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Arrow - S5E18 - Disbanded

Previously on Arrow, “Kapiushon”

After last episode’s illuminating torture session, Oliver is ready to disband Team Arrow for good, whether the rest of the team likes it or not (they do not). In a completely sensible, totally not morally dubious decision, Oliver enlists Anatoli and the Bratva’s help to kill Chase, which puts the rest of the team in the awkward position of having to protect Chase to protect Oliver’s soul (which I would have thought was pretty much tarnished beyond repair at this point).

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The Good

Chase may be a monster, but he sure does it with style, easily dispatching of the two marshals guarding him, and driving off into the sunset with a smile (and blood) on his face.

‘Disbanded’ was a great showcase for David Ramsey. Diggle so rarely gets given anything meaty to work with that he often ends up as part of the background, but this episode really put him front and center. Also, his expression as he explained to Oliver that it’s wrong to pay criminals to kill someone using stolen diabetes medicine was truly priceless.

Anatoli has done the impossible and made me enjoy the flashbacks. David Nykl has a magnetic presence, and watching how he has lost his idealism and hope in Oliver’s absence is genuinely moving. I hope that the show keeps finding ways to bring him back now that the flashbacks are ending.

The Bad

I know that it’s akin to complaining about The Walking Dead having zombies at this point, but if we could just have one week were Oliver didn’t mope about and make decisions for his friends I would die a happy woman.

Arrow has never been know for its subtlety, but they couldn’t be telegraphing that working with Helix isn’t going to go well more with a flashing neon ‘Bad Guys’ sign in the middle of their lair. At this point, I’d love for them to defy expectations and turn out to be a benign organization of nerds, but alas I think we’re past that point.

Quotes of the Week

Felicity, praying that Helix hasn’t been watching her every move – “The world doesn’t need to see how often I’m at the wine shop.”

Arrow S5E18
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Starring: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorn, Echo Kellum

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