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Why “No Man’s Sky” Should Be E3’s Best of Show

Created by 10 people from the UK based Hello Games - better known as the developer of Joe Danger - No Man’s Sky has been summarized as an open world science fiction game. Truthfully, it has the potential to be so much more. While the average indie game is short and created to capitalize on the retro resurgence in our industry, No Man’s Sky is based on a procedural world building system. Unlike other “open world” games, exploration is the purpose of No Man’s Sky and not bonus content included to increase replay value. [pullquote]The beauty of No Man’s Sky is that there are an infinite number of possibilities. [/pullquote]

From the start of the game, players are placed on a system generated world and given an entire uncharted universe to explore. Want to have your spaceship set sail for an unexplored planet? You are able to do so quickly and easily. You just might find that the world is inhabited by dinosaurs or carnivorous plant-life and while you are on a planet, every mountain, river, and area you can see is available for the player to visit and explore. Interestingly enough, each world comes with its own set of dangers that the player must survive while searching for ancient artifacts. Along the way, the player might find an undocumented animal species or discover the secret to the universe.

If this gameplay sounds non-linear, that is because it is. The beauty of No Man’s Sky is that there are an infinite number of possibilities. Adding to the interesting aspects of this game is the fact that no two players will share the same experience. No Man’s Sky stands as a sharp contrast, not only from other indie titles, but also from the major releases as well. Other games discussed and demoed at E3 could easily be put into generic categories such as First Person Shooters or RPGs, but if No Man’s Sky delivers on its promises, this is a game that can change the industry as we know it.

Like thousands of gamers across the globe, I am excited about the games displayed over the past week, but I am absolutely captivated by the endless possibilities of a game that will allow the player to enjoy a universe created just for personal delight. Check out the trailer below:

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