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Arrow - S3E10 - Left Behind

Previously on Arrow, ‘The Climb’

The episode opens three days after the momentous events of the mid-season finale. Roy and Diggle (looking pretty fly in the arrow suit) are chasing two criminals in a van. Diggle is not enjoying the costume. They hand one of the bad guys over to the police, but the other one gets away. Back at the Foundry, Roy expresses skepticism that Oliver is still alive, but Felicity shuts him down. Roy is really in need of some lessons in tact. 

In a flashback Maseo really wants to go after his captured wife, but Waller has other plans for him and Oliver. Is it just me, or do the Hong Kong scenes really drag? (Maseo and Tatsu’s awesomeness notwithstanding)

Felicity goes to see Ray, who is in the process of building his Atom suit. She tries to convince him that vigilantism is not a great life plan, but he is not one to listen to reason.

At the courthouse Laurel is arguing to deny last night’s captured criminal bail. Katie Kassidy was pretty badass in this scene, but are we really supposed to believe that it is difficult to prosecute a guy who shot a cop, with witnesses, and fingerprints on the weapon?

Diggle sits Felicity down for one of his patented sensible chats (Roy, take note), and tells her that she may need to prepare herself for the worst. Cut to Oliver’s body lying pretty dead on a snowy cliff face. Given that the show is named after him, I’m not gonna abandon hope quite yet.

We are introduced to Starling city’s newest villain Danny Brickwell, played by the always-excellent Vinnie Jones (your mileage may vary on The Juggernaut). He is telling off his man who escaped during the car chase for shooting a cop. He gives the guy a gun and gives him a chance before proceeding to beat the crap out of him. Suffice to say, Brickman is not someone to mess with.

Thea and Merlyn are having a fun family duel. Thea stops for a break to check for messages from Oliver, but is disappointed to get nothing. Merlyn, ever the terrible person, assures her that Oliver’s fine and offers to look into his whereabouts.

Back in Hong Kong, Oliver attempts to zip line into a building but (for once in the entire history if the show) the window doesn’t break.

The gang return to the Foundry to find Merlyn chilling in their lair. He seems pretty convinced that Oliver is dead. Laurel arrives after Merlyn has left and is not so convinced. She tells them not to give up hope. Merlyn goes to the top of the mountain where Oliver was killed and retrieves the blood-covered sword.

Back in Hong Kong, Oliver manages to smash his way into the building, but he and Maseo get pinned down by the Triad.

Merlyn brings the sword to Team Arrow in the Foundry, and proceeds to act as though he gives a damn about the man that he sent to his death.

Roy is drinking away his grief about Oliver when Thea comes over. She asks him to get the Arrow to help to find Oliver. Cue lies and awkwardness.

Felicity has a bit of a meltdown at work, telling Ray that his dead fiancé would not have wanted him to turn into a vigilante. He’s not thrilled about Felicity bringing her up.

Brick and his men break into a factory that stores case files. Diggle and Roy go in to stop them. Brick and Diggle get into a fight and he gives Diggle the same deal as he gave the last guy. Diggle is getting his ass handed to him when Roy comes along and shoots him.

Brick gets away because Felicity shuts the door on Roy and Diggle to stop them chasing after him. They are obviously a little peeved at this. Felicity tells them that she didn’t want them to get hurt now that they don’t have Oliver around to look after them. She quits the team.

Felicity goes to see Ray and apologizes for being out of line when they argued earlier. She tells him that she is happy to work for him, but she won’t help him build the suit.

Laurel comes by the Foundry and Diggle tells her that he still thinks of himself as Oliver’s bodyguard. Laurel looks over at Sara’s superhero gear and obviously comes to a decision.

Thea comes home and hears someone in her apartment. She sends a letter opener their throat, but it’s just (?) Merlyn. He tells her that they need to leave Starling City forever.

Brick gathers all of the bad guys that he had released, and tells them that they work for him now, unless they want him to return their case files to the police. He has a plan to take over the Glades. As two of his men are leaving they are attacked by Laurel, dressed in full Canary garb, who tells them that she is “the justice you can’t run from.”

Oliver wakes up in a cabin with Maseo and Tatsu. He is looking pretty good for someone who was just brought back to life.

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