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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - S3E15 - Spacetime

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, ‘Watchdogs’

The team picks up an emergency call from New York; a man asking for Daisy and saying Hydra is going to kill him. At the scene, the man explains that he doesn’t know Daisy, but the homeless man he touched cursed him and he saw the future. He is indeed killed by Hydra, and Daisy realizes they’re after the homeless man, Charles. She reaches him as the Hydra claw snatches him up to their evil quinjet, but touches his hand on his way past and has a vision: a woman crying, FitzSimmons holding hands in the snow, Lincoln with a bloody face, Daisy fighting henchmen, Coulson shooting, Charles about to board a helicopter, and Charles on the ground saying, “I was hoping you could help.”

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After raiding Neo’s closet, Ward decides it’s time to get back into the world and give Malick a taste of the power he seems to want; true power, like Inhumans have. They take a field trip to Transia, the company that Fitz went to for the tech in Coulson’s killer hand.

The team formulates a plan to change the future and rescue Charles.

Inhuman nature 

Charles Hinton, another victim of Terrigenesis, has the uncanny ability to share visions of an imminent death with any person he touches. He left his wife and infant daughter because the visions wouldn’t stop and goes out of his way to not touch people. Of course Hydra finds a way to make this ability work in their favor.

Say what now?

Daisy stuns the team with the description of her vision. Daisy wants to reverse engineer what she saw to figure out where it goes down, so she can change the future. Lincoln believes she could be meant to change it. Fitz says it’s not possible using a headache-inducing explanation about the fourth dimension and time-wimey talk; he stands firm that what Daisy saw will happen period.

Best line: “Last time I saw you, you looked like an extra from Dawn of the Dead.” - Malick to Ward

Second best line: “Well, you’re still the center of the best moments of my life.” - Andrew to May

Coulson being Fury 

Coulson says he has a strategy on how to keep the future Daisy saw from happening: don’t let Daisy off the base. They’ll send May in her place. Human May. The one who can definitely kick ass, but can’t quake. Mmmkay.

It’s going down 

To give her an edge for the mission, Daisy has May run through the fight she saw in her vision. Daisy is a harsh taskmaster and it doesn’t help that the team kinda sucks; she makes them practice until they get it right.

Squad up

Fitz hacks into Transia’s security feed and who do they see? Giyera — and Ward. The plan to stay behind changes; they head to Transia to help Daisy and get Ward. After taking out the two-way mirror/alarm guy, Coulson goes after Ward, sending Lincoln with a team in the opposite direction. FitzSimmons stays outside because they haven’t proven themselves in the field. (Sense the sarcasm.) Just as he comes around a corner, Lincoln is mollywhopped with a fire extinguisher by Mr. Giyera.

Badass moment

Daisy takes out the Transia henchmen…wait, they have to be HIVE; why would Transia have henchmen? The fight plays out just as they practiced on the base, except 20 times cooler. With no knife to stop “freak out and go for the alarm guy”, she quakes himi. But, the alarm goes off anyway because there’s a two-way mirror she didn’t think about.

Take one for the team

On the roof, Daisy is stopped mid-rescue, when Malick beats her to a bloody pulp. He charges up the arm for a death blow, but Charles touches him and they see a vision. He snaps out of his trance enough to choke Charles up, but gets quaked before he can snap Charles’ neck. Lying broken on the roof, Daisy realizes Charles was supposed to save her. She gives the robin to Charles. He tells her about his daughter, and his fear that she might be Inhuman, too. The rest of Daisy’s vision comes true; he asks if she can help his daughter. She says yes then touches him, only to have another vision- a spaceship, blood, a SHIELD patch, and an explosion- just before Charles dies.

May and Andrew feels

Sensing that his next change will be his last, Andrew turns himself in to SHIELD, so he can say goodbye to May.

Still angry and hurt, May insists on going on the rescue mission, until Coulson reasons with her, telling her she’ll regret it if Andrew does turn into Lash forever. Andrew is given an IV with the vaccine Simmons created, though it’s clear neither of them thinks it’ll cure him. May bristles and curls her lips, but a man that fine can’t be denied. He says he’s not there to repair. He feels Lash was killing for a good reason so he wants him to be in SHIELD’s hands because they might need him. May admits to feeling guilt for everything that’s happened to Andrew, but he’s not trying to hear it. He tells her with her is where he’s supposed to be. Their reunion is rudely interrupted by Lash.

Andrew makes it into the pod in time to level up.

Hydra can’t stop, won’t stop

Malick wants not only the patent on an exoskeleton they’ve created, he wants the whole damn company. The CEO declines, thinking it’s a normal corporate takeover type deal. That is until Ward has Charles show him what will happen to everyone in the room. He couldn’t have signed over the company quicker. Ward kills the other board members anyway because he was hungry or needed more skin; the jury is still out. He convinces Malick to try on the exoskeleton, then urges him to kill the CEO, just so he can see what it’s like.

As he creepily talks Malick through killing the CEO, he mentions Coulson and the hand that killed him. It didn’t seem like a possibility, but death and resurrection have only made Ward more petty. That man- thing- needs a hug. They get the patent, the company, and everything else Transia has to offer, but there’s a little Veruca Salt in Ward; he sends Giyera on a mysterious mission. Giyera better stop questioning Ward.


  1. Daisy got her ass kicked by Malick in that exoskeleton, which we know packs a punch since he popped someone’s head open. Lincoln got beaned with a fire extinguisher. How are they still okay? Do Inhumans have speed healing? Do they not get concussions? Why did Charles die but not Daisy?
  2. Is this all Mr. Giyera does: throw metal objects from afar? Can we see some Capoeira or nah?
  3. Why is Coulson calling Daisy Skye? It’s been 15 years; give it up.

Once again, AoS makes me cry. I cried not only for May and Andrew, but also for Charles. That’s a scary power to have, but I hoped if he got with SHIELD they could teach him a way to control it. Andrew was dropping serious game this episode. I see why May fell for him. Also, he’s foine! Can we take a moment to bask in the glory that is Blair Underwood? Amen.

How does Hydra keep finding the most dangerous Inhumans? Can Ward sense them? Malick looked straight shook when Charles touched him. My money says he saw Ward killing him. I hope this happens soon. I love Powers Boothe on my TV, but Malick is awful.

Daisy has officially surpassed May in the badass role. Or maybe it’s Chloe Bennet. Back again with another awesome fight scene and I’m sure that was a continuous shot. I love how this show continues to give women great action sequences.

Let’s talk about Daisy’s second vision. What? Who? How? I simultaneously want to know and don’t want to know. Y’all know I’m tuning in no matter what though.

AoS S3E15 = 10/10
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Performances - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10
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