s investigation so far. The pliers they found are the main lynchpin to their case since it is a medical tool made up of quinque steel. The chief puts them in charge of the 20th Ward. They get to work, tearing through ghouls after they question them in the back alleys. Mado is the veteran who curiously fights with superhuman power. Anon is the rookie who just needs more experience.


At Anteiku, Kaneki learns how to fake eating human food. It’s as simple as swallowing whole pieces and faking the chewing, but he has to puke it up before his body starts to digest it. Yoshimura then sends Kaneki food shopping with a quiet ghoul named Yomo. Kaneki is assured they won’t be harming anyone because they will be scooping up dead bodies from a popular suicide spot. So, yes, these are nice ghouls, but they aren’t above scooping up road kill and serving it to other ghouls who can’t hunt. 

As Tokyo Turns

The next day, Toka and Kaneki are headed to get him a mask. Toka protested having to take Kaneki on her day off, but Yoshimura breaks it to her that doves, or the CCG, had been seen in the ward. She quickly changes her tune but still gives Kaneki attitude. After a stroll in to the ghetto, where cannibalism has been known to happen between ghouls, they meet Uta. He comes off as aloof but is very perceptive. He quickly deduces Rize is in Kaneki but moves on. Uta fits Kaneki for a half mask while chatting about Toka. Kaneki is scared of her but Uta explains how hard she has to work to fit into the human world. If there’s any suspicion, the game is up. On the way home, Kaneki gets the courage to insist on knowing what happened with Hinami and her family but never gets a straight answer. Toka mentions that Hinami isn’t usually shut off, which sticks with Kaneki.


Back at the coffee house, Kaneki decides to check in on Hinami. He accidentally walks in on her feeding and freaks out before running off. Knowing he had to apologize, Kaneki goes back with tea. The second time is the charm as they hit it off over the book she’s reading. She doesn’t go to school, so Kaneki offers to help her with reading, which Toka hears while eavesdropping.

The Build Up

In a dark alley that night, 2 wounded ghouls are chatting by a fire. The first ghoul survived Mado and Amon and is still bleeding from his gashes. The second has a twisted hand but won’t say how it happened. They wonder if the “gourmet guy” has attracted the CCG and the second ghoul advises the first to see Dr. Fueguchi. Hearing enough, Mado and Amon cut down the ghoul that they had let survive. These two are now on the trail of Hinami’s dad.

In the morning, Hinami and Ryoko have a nice moment with the crew of Anteiku. Hinami calls Kaneki her big brother, and Toka does something she rarely does: smile. After they leave, we’re left on a cliffhanger. A red suited ghoul burst in the door. He admires the aroma and says he’s relaxed before the door shuts.

Tokyo Ghoul S1E3
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    Dialogue - 8/10
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    Action - 7/10


This episode should have been called “The Screeching Halt.” Last episode, we got a whiff of what Kaneki can do, and this week we got a throwaway gag, at best. There was so much information given in this episode, important information, but there are better ways to do it than just long stagnant conversations. Uta, Mado, and Amon were the MVPs because I don’t care about Hinami. I don’t care about how Hinami and Kaneki feel about each other. Obviously this is going somewhere, I just hope it’s worth it. I wouldn’t call this a filler episode, but not much happened. Cut out the CCG and you end up with info dumps and a few field trips in between. I’m sure the next episode will pick up where this one left off, but something needs to come from it.

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