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All-New Ultimates (2014) #6

Previously in All-New Ultimates #5

When we last left the All-New Ultimates, shit was definitely about to go down at their church HQs. The Serpent Skulls used a drugged Bombshell to gain entry, the cops were on their way, and so was Scourge. This issues opens in the thick of the action as Bombshell breaks free from their psychic hold and goes berserk on everyone around because she’s mourning the death of her boyfriend Poey. (I still can’t type that with a straight face, by the way.)

Kitty Pryde tries to talk Bombshell down, but to no avail. Scourge coming in with automatic weapons doesn’t help the situation. He does, however, save Spidey’s ass by stabbing Crossbones in the back before he can kill him. This after Spider-Man saved Crossbones from a falling rafter. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be a good guy.

Crossbones finally stumbles away, Bombshell is denied her vengeance against Diamondback, and the only thing stopping the cops from arresting the Ultimates (besides the fact that they probably couldn’t arrest them) is that they managed to serve up the vigilante Scourge in a nice webbed bow.

I swear this issue seemed so much shorter than the ones prior, but #7 was released a week later so at least I can dive into it right away. Is Scourge truly out the picture? Will Crossbones encounter Detective Schreck who is also wandering the sewers? What’s up with the CI mumbling in rehab? And where the hell are our heroes going to call home now that their church is ruined?

I assumed that Lana wasn’t really in love with Poey, but doing what she had to in order to get close to the Skulls. Her being upset that they killed him was understandable, but not to this extent. I never saw their relationship as anything serious. Clearly, I was wrong. She damn near leveled the whole block to avenge his death. It will be interesting to see if she decides to go after Diamondback, who also got away this issue.


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