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ECCC 2018: Yetide Badaki is a Storm

Last year, STARZ’s adaptation of American Gods was a breakout hit of the television season. Based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same title, American Gods takes us into a world where old gods, like Odin (Ian McShane), have been brought to America by their worshipper only to be usurped by the new gods of technology, media, and industry.

Amongst the old gods is Bilquis, a goddess of love and lust played by the supremely gorgeous and enigmatic Yetide Badaki. Badaki has a taken a small, side character from the novel and built a goddess that anyone would love to be consumed by. She takes a moment to talk to us about the changing Hollywood landscape, what it’s like to be a goddess, and characters she’d love to play (Hint: It’s another goddess we love).

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