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Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 7

Previously on Twin Peaks: The Return, “Part 6” 

This was by far my favorite episode of the new season, mainly because I think I understood everything that happened. Well, kinda.

Twin Peaks

The first of several laugh-out-loud moments came when Jerry called Ben claiming his car had been stolen and he had no idea where he was. “I think I’m high!” Jerry out here getting high on his own supply, tripping balls in the woods.

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Things got less funny when Ben’s assistant, Beverly, alerts him to a strange humming noise coming from within the walls of The Great Northern. Is something trapped and trying to get out? We also got a bit of insight into Beverly’s home life when we meet her sick husband, who requires a nurse during the day. When he questions what took her so long to get home, she lays into him demanding that he not “fuck things up” for them. Beverly needs to chill.

Hawk shows the pages he found to Sheriff Truman. They are indeed three of the four missing pages from Laura’s diary. One reads: This came to me in a dream last night. My name is Annie and I’ve been with Dale and Laura (Me??) The good Dale is in the lodge and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.

It would appear Laura had a dream of the future and Cooper’s recent predicament. Hawk believes Leland Palmer ripped those pages out when he realized Laura was on to him (one of the pages confirms this) and then stashed them in the bathroom during one of the times he was brought in for questioning.

Truman Skypes with Doc Hayward (Donna’s father on the show and the real-life dad to Mark Frost, the late Warren Frost), who can’t remember what he had for breakfast that morning, but distinctly remembers Dale Cooper’s odd behavior the last night he was seen at the hospital. Between this and the pages from the diary, Hawk and Truman both seem to be close to figuring out that the Cooper who left town wasn’t the right Cooper.

Andy is investigating last week’s hit and run, and confronts the owner of the truck involved. The guy is scared and promises to meet Andy later, but doesn’t show.

South Dakota

Lt. Knox is shocked to learn that Major Briggs’ prints were lifted from a corpse, and even more perplexed when the corpse is that of a man at least 20 years younger than Briggs should be. I’m sure she’d have shat herself if she noticed that spooky-ass ghost from the jail cell walking around the hospital halls, but she didn’t. I noticed. And I’m scared.


I want to be Diane when I grow up. She’s not here for the play-play or anyone’s shit. After she tells Albert to go fuck himself, he enlists the help of Cole. She tells him to fuck off as well, but eventually agrees to meet with BobCooper. Even though he remembers the last time they were together (a night at her apartment; say what?!), she later tells Cole that whoever that man is, he’s not the Dale Cooper she knew. That’s good enough for Cole.

Later, BobCooper blackmails the warden into releasing him with a vehicle, a gun, and Ray. Since BobCooper knows that Ray was going to kill him, I can’t imagine this ends well for Ray.


Detectives Fusco (three with the same name) show up at Dougie’s office to ask why his car exploded and killed people. Janey-E stomps in and says Dougie’s car was stolen and they don’t know anything about the bomb. Since the bodies inside were tied to a gang known for stealing cars, Janey-E’s attitude is basically, “Well, why the hell are you bothering us?”

As she and DougieCooper leave the building, Ike attempts to shoot Dougie, but Dale’s FBI instincts kick in and he pushes Janey-E out of the way and disarms Ike with several throat chops. I’m not gonna lie: I cackled. This shit was hilarious. Mainly because that creepy tree thing from The Black Lodge appeared and told Cooper to “squeeze his hand off.” Ike gets away, but Dougie and Janey-E are all over the local news as Dougie is touted as a hero. Hopefully, this gets the attention of the FBI.

Twin Peaks: The Return - Part 7
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"Part 7"

Twin Peaks: The Return - S1E7 - “Part 7″| Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Richard Beymer, Catherine E. Coulson, Harry Goaz, Michael Horse, Ashley Judd, David Patrick Kelly, Sheryl Lee, Matthew Lillard, Max Perlich, Kimmy Robertson, Russ Tamblyn | Written by: Mark Frost and David Lynch | Directed by: David Lynch

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