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Supernatural - S11E18 - Hell’s Angel

Previously on Supernatural,Red Meat’

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The season of McGuffins continues as yet another of “God’s Hands” materializes in the form of the Horn of Joshua. This time, Crowley, on the run now that Lucifer controls hell, gets his hands on it and offers it up to the Winchesters if they can exorcise Lucifer from Castiel’s avatar and cage him up in hell.

The problem is that the only person able to summon Hell’s Cage and keep Lucifer imprisoned was Rowena, who last time we saw her was getting her neck snapped by Lucifer. But is she dead? Apparently not as she’s now helping Amara mend after the smiting by all of the angels. She had a contingency spell imbedded in her thigh that would magically bring her back to life if she’s killed? Nevertheless, she’s now working for Amara, who immediately figures out who she is but decides to use her anyway to spy on the Winchesters. Rowena hears Sam, Dean and Crowley’s plan to kill Amara but lies to her about it.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has entered heaven in hopes of recruiting all the Angels in the upcoming fight against Amara. As if his charms weren’t enough (it was because Luciel is great) Amara decides to test her strength by blowing a smoke monster into heaven. Now the Angels are convinced and Lucifer has his second army (Demons being the first).

Crowley and the Winchesters are not able to come to an agreement since Crowley wants to kill Lucifer but the Winchester want to use Lucifer to kill Amara with the Hand of God first before betraying him and sending him back to hell, a plot that becomes possible once Rowena reveals she is still alive and on their side.

The plan to exorcise Lucifer fails as Castiel is essentially letting Lucifer have his body and doesn’t want to expel him. Crowley decides to take matters into his own hands and possess Castiel’s body in an attempt to convince Castiel to cast Lucifer out, but Castiel is content watching TV in his head. Unfortunately for Crowley, Lucifer shows up and beats the crap out of him, forcing the boys to exorcise him to save his life.

As the ward bonding Lucifer wears off, Lucifer regains control of Castiel and attacks the Winchesters but they are saved when Amara shows up, after tracking Rowena. Lucifer uses the Horn of Joshua on Amara, but it doesn’t have any effect. Amara whisks Lucifer away where she plans to torture him until God comes to save him.

Funniest Line

Dean: “There’s times I want to get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask, that don’t make it a good idea.”

Supernatural S11E18
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This episode had a lot of plot holes and things that just didn’t make sense, but despite all that I enjoyed it - primarily due to the performances of the main cast.

If you want Rowena to be part of the main cast and be involved in the main battle, why kill her in the first place? Rowena was never that big of a character so it doesn’t make sense to fake-out her death because no one cares. Also why does Amara even need Rowena? Even if Amara’s using her to get to the boys, she’s God’s sister. Shouldn’t she be near omnipotent? Also, besides serving as a plot device what was the point of the smoke monster? Did it kill any of the angels that it hit? Because it just looked like a windy day in LA.

Crowley was back to his petty self. Dean had the funniest line in the episode, and Sam and Rowena were good as always. Even Amara was believable as an intimidating force. Misha Collins impersonating Mark Pellegrino, who makes a cameo and is as great as ever, is gold. Somehow they’re going to have to find a way to keep Misha Collins acting like this once Lucifer is exorcised because I just can’t see going back to boring ‘ol Castiel, which was prevalent in the scenes inside Castiel’s head.

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