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Kickstarter Spotlight: January 2015

Here are a few Kickstarter games for the month that look awesome:



Spirits of the Rice Paddies 

Players complete to construct and tend to their rice paddies. There are spirit hosts that help the farmers with their farms… somehow, and at the end of seven rounds, whoever has farmed the most rice wins. It appears to be a tile placement or worker placement type game. It definitely looks different than any other games I’ve played recently so I’m very interested in it. It has already well passed its goal with a few weeks still to go.



The Demise of Frankenstein is a worker placement game. Gameplay involves collecting monsters and equipment for your lab, expanding it, and hiring people to help you in your experiments. The most valuable thing you’ll be collecting are body parts - to build your monster, of course. You must accomplish all these things before the local townspeople realize what you’re up to and come burn your shit down.



A few seasons ago on the television show Parks and Recreation, Ben Wyatt created a board game called The Cones of Dunshire. A special version of the game was played for a charity event at Gen Con last year. The same game company that created the prototype for the show is now aiming to create and release an actual version of it. I’m excited, though the goal is pretty steep at $300,000. I still have no idea what this game is about, other than it’s all about the cones. But I want to play it. Somebody go fund it! I call ledgerman!


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