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Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013

Ahhh, nothing quite like the smell of smoked turkey legs in the morning. I traversed to Middle of Nowhere, Arizona to attend the 25th Annual Phoenix Renaissance Festival. Merriment, gaiety, and strangers dressed like kings, queens, wenches, and swash bucklers. On the surface, the festival seems like it would be heavily geared towards young children and families, and it is. But it is also a great time with friends or your significant other.

First up: a rousing game of medieval bocce ball.

Is that your codpiece or are you just happy to see me?

I’d  gauge that 40% of the day’s attendees were in some level of costume. The renaissance festival makes it easy for you to join in the fun with several reasonably priced rental and retail shops.

They spelled BAWSE wrong. It was about 90 degrees the day I was in attendance. I’ll be damned if I was going to don a corset and petticoat.

I’m convinced Madam Gunslinger is the real Boss Wench in this festival.

My eyes say hello, but my pistol says goodbye.

Beetlejuice or Amadeus?

Need some fashion tips? Ask this very pale woman with the ruby red lips. The most in character in all of the players at the Renaissance Festival, she asked a 12-year-old girl, “Are you betrothed?” The poor pre-teen was completely mortified as the ruby-lipped costumer provided a definition of betrothal.


Tra lee tra la The King’s Joust is about to begin! You are fighting for our fair princess. This buxom young woman was our Hype Man. You get to taunt the opposing knight’s supporters. Taunts like “YOUR ankles are showing!” may get your drink laced with poison.

Our brave knight, or as I like to call him, Sir Groban:


“He may have the bigger Horse, but I have the better hair. How does it look? I only use virgin tears to cleanse my hair.” I think his Hype Man is over it.

Our dear knight loss this round of the games.  Maybe another day, Sir Groban, maybe another day.

Drum circle kicked off in the drum shop, and these lovelies dipped it low medieval style.


So a jester, Ghengis Khan, and a pirate walk into a bar…


Ever wonder what “The Most Interesting Man in the World” does on the weekends? It appears he dresses in period costume and stares off into the distance, like the sexy badass he is.


How does one end her day at the Renaissance Festival?

She sticks her head on a wooden cut out, and takes a photo of course.


I’m not a Renaissance Festival expert, but I’d give this experience an A+.  A great day for families, friends and couples, lots of shows and fun things to see and do. You can visit The Ren List to find a festival near you.

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4 Comments on Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013

  1. Ours starts the last weekend in August. Can’t wait! We go every year and, now that we have kids, we try to go twice - once with and once without. Both experiences are fantastic 🙂

  2. I would totally go to a faire like this as a knight. Perhaps even participate in the joust! Or the sword ring! Whatever. Point being I dig stuff like this and wish I could go.

  3. I love anything that has to do with costume dress up! This sounds right up my alley. My husband and I went to a Ren. festival before we had children, and it was a blast. I have not even thought about taking the kids, but I am sure we would have so much fun as a family at one of these. I will have to check out the next one near us in Michigan. I love the ruby lip lady!

  4. My friend and I want to dress up as pirate wenches for the adults only day - so diet starts now 🙂 With the kids, I think I may still want to dress up, but I’ll play that one by ear.

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