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Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 2

Previously, on Twin Peaks, “Part 1”

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Black Lodge

An older Laura Palmer makes an appearance in The Red Room, telling Agent Cooper that he’ll be leaving soon. Everything about this is creepy as hell; from the way her eyes blink in reverse to the long, awkward silences. She whispers something to him and then screams in terror as she’s snatched through the ceiling.

A tree with bare branches and a featureless head appears and tells Dale to “Go now.” Go he does; through rooms that look the same, until he finds Laura’s father who instructs him to “save Laura.” He eventually falls through the air and lands in the glass box in New York. This is happening when Sam and Tracey were in the hall talking about the missing guard in “Part 1.” Did Dale’s appearance have anything to do with them being attacked shortly after?

Buckhorn, South Dakota

Bill Hastings’ situation goes from pretty shitty to extremely shitty. His wife visits him in jail to say she knew about his affair and she believes he’s guilty of murdering Ruth. He counters that he’s known about her affair with George, his attorney, and possibly another man. I gave the edge here to Mrs. Hastings since she’s not the one in jail for murder, but when she gets home, BobCooper is waiting and he kills her with George’s gun — her day got pretty shitty, too. Before doing so, BobCooper commended her for playing her part well. Is BobCooper behind the framing of Bill?


Killing women in their homes is hungry work, and BobCooper settles in for dinner at diner with Ray, Darya, and a man who can’t be bothered to stop shoveling spaghetti in his face to join the conversation. Ray is getting information for BobCooper, info from Hasting’s secretary. So, that answers my question above. Ray tells BobCooper that heard BC might be worried about something coming up the next day. BobCooper tells Ray to mind his fucking business.

BC is scary AF.

Later, in a motel, BobCooper kills Darya after learning she and Ray planned to kill him. She doesn’t know who hired them to do so, nor does she know if Ray ever got the coordinates BobCooper needed from Hastings’ secretary. In a room nearby, BobCooper tells his “other” girlfriend to clean up Darya’s corpse.

New York

A man named Mr. Todd calls in his assistant, Roger, hands him a wad of cash, and tells him to “tell her she has the job.” Roger asks,  “Why do you let him make you do these things?” Todd replies that Roger should just be happy he doesn’t have a man like him in his life. BobCooper, perhaps?

Twin Peaks

“The stars turn and a time presents itself.”

That’s the latest message to Hawk from the log, delivered via Margaret on the phone as Hawk is searching the woods alone at night. I’m sure Twin Peaks Police Department is not paying this man enough.

We finally catch up with Laura’s mother, who chain smokes and watches nature shows of lions eating their prey as if it were the Real Housewives of Twin Peaks.

We also see Shelly, hanging out at a bar with her friends. James arrives and we learn, via Shelly’s convo with her friends, that he was in a motorcycle accident and he’s been real quiet ever since. But, Shelly says, “James is still cool. He’s always been cool.” Then she makes eyes at a man at the bar.

Pathetic Predictions

Shelly mentions that her daughter Becky is seeing the wrong guy. What if Becky is dating Bobby’s son. Ugh. Wait. What if Becky’s father is Bobby?

3 Questions

Why does Dale Cooper need to “save Laura” if she’s already dead?

What the hell is up with Laura’s mother?

BobCooper makes a call to a man who tells him his ass will be going back to The Black Lodge the next day. Who dat?

Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 2
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"Part 2"

Twin Peaks: The Return - S1E2 - “Part 2” | Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Richard Beymer, Catherine E. Coulson, Harry Goaz, Michael Horse, Ashley Judd, David Patrick Kelly, Sheryl Lee, Matthew Lillard, Max Perlich, Kimmy Robertson, Russ Tamblyn | Written by: Mark Frost and David Lynch | Directed by: David Lynch

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