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Veronica Mars Official Theatrical Trailer

We’ve finally got our first look at the theatrical trailer for the upcoming, highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie, and it not only signifies a returning favorite for marshmallows but also teases a slick and upbeat comedy for those unfamiliar to the show.


The trailer debuted last night (Thursday, January 2nd) on E! News and has been met with nothing but positive feedback from fans of the all too short-lived UPN/CW series that helped launch its titular star Kristen Bell’s career.

Take a look at the trailer:

The trailer shows us glimpses of the story with which, after months of following the film’s progress, we’ve become pretty intimately familiar: Veronica has gone far away from the humble land of Neptune, California, both physically and mentally. She’s a “big shot, New York lawyer” now, and she’s changed her “impulsive” and “addictive” personality. She has a new home and a new mindset, but an old love interest, Piz (Chris Lowell). The conceit of the film is that her soulmate old boyfriend back in Neptune, Logan (Jason Dohring) is accused of murder, again, and he needs her to come home and help him get out of it. Does she? Of course she does; not only because there would be no movie otherwise, but because it’s what she’s meant to do! This case also coincides with her ten-year high school reunion, so she also does that. So much fun!

For those who aren’t marshmallows (why aren’t you?), the film looks like a very fun and intriguing story of suspense and romance, complete with the trademark Veronica Mars dry humor and snarky wit. As a bonus, the trailer shows another reunion: Kristen Bell and her You Again co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, which is fitting considering seeing this movie finally hit screens will be like running into an old friend.

Veronica Mars, directed by Rob Thomas and starring Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, and a cast full of returning and new actors, will hit theaters March 14, 2014.

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