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Z Nation - S3E8 - Election Day

Previously on Z Nation, “Welcome to Murphytown

Z Nation - S3E8 - “Election Day” | Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova,Nat Zang, Russell Hodgkinson, DJ Qualls, Emilio Rivera, Sydney Viengluang | Writer: Delondra Williams |Director: Andrew Drazek

Photos: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z/Syfy


Doc and Addy made it all the way to South Dakota without a hitch, but their luck came to a screeching halt after reuniting with the ever resourceful duo that is Sketchy and Skeezy. The pair’s latest con involved them masquerading as the POTUS and VP and touring communities willing to give up their resources to “make America America again”. At their latest stop, their authority was challenged by another flim-flam man while Doc attempted to save the townsfolk from a mysterious illness.


In this week’s episode, the proper zombies weren’t much of a problem so much as the living, breathing one who still registered some brainwave. The people of Wall Drug were a humble folk… yeah, let’s call them that. By the time Addy and Doc arrived on the scene, everyone was at the end of their rope. What little hope they had was now entirely at the mercy of “The President” and his cohorts. Hell, it was enough to convince them that a wall (or a series of holes) was enough to keep them safe.

The irony of ironies is neither them or the neighboring townsfolk at Rosebud could even protect their water supply from decontamination in the form of a gnarly zombie head. Talk about a massive plug in the pipes! Nearly all of them did became puppies and kittens themselves if it wasn’t for Doc’s quick thinking. Give it up for our herbal MacGyver! fyi, charcoal is truly is a miracle worker, kids.


Addy and Doc were making great time for Springfield when their Murphymobile finally called it quits. Lo and behold their saviors arrived in “Thurston Howell IV” and “Wendall Lincoln Jefferson” aka two of the lowliest low lifes that managed to survived the zombie apocalypse.

Oh yes, Sketchy and Skeezy are back and man, did they furl Addy’s eyebrows.

The overall tone and theme set by Delondra Williams was a nice bit of shade on how backwards our political process has become. Facts? Puh-leeese! Bring out the dancers! Have a catchphrase or four, speak in circles and add a few extreme measures and anyone can be somebody during the end of the world!

The deceiving duo have always been an acquired taste but in their latest outing, it was difficult to like the guys now that they’ve willingly lost their scruples for a couple buckets of weapons and toilet paper. Don’t get it twisted: Mark Carr and Doug Dawson are excellent in their roles as the ultimate con men. It’s apparent they’ve done their job by evoking a strong feeling of revulsion in their respective portrayals. It was simply upsetting to see the guys, who made a honorable turn last we saw them, return more dishonest than ever.

It didn’t help that John J. Lannister (Robert Blanche) reared his ugly mop in the political mire. His presence wasn’t too surprising considering all the nasty things that managed to survive as long as they have in the ZA. Obviously he’s an important man with great ideas and great skills… he probably knows all the best words too.

Eventually the people of Wall Drug came to their senses after a rowdy gunfight (as any red-blooded American would) and left Sketchy, Skeezy and Lannister in a pile to hurl enough insults and mud to put our current election season to shame. The sad thing is their bombastic, foolhardy antics in “Election Day” are not unlike what we Americans constantly endure every four years. The amount of exaggerations, half-truths and outright lies are thrown about pretty dang ridiculous, and we aren’t even dealing with a depletion of resources, nuclear fallout or zombies of various species and types. We’re all ready for the ridiculousness of the last year to finally be behind us in a few days; thankfully Z Nation was able to lighten the mood some with their piercing satire on the current (and future?) status of our anxious nation.   


  • Kaya really has a flair for the radio. Citizen Z better watch out or she may develop a following and never share the microphone with him. Fingers crossed that Addy finds a way to finally reply to their broadcast!
  • Seeing how the Doc and Addy made it through South Dakota by episode’s end, it had to have been a full week since the team split up. One can only imagine how enormous Murphytown has become in that time.
  • Considering the big reveal that occurred in previews for next week, it’ll be damn interesting to watch old nemeses occupy the same room after so many months. For a moment they appeared to be on the path of reconciliation but now? Who knows. One thing’s for certain: there can only be one Escorpion!
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