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BluTuesday – August 7, 2018

What’s going on, ProFans? I’m taking a break from helping out teachers with their MacBooks to bring you the latest releases to home media for August 7, 2018. In this week’s episode, we discuss protecting this house, a horror story, the deadly game, the death of an icon, and secrets in an idyllic town. Let’s get to it.

Breaking In (PG-13)
Metascore: 42

Gabrielle Union plays Shaun Russell, a woman returning home to settle her father’s affairs after his death. One of the things she has to sell is his house, complete with impenetrable security. However, when criminals manage to break in, Shaun has to buckle down and protect her family at all costs. This film, which also stars Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, and Ajiona Alexus, is available in a two disc Blu-ray/DVD + Digital HD version and a single disc DVD version. Mm..I like a good thriller, and this one is pretty interesting. Check it out.

Marrowbone (R)
Metascore: 63

Set in 1969, a young man named Jack (George McKay) and his four siblings keep the passing of their mother a secret so they can stay together as a family. However, when things start to go trippy at the eponymous house, they must do everything in their power to stay alive. This film, which also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, and Mia Goth, is available in a single disc Blu-ray + Digital HD version and a single disc DVD version. I don’t do horror, but if you do, then enjoy.

The Death of Superman

An asteroid crashes into the ocean and unleashes the monstrous Doomsday on the earth. The monster makes his way to Metropolis and the Justice League tries to put him down, but when the dust settles, it’s up to Superman (Jerry O’Connell) to save the day, even if it means putting his own life on the line. This film, which also stars Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, and Rosario Dawson, is available in a two disc 4K UltraHD/Blu-ray + Digital HD version, a two disc Blu-ray/DVD + Digital HD version, and a single disc DVD version. The Death of Superman is a landmark comic event, and this film promises to follow suit. Give it a watch.

Riverdale: The Complete Second Season

In season two of the CW drama, the fallout from Fred Andrews’ (Luke Perry) shooting is gripping the once idyllic town of Riverdale. Archie (KJ Apa) searches for his father’s shooter, Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) helps Jughead (Cole Sprouse) navigate the underbelly of the Southside Serpents, and a new arrival threatens to turn the town on its head. This series, which also stars Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Skeet Ulrich, is available in a five disc Bu-ray version and a four disc DVD version. This series is pretty damn trippy, but it’s worth checking out.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Got any questions or comments? Did I miss something you wanted to discuss? Feel free to hit me up in the comments section below.

Until next time…

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