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Fear the Walking Dead – S1E5 – Cobalt

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, ‘Not Fade Away’

I’ve come to realize that I like the idea of Fear the Walking Dead, but not so impressed by the execution thus far. What I was most interested in: How much the government knew, how did we get to a place where the military was bombing major cities, etc., has been rushed through in less than five episodes. Hell, it all happened off camera when last week’s episode began with a nine-day time jump. Now, it feels like the Clarke, Manawa, and Salazar families are just a day away from being where we first met the characters in The Walking Dead.  I hope I’m wrong.

Silver-Tongued Brother

Our first look into the mysterious facility Nick and Griselda were transported to is not a good one. Doug is there, so it appears Moyers (not Meyers as I called him last week) wasn’t lying to Travis. But Doug is in real bad shape. He’s rocking and whimpering, and a black man in a suit talks to him in a soothing voice, but his words are anything but. He shames Doug for being weak and leaving his family to fend for themselves. He straight up asks Doug if his wife is fat, and when Doug replies no, he says that will help her snag a real man who can get her through the trying times ahead.

Doug is reduced to a puddle of tears and emasculation.

After the guards haul Doug out of their fenced cell, the man in the suit, Strand, turns his attention to Nick.

The Natives Are Restless

Ofelia screams at the guards from her side of the fence. She demands to see her mother, throws bottles at the fence, and taunts the residents hiding in their homes. She insists that the military isn’t there to protect them because “you’ve seen what they do.”

Uh, that’s part of the problem. We haven’t really seen what it is they’re doing there. I’m not even sure how long it’s been since Griselda and Nick were taken.

Under Moyer’s watchful gaze, a sergeant prepares to enter the subdivision to deal with Ofelia, but Corporal Adams arrives and convinces him he’ll handle her. As he tries to calm Ofelia and escort her home, a guard on the other side of the fence has decided he’s had enough. Moyers warns the sergeant to handle his business.

Images: AMC

At the house, Chris accuses Travis of not doing enough to get his mother back, and he’s low-key shitty with her for leaving voluntarily. He also politely asks Madison to stay out of Manawa business.

After finding Susan’s suicide note in Alicia’s bed, Madison looks for her daughter next door, but finds the remaining Salazars have taken Adams prisoner. They plan on trading him for their family. Alicia doesn’t like it, and when Salazar insists on questioning Adams alone, she asks that he not be hurt.

“Do you want your son back?” 

Liza learns Griselda had her foot removed in surgery, but any questions she has about Nick are brushed aside by Dr. Exner.

When wounded soldiers are brought in, Liza discovers one has been bitten. They hustle his ass to be put down.

Later, Griselda awakens but rambles in Spanish before dying. Exner shows Liza how they ensure the dead don’t come back – some kind of dart gun used on animals right to the head. Liza insists on doing it.

Travis the Diplomat

Travis seeks answers about what’s going on with the people who were taken, but Moyers is more concerned with keeping up the morale of his men who’ve been up for more than fifty hours. When Travis launches a not-so-veiled threat about the natives REALLY getting restless if their family members aren’t returned, Moyers concedes and says he’ll take him to see Exner.

On the way, they stop for a little target practice on a “skin bag” waitress. For some reason – perhaps because Travis hasn’t been punked enough this season – Moyers insists that Travis take the shot. He can’t and appears visibly shaken when the walker is finally put down.

Another detour: soldiers are pinned down inside a library by some squatters who failed to evacuate and turned. The guardsmen go in to help their comrades, and instruct Travis to stay in the truck. Of course, he gets out the truck when he hears the carnage going on inside. Two soldiers make it out and tell Travis they’ve had just about enough of this shit. They’re dropping him off at the curb and going home.

RIP, Moyers

Smells Like Teen Angst 

This entire part of the episode was such a waste of time. Chris and Alicia play dress up in an abandoned house. Then they trash the place. *yawn*

Temperature Check

Nick has spiked a fever, which means he needs to go, but Strand trades a pair of diamond cufflinks with a guard if he’ll let Nick stay.

I’m really not here for Nick becoming a prison bitch. 

Neither is Nick. He wants to know why he was saved, but Strand insists he didn’t save him, he obligated him. The soldiers are leaving and he’ll need Nick to help him make his move. He shows Nick a key and Nick is like, “Aight.”

Salazar’s Bout That Life

Salazar tortures Adams, demanding to know what “cobalt” is as it’s being said many times over the military radio. Ofelia rushes out of the house after seeing what her father has done. Salazar breaks down in front of Madison, admitting that he was one of the monsters back in El Salavador during the war. Madison is all, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did Adams tell us what we need to know?” Cold as ice, that one.

Once Travis arrives he confronts Madison and Salazar about torturing Adams. They suggest Travis calm down and listens to the fruits of Salazar’s labor. Adams reveals that Cobalt is code for a protocol in which the military abandons the civilians and humanely puts down the people at the facility. This is set to go down at 9am in the morning.

The episode ends with Salazar standing outside the sports stadium where Adams says they left 2,000 people to die. Those 2,000 are now walkers and they’re banging on the doors.

Hope those chains hold. 

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12 Comments on Fear the Walking Dead – S1E5 – Cobalt

  1. oh yay I can get my feedback in on time haha!

    later Griselda, your creepy death prayer fucked me up.

    what was with that movie trailer talking motherfucker at the start? was his syntax all fucked up from being in captivity? he was talking about “stuff, Doug. things.”. I had no idea the message he was trying to put across, was it “sorry only room for one Zach galifinakis in this world and as far as I know, he’s not dead yet”. I like that he saved nick yet he still talking weird shit like a black Matthew mcconaghey.

    Shawn Hatosy – blegh.

    Chris you back talking little shit just sit down already. your mother left you cause you’re a shitty son and knew your ass was a pervert.

    what is up with aunt susu’s house?? is she a maze addict? whenever she wanna renovate she tells Patrick “we have to go deeper” like some LOST bullshit.

    papa Salazar tying people up!! he is straight outta El Salvador and Ophelia being all “it’s not your fault but let me tighten these straps up anyway because blegh, Shawn. blegh”. I was waiting for papa to crank the radio to “stuck in the middle with you” reservoir dogs style. I was so bored with his monologues. bodies in a fishing hole changes a man evil. now he got something worse than Shawn Hatosy, a sweaty, possible walker Shawn Hatosy. double blegh.

    I KNEW when Travis was told to stay in the fucking truck no matter what his dumb ass would get out of that fucking truck.

    arena full of walkers better kill everyone next episode because another season of real housewives of the ZA and I’m done.

    can’t wait to hear the podcast and your thoughts. love you guys ?

  2. Hey girl!

    I’m so excited for what’s to come with this new Black dude! He’s so deliciously evil! Him making Zack Galifianakis cry reminded me of the beginning of Shawshank Redemption…when they had a bet on who could make a newbie cry first. Either way, he’s smart. He recognizes the importance of crackhead skills in the ZA.

    Hippie ass Travis. Good God. He really thought TALKING to the military was going to get Nick and Señora Salazar back. And when he got out of that hum-v during that shoot-out, I was just too through. I laughed so hard at how upset he looked when he realized Maddy was #TeamWoke! Yeah…she was cool with torture if it got her crackhead son back. Deal with it, you hippie.

    Chris is still a little shit. And this pairing with Alicia was about all the teen angst I could handle. I did chuckle when Chris told Madison…NOT Maddy…to stay out of brown people’s family matters! Oops!

    Once again, El Jefe was down to handle business! Flaying folks so good he gave Ramsay Snow a run for his money! That hand don’t shake, baby! He’s going to be so hurt when he finds out Señora Jefe has gone to Glory though. That was sad. It’s interesting that they already know that everybody has the zombie gene.

    Excited for the podcast! Love the show!

  3. I dont know what to make of Douglas and nick’s cell mate. Is he there to determine who is mentally unstable and/or infected? But since he showed nick that key, he also seems to be a prisoner himself and has a plan to leave even though he seemed to know the guards. Also, did he barter for Nick with some diamonds? I guess the guard don’t realize there is no need for money in this new world. Next, were they going to kill Ofeliha if her bf hadn’t stepped in? Also, Daniel Is trill!!! I l do wonder what they are going to do with the soldier now. At this point he has to either be trusted to join them or they have to kill him. Do y’all think y’all could’ve killed Kimberly the zombie? I’m not sure I would’ve been able to. It’s one thing to find one eating a dog in your living room but it’s another thing to shoot one when you really don’t know at this point if people could be saved. Also, which man would u guys be? The guy in the chair or the guy with the blade? On one hand I have a very low tolerance for pain but I also hate causing pain to others. I guess I hate there is a part of me that could hurt other people if it was in my own and my family’s interests. Next , I don’t understand why they have plans to kill people in the safe zone! Why? They know they aren’t infected. If they can’t save that neighborhood then who can they save? Do they only want the military and gov officials to survive the virus? Finally, was grieselda talking to God in her final moments? Random thought: Did they ever say in the other show if the virus affected the entire world or just the US? I really enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for the podcast

  4. I liked this episode, but I need Travis to die…STAT! If an solider told me to stay in the truck(is that a truck? HumVee?) I would’ve asked for keys too. He’s too brown to be this stupid.

    BARBER NIGGA is the trillest! Maybe Gitmo had a barber/apprentice program or something, but he got so real with lover boy. I can’t help but wonder if water boarding was next, But he got the info he needed.

    I need to know as big as LA is, it doesn’t take long for people to walk anywhere. Travis got back home quick. Didn’t take barber nigga long to get to the Coliseum (which looked like the Forum). Maybe they have Hoover boards

  5. This was easily my favorite episode of the season and I’ve liked them all so far. My major questions between FTWD and TWD were about the military, and this episode struck my nerd gamer side. I always thought if you had grenades and guns and tons of ammo you could push back all the walkers, I was wrong. It hit me last night that walkers don’t care about getting shot they just keep coming, I bet all those soldiers who got bit actually shot the walker cleanly but forgot about the one hiding in the closet. I loved the background noise and effects in this episode, did you guys notice all the radio traffic in the Humvee? It sounds like all the soldiers in the area were getting killed trying to clear their areas. I also noticed how empty and gloomy the medical center was, Liza really is going to have some trouble next week if all those bodies aren’t put down yet.

    If you guys haven’t talked about it yet, do you think that arena will bust open during the cobalt extraction? Love the podcast and all you guy’s hard work.

  6. This was a pretty good episode.

    1) don’t fuck with Daniel’s people. He will fuck you up! And he’s going off when he finds out the misses is dead.

    2) Madison is ok with torture if it gets her crackhead son back.

    3) rip Griselda. I think her mumblings at the end had to do with the things she saw Daniel do while they were in El Slavador.

    4) fuck those angsty kids!

    5) fuck Travis and his punk ass!

    6) who is that smooth dude in lock up with Nick? And can he please survive the season?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Wonder who’s gonna make it to s2.

  7. What a show amirite?!?! Umm Nina I think there’s a typo in your review, it says 7.5 but I’m sure you meant 10!!

    Man lets start with Dexter!! Mr Salazar couldn’t wait to let his inner huck out huh?!?! I hope we see that ninja in a subway shaking repeating 752, bc I’m here for that!!

    Speaking of ninjas, the new black dude is one!! How the fuck he pull that off? That ninja Jedi mind tricked the soldier, right after he got done mind fucking Doug!! And was it me or was he talking about putting his thang in Dougs wife?!? He was so disrespectful!! But at least he saved Nicky so he can’t be all bad!!

    Lastly is our scenes at the new Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital, Liza is now fully woke and I love the fact that the crew will have a medic!! Of course I assume she’s gonna find a way out of this and get back with our crew!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, and I hope I provided enough reasons why this is still the best show on tv!! ✌?️???

  8. Salazar is so great I just forgave the fact that he’s a horrible person. I’m just like, her you gotta do what you gotta do. It just so happens that sometimes what you have to do is torture a motherfucker he was clearly willing to give you information before you tortured him. Dude seriously was like “I’ll tell you everything!” Then Salazar was like “Oh, I know you’re gonna tell me everything!”
    Oh and Mr. S ain’t about options “You want me to torture him, or you don’t want to know?” That is not a choice, Mr. S.

    Travis still fucking up. He can’t get his hands dirty yet. He can’t discipline son. He can’t shoot walkers, he can’t negotiate. At this point I’m sure he can’t hit the hole and Chris isn’t his son.

    Madison finally about that life. It’s about time. She on the people I like list now.

    That black guy looks interesting. He about to use Travis up.

    Still ain’t caring about a lot of people. Gotta close strong.

  9. Am I too late? Well this is short if I am not. Harpo who dat black man? And why did he save Nick? black people and awful smells don’t mix. He said Nick stinks! Ha!

    Anyway, I want Daniel on my ZA team. This was his episode for me and since Mizzez Weeks hates Shawn Hatosy’s face, any time I saw him I laughed. I feel like Madison needs to get with the fucking program and quick. When Daniel hit her with the “you don’t want him hurt or you don’t want to know,” she shut the fuck up. Daniel was giving that dude the “talk” and when he took his shirt off, I knew it was going down. I think Donny called it. He seen some shit! He was a gang member. There was no way he knew those torture tactics without being one. And guess fucking what? He got those answers now didn’t he. Did I miss something? Why did Daniel go up to those doors at the end? Last thing, Alicia was pretty in this episode. Her lipstick was on point even though dressing up was pointless.

  10. The ups and downs of this show give me whiplash. One moment they have amazing moments of dialogue with Daniel and Maddie and next they’re fucking off with Alicia and Chris as they become the Bash Brothers. These children have no purpose. They’ve had plenty of chances not to be little shitheads and have failed. They can die.

    Liza was careful, cautious, and noticed shit like the pneumatic cylinder. I think she’ll be the one getting Nick out of containment not the entertaining devil in a black suit.

    Griselda’s death was almost beautiful and definitely creepy. It was the best moment of the episode for me.

    Liza and Daniel carried the show. Maddie was just willing to do anything possible to get Nick back because of her guilt. Yeah, she finally knows the truth but her ass sat at that table while her other kid wandered the neighborhood and flirted with her future step brother. She gets a golf clap for stopping Travis.

    Travis was pretty useless in this episode. Further demonstration of his inability in the ZA was just sad but did cement my hatred for Moyers. I’m sure we all shed a tear when Trump Jr was left behind by the soldiers he bullied. I laughed when they said they were booking it to San Diego and dropping Travis’s ass a block away like a bad date.

    I really hope they bring it for the season finale. I’ve been underwhelmed by this show but it has made me crave The Walking Dead. Maybe the writers wanted to prove that the insanity of the last season could have been worse? (Sorry this is so long!)

  11. All I gotta say is with the exception of punk ass Travis, our group more woke then the main shows were. I’m ready for the finale. Loving this show. Kirkman must have predicted my comments on here lmao

  12. Hey guys, as someone who’s been really enjoying this season, this has to be my favorite episode.

    Quick notes:

    Up until late Season 2, I’ll just start calling this group #TeamWoke! and they just keep gaining new members everyday. We may even get Travis to hand in his hippie card and get with the winning team. Being apart of Team Dumbass doesn’t seem be doing much for him.

    – The Salazar family were the MVPs of this episode. Mama Salazar’s death scene came very creepy and emotional. Her talking to death before she passed was just amazing to me. Big homie Salazar is the realist! He ain’t here for the bullshit but I feel when he sees Griselda dead dumb shit is gonna set off between him and Liza. Spanish Maggie (Ofelia) need to let her pops just take out Adams and get some chocolate in her life ????.

    – Slim Tyreese is a suspicious yet smart dude. I may be wrong but I think he purposely agitated Douglas because he knew he would be taken away first so having Douglas cause a scene would postpone him. I hope he lasts until the next season but knowing the quota on the WD, who knows ?☕️.

    – any body else think Moyers is alive? in the Walking Dead, fans know that unless we see you die or see your dead body, you’re alive. I think Moyers could potentially become some type of leader or threat to our group down the road if he’s alive. I loved how the two soliders expressed their ‘ain’t with this shit-ness’ and got the fuck out lol. “I got a new mission: Operation Gettin’ My Ass Back To San Diego.”

    – I was hoping Chris and Alicia was gonna fuck. I quickly realize I ain’t want that…. Nasty thoughts smh. The scenes with her did make her more likable so that’s good I guess.

    – Oh and to answer your question from the recap, it’s the following day since Griselda and Nick left.

    – I wish people on Twitter would stop acting like Rick and the group were all promising characters leaving S1. Outside of Rick, Morgan and MAYBEEE Glenn, who did y’all give a fuck about honestly? while you can certainly be annoyed at some actions of the characters, they are still growing in this new world. Let’s not forget, farmer Rick existed. There’s just too many “this show needs more zombies people” for my taste *shrug*

    – I have a question for all of you guys. in the walking dead, Tyreese has his hammer, michonne has her sword, Daryl with the crossbow etc., what weapon would you guys like to see become someone’s signature or what would be you guys go to weapon? It could be one that has been used or one we haven’t see yet. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and two more weeks until the Walking Dead!

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