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Z Nation - S2E14 - Day One

Previously on Z Nation, ‘Adios, Muchachos’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Matt Cedeno | Director: Dan Merchant


Operation: Bite-Mark is seemingly near completion and each group member recalls where they were during the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. Murphy has a crisis of self and is understandably worried about his fate with the CDC. Citizen Z finds out he’s been hacked and uncovers a leak that can prove disastrous for the gang. Plus, an old lady in a ramshackle diner makes Warren and Vasquez a cup of tea… (#strangerdanger)

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It’s been a while since any variants have been seen groaning and stumbling across the screen, but our resident badasses all had their share of undead hordes to fend off in their respective flashbacks. It was quite odd to watch all of them more or less have a difficult time dispatching those bite-happy meat bags. Thankfully they all had the innate knowledge to bash their heads in repeatedly with random blunt objects. We’re looking at you, Vasquez.


A majority of “Day One” featured every survivor’s first moments after the ZA began. Some of them were rather surprising, such as witnessing Doc as a drug counselor who was quite adept on guiding others through their addictions and emotional outbursts. Russell Hodgkinson has always been a fan-favorite with his portrayal of Doc as a kooky yet considerate journeyman that effortlessly finds the good in every terrible situation. By delving into his history for only a moment, it further bolstered Doc’s appeal as a selfless man that only wants the best for everyone. Granted, attempting to maintain that level of benevolence and compassion during the Zombie Apocalypse is a whole other story. Especially so with one’s survival on the line.

Hence Doc ditching sobriety for every damn (organic) drug he can inhale.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Murphy (Keith Allan) who, believe it or not, has ultimately evolved for the better, emotionally. He was no daisy in the clink: after witnessing an inmate get shanked in the yard then almost instantly turn into a zombie, Alvin (yes, that is his first name) high tailed it for the open gate and closed it behind him. His decision to lock the remaining unbitten and seal their cruel fates appears heartless. The scene however, if given more deliberate thought, makes one wonder how exactly any of us would have handled such an unimaginable situation.

Now living in the thick of it, Murphy continues to think more about himself over anyone else (save Lucy, perhaps). Since he shed his skin and became the beautiful blue butterfly he is today, Murph’s uncertainty about his purpose has progressively rattled his fragile ego as the season draws to its finale. The closer the group gets to the CDC, the more he ponders whether any of their effort is worth it. Is he more human or zombie now, and should he hold allegiance to either? Warren (Kellita Smith) has remained his rock since the beginning, nevertheless with the supposed end just over the horizon, nothing is guaranteed.

If Big Blue decides to hoof it once more, it’s relatively understandable. Few humans in Z Nation have proven themselves worthy of saving. Man, this show sure has made me a glass half empty kind of fella.


Now that the how, what and why of Citizen Z’s backstory have been partly revealed, his current predicament in ridding his network of a 3l33t h4X0r puts him in a bit of a bind. The hacker formerly known as Simon plants a tracer in his system to discover the culprit and it does not bode well for the Operation at all. For who knows how long, yet another mysterious organization has been keeping tabs on Murphy’s every move. The CDC coordinates CZ gave Addy in “Batch 47” could possibly have been a long-prepared trap. whoops.

Much hasn’t happened with DJ Qualls during season two, but every second on screen has been used purposefully to high comedic effect, or to throw one more snag in Delta X-Ray Delta’s already poorly devised journey. In fact, Z hasn’t been much of a help at all in season two, with the whole bounty free-for-all and potentially placing the group in an elaborate ruse with the “CDC”. Setbacks and “my bads” aside, CZ continues to do his best to help out his crew while stuck in the middle of nowhere.


  • It was a welcome sight to see Mack (Michael Welch) alive and kicking again. Sort of alive. Technically Mack remains very dead and is probably still being digested by a couple Zs. He skated his way up and down Addy’s flashback so yeah, we’ll take it! Flash-Mack really made the best of his appearance by putting his hockey stick to good use.
  • I’m sure there are some MREs scattered throughout Camp Northern Light, but what exactly has Citizen Z been feeding his dog? He’s gotten hella big since the season premiere. hmm. They live in the north. Winter is here. …direwolf?
  • Can we not have any more deceased loved ones popping out of their caskets like their jam suddenly began playing on the radio? Poor, poor Vasquez.
  • So wait… you’re telling me there’s no line for Star Tours now? Fantastic, I have a chance to finally ride it! Nuclear fallout be damned!

The second season of Z Nation concludes this week and all hell will break loose! Are the CDC the saviors we believe them to be? Will Murphy survive? Can 10K finally seal the deal? We’ll all find out in “All Good Things Must Come to an End”, Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!

Z Nation S2E14
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You have to give props where they’re due… The Asylum has produced a series that has consistently entertained and turned the zombie genre up on its ear. I know that’s a weird idiom but it’s remarkably apt to explain the success of Z Nation. “Day One” was a bit of a softball to set up next week, which has all the tell-tale signs of being a massive and highly unpredictable season finale.

The group has finally made it and their lives, for all intents and purposes, will change no matter the outcome. After the number of sinister encounters they’ve experienced throughout season two, DXD has learned their lesson very well that no one outside their crew can be trusted. Thanks to Citizen Z’s compromised network, the CDC may not be the salvation Warren and the others hoped. Add to the fact the other interested parties - the Zeros (and their business partners) and the mysterious Zona - on the hunt for Murphy and well… a lot of bullets could be flying from start to finish.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait!

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