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The Walking Dead - S7E16 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Something They Need”

The Road to the Road to War

Somehow, Maggie is in possession of Judith, who coos on the floor of Maggie’s new office since Gregory is MIA. Maggie has to decide if they’re going to head over to Alexandria and help them take on the Saviors. Yes. Of course they are.

The Kingdom is already on their way on foot and horseback, but they run into a shopping cart roadblock. Walker Richard up to his undead shenanigans? No, it’s Morgan. He’s decked out in Benjamin’s “armor” and waiting for random Saviors to mosey on by. Carol and Ezekiel convince him to carpool since they too are on their way to kill some Saviors.

Dwight pleads his case despite Daryl’s and Tara’s bloodlust. He only followed Negan to protect his wife, and now that she’s gone, well, fuck Negan. He warns that the Saviors will be arriving the next day, and offers to slow them down so Alexandria has time to prepare. Once they beat Negan, he’ll lead them right into the Sanctuary, and then they’ll take down Negan’s outposts one by one. Rick agrees, but Daryl plans to kill Dwight when it’s done because he still hasn’t returned his vest.

The Junkyardigans arrive in an actual fucking garbage truck. Bangs creepily tells Michonne she’ll have sex with Rick when the fight is over. Everyone takes their places to wait for the Saviors.

Rick is all of us.

Only One Person Has to Die

Negan wants to use Sasha to get Rick to stand down, but he also wants to kill three people on general purpose. Sasha convinces him to only kill one person. We all know Negan likes to make an impression; he plans on presenting Sasha in a coffin like it’s a damn magic show. He’s not a complete savage so he tells Sasha she doesn’t have to ride in it the whole way there. However, Sasha insists because it will give her time to listen to some Donny Hathaway on the world’s oldest iPod (courtesy of Eugene) as she dies from taking the poison pill (also courtesy of Eugene).

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As she dies, she dreams of the last time she and Abraham were alone together. He came to tell her they were going to take Maggie to Hilltop’s doctor, but Sasha doesn’t want him to go because she had a dream he died. She has a bad feeling about this trip. Sasha is being understandably selfish; her relationship with Abraham is still new and she doesn’t want to lose it. But he reminds her that putting their lives on the line for the people they care about is who they are, and if it’s how they’re to die, at least there’s a point to their death. This is, of course, extra sad since we know Abraham will die that night. This also adds more meaning to her dedication to protecting Maggie after she lost Glenn. As Abraham told Sasha, “Maggie is carrying the future.”

Eugene is the Worst Hype Man Ever

As the Saviors navigate the obstacles placed by Dwight, Eugene offers to talk to Rick first with the hopes he can convince him to give up before anyone gets hurt. Negan agrees, and I can only assume it’s because he gets a kick out of Eugene feeling important.

At the gates of Alexandria, Rick listens as Eugene Eugenes it up, but ultimately decides to take a hard pass and attempts to detonate the explosives they planted out front. They don’t go off because in a surprise move that everyone saw coming, the Junkyardigans have betrayed them.

You can’t trust a woman with bangs like that.

Negan monologues outside the gates for a bit, making Rick seem like the asshole for not wanting to live under his oppressive rule. He even cements Eugene’s loyalty (such that it is) by pointing out Rick was ready to blow up his once homie. Surely everyone likes Sasha enough not to start no shit, right? Negan opens the coffin and is greeted by Walker Sasha.

That Tiger Went Tiger

In the confusion, Rick’s group begins to fight back. Rosita is shot and taken to safety by Tara. Bangs shoots Rick in the side and Michonne fights one of the Junkyardigans on their sniper perch. Negan makes it away from Walker Sasha unscathed, but another Savior isn’t so lucky.

When the smoke clears, Negan has regained control and says he’s going to use Lucille to kill Carl and then pulverize Rick’s hands. Rick promises to kill Negan - with or without his son or hands. Just as Negan is about to swing on Carl, Shiva takes out a Savior and people behave as you might expect if a tiger suddenly appeared and started eating folks.

The Kingdom and Hilltop help send the Saviors and the Junkyardigans running. Negan gets away, flipping the bird as he goes, but now he knows the communities are aligned and that Maggie is not dead. Though he’s suspicious of how Sasha died, he accepts Eugene’s explanation that she suffocated. Dwight leaves a message for Daryl that he didn’t know about the setup. Rick and Carl find Michonne badly beaten, but alive.

Now, we go to war… in October. And that’s when the real fun should begin. I’ve long wondered what it will be like once Negan knew that several communities are rebelling against him. We all knew he wasn’t going to die in this episode. Watching the groups sneak around and try to find guns for 8 episodes wasn’t very compelling; how they manage to live in open rebellion should be.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Walking Dead S7E16
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"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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16 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E16 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life


    Hi Nina and crew. I liked this episode. All Out War has finally begun.

    1. When Jadis said “I lay with him after. You care?” Rick and Michonne’s faces were priceless. Michonne has to kill Jadis in season 8. I call bullcrap on Michonne struggling that hard to beat old girl. I get that they wanted to do the Andrea vs Savior scene from the comics, but lets be real Michonne would have beat the brakes off that chick. In spite of that I did like this take on that scene. Grimes Family 2.0 was everything. My dude Carl is a G. He’s always about that life. I was happy to see Rick was over Negan’s threats.

    2. Eugene has got to die. I would love for Negan to be the one to kill him.

    3. I likes the remixed on Holly’s (Ab’s gf after Rosita in the comics) death they did with Sasha, but I hate that she had to die. It was nice to see those Sasha and Abraham moments.

    4. Shiva was the MVP of the episode. Zeke has her well trained. She somehow only attacked Saviors.

    5. This was the shows opportunity to get rid of all the dead weight, and they didn’t. Sasha was the only death I cared about. Everyone else was either a Savior or a Garbage Pail Kid. That was so unrealistic. Speaking of the GPK, they didn’t even try to hide their duplicity. No one picked up on how shady they were being?


    1. Who are you hoping dies in season 8? I want Negan,
    Eugene, Jadis, Gregory, Dwight, Arat, Simon, and all the red shirts to die in season 8. There are more, but these were the names that come to mind now.

    2. Do you think Oceanside will join the fight next season? I hope so because the Saviors roll deep.

    I’m sure the rest of the crew will cover everything else. I can’t wait for the podcast.

    My youngest who doesn’t like this show since season 1 because of the gore, bit the bullet and watched the first 20 minutes with me. He stopped, saying, “there are so many synonyms for words that can make this episode a lot shorter.”

    He was right.

    There was so much unnecessary speechifying. Unlike last season’s finale, I felt nothing until the action popped off. We spent 80 minutes with drivel and 10 minutes of greatness (which included Sasha’s flashbacks, Negan’s sexy and petty, Shiva eating people, Carl John Wick’ing fools, and a few entertaining commercials.)

    This show is a character study developed by a man who has a 9 year old’s understanding of a character study. I’m sorry, we didn’t need to see all these extended prep just for a 5 minute action sequence. Arnold prepped a whole damn forest for his battle with the Predator-and we only needed to see 2 minutes of that to know that what was coming would be epic. We didn’t need to see the long march of the Kingdom-it would have worked better had they and Maggie just appeared.

    And speaking of-HOW THE HELL DID JUDITH GET TO HILLTOP? WHY IS MAGGIE NOT ON BEDREST? She is the most at risk pregnant-doing the most person I’ve ever seen!

    At the end of the day, I’m tired of a season of drivel, for what amounts to maybe 3 hours total of payoff. They have to stop this.


    I thought the finale was decent enough but seemed to be a little subdued in some areas. It wasn’t as jaw dropping or violent like previous ones have been. Hell I don’t think we even got to see a Walker being killed on screen for real. I’m curious to know when this was filmed in relation to the past 15 episodes. One issue was that JDM looked significantly different than he did in previous episodes. Like he put on some weight and grew his hair out. The battle scene was OK but I was left wanting more. No one of note died or got injured beyond a flesh wound. I think Gimple taking the think piece criticism to heart and toning the the brutality down which is the wrong direction to go in, they just need to do better. And they need to stop trying to hype it up in every article just shut the fuck up and make a good show Gimple.

    That’s it. Love you fam! Peace!

  4. Oh my god Nina, I thought the same thing about your tweet on Abraham saying omega, I had to rewind the scene and turn on my captions to make sure. .
    For The Podcast:
    I enjoyed the season finale but it felt underwhelming to me like much of this entire season. I can’t really explain it other than a lot of it felt predictable, including Sasha dying and the way she died. Although Sonequa Martin Green’s performance was wonderful (she’s such a great actress), Sasha’s death didn’t move me as much as I thought it would and I loved Sasha.
    • They should write psych textbooks about Negan. He has a way of making you feel like he’s being reasonable and he’s so charismatic, it’s disarming. If you tuned into just the scene where Negan was telling Sasha “ I know how tough this is and I appreciate it” anyone would think he was the good guy, with the way he was comforting her.
    • What I wanna know is how the junkyardians and Negan crossed paths to begin with? and If Gregory didn’t snitch then why did he leave the hilltop? I have a hard time believing he would leave the safety hilltop provided him considering he’s never even killed a walker before and doesn’t know how to defend himself.
    • Where did Maggie and the others come from? How did they get into Alexandria from the back?
    • If I were Negan, I don’t think I would wait to attack Alexandria. The odds are more in his favor than against. They have more weapons, tanks, and not everyone from the hilltop or the kingdom was in Alexandria to start with. In fact I probably would have gone back that same day, late at night with my whole crew, plus my bazooka. But that’s just me. I guess Negan saw the tiger and decided to cut his losses for the day. What about you guys?
    • I did like him giving them the finger as he drove off. That was one of the highlights of this ep.
    Can’t wait to hear the podcast. ❤ I agree with you guys btw, Dwight isn’t redeemable, and if Daryl doesn’t end up killing him in the end, I call bullshit.

  5. For the podcast

    Sup fam, this finale was meh!!!! Luckily I watched 7 hours of rasslin beforehand!!That Abraham 💩 dragged and I kept saying “I don’t care about this, he’s already dead”

    I did get a kick outta michonne reenacting, one of my favorite moments from Martin!! Ricks a better man than me, I would’ve been like holla at me when the swelling goes down boo!!!

    That’s all I really got, but holla at me if y’all wanna discuss rasslin or a good finale like the one on Big Little Lies(those whyte women are amazing) ✌🏾

  6. For the podcast.

    Fuck Jadis. Rick should have just kicked her lanky ass crooked banged head off the scaffolding.


  7. For The Podcast:

    - So Rosita and Sasha’s stupid plan ended up indirectly saving Rick from the consequences of his stupid plan to work with the Junkyardigans. Alexandrian Stupidity pays off again.
    - You just know there are some Snowbarrys out there shipping “GrimeyBangs” because of that one line. I was thinking she should have said “Me want Snu Snu!” instead. And when she kicked Rick she should have said “Down, down, down.” Fuck this show and these garbage people.
    - Carl is the MVP of the episode, because he’s the one that got shit started when everyone was gawking at Zombie Sasha.
    - Michonne killing Great Value Andrea was a big fuck you to the comics and I love it.
    - RIP Sasha, the best sniper of the group, only because we needed Rosita to arm the explosives…which didn’t go off. 🤔
    - I’m so glad this week long relationship has dictated Sasha’s entire arc for the season.
    - Maggie has killed that unborn baby like 50 times this season just by all the work she’s putting in.
    - If Carol and Maggie hadn’t had their shit together, Rick would have been fucked. I’m so glad the show has kept these great female characters, considering in the past we would have only had Lori and Andrea.
    - Morgan killing that guy with his bowstaff turned spear was smooth af.
    - Zeke came in like the Riders of Rohan. But why did they need banners?!?
    - An entire season later and someone gives a fuck about Denise dying. Pacing, amirite?
    - Rosita got shot! I’m partying! Also, Rosita trusting Daryl over everyone else proves Dorito is on the rise!!!
    - I was hoping Eric would die so we can get started on Jaron already! Also, I realised the other day that Jaron also works for shipping the Bald Move folks XD
    - Judith just rollerskated to Hilltop by herself. That’s my headcanon at least.
    - Tobin lives again for NO REASON. Fuck this show. Fuck Everything. I will burn Alexandria to the ground to ensure Tobin does not get more screen time if I have to.

    Cheers for the great coverage. <3

  8. For the podcast:

    Hi Nina, Donny and John! 🤗
    I thought the finale was okay. I felt underwhelmed because I didn’t think the episodes leading up to the finale did a good job setting up this showdown. I would’ve liked to see Ezekiel and Rick work together on coming up with a plan to take on the saviors. Then, I think this episode would have had a bit more meaning. I’m glad Sasha is dead. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her character, but I think her character had nowhere else to go. I am sad because I liked her and Maggie’s friendship and the budding relationship between her and Negan. Oh well. Negan had some gems but his reaction to Shiva took me out! That’s it for me. Great job this season, y’all! ❤

  9. I hope this isn’t too long. If it is, just cut out stuff. I do plan on editing some as well. Lol

    For the podcast

    Another season of TWD done. We lost Sasha but she went out like a G. And she has a new job. At least her hubby didn’t die so they’re still bringing in TWD money.

    I didn’t hate the episode but I literally didn’t get excited until Shiva started eating people. And where does the crew go from here? Is Negan gonna keep sending his people around to collect goods or are they just gonna be attacking people?

    It was nice seeing Abraham again. Sashaham lives! Sort of. Lol. I don’t know if you guys caught the Talking Dead but Michael Cuddlitz surprised her on stage and brought her flowers. Everyone had so many nice things to say about her and she started crying. That’s honestly the only time I got teary eyed cause I knew she wasn’t gonna survive so it was just a wait to see what she did.

    Nina called it. Bangs and the junkyard folks betrayed the crew. Of course. Can’t believe Rick even had them up in Alexandria but at least Judith wasn’t there. However, who was left at the Hilltop to watch her?

    So it’s the end to another season. If they could be a little more action packed it would help. I’m not quitting the show. Just wish I enjoyed it like I used to. At least Sasha was the only person we cared about who died.

    Thanks for putting out this podcast cause I know it wasn’t easy. Keep doing the good work and making questionable shows more interesting than they are.

  10. For the Podcast:
    Hey Nina, Donny and John,
    Firstly, this is the first time I’ve liked Tara. I wanted to slap the hell out of her when she said that bullshit to Gregory about people doing the right thing when they have a chance when clearly everyone, (except the survivors and the Oceanside girl) most often people don’t do the right thing in the Z.A. So I really liked seeing her darkside come out in wanting Daryl to kill Dwight.
    Second, why didn’t anyone just shoot the tiger to death? I mean they showed the survivors eating the dogs in season 5. The logical thing to do in my mind in that battle would be to light that tiger up, not run away.
    Now that they showed the junkyardigans on bikes I’m like, “Hell yeah, ASZ should have a stack of bikes”. If I didn’t have access to a car, I know I could get away from a herd of walkers on a bike then I could on foot. (I can’t run long distances)
    Why was everybody so trusting of the junkyardigans? The minute that garbage girl told Michonne to stay in her spot and she would go to the other, that should’ve been a red flag especially given that they gave the survivors such a hard time about those guns.
    Rick is “almost” just as bad as Deanna when it comes to being a leader.
    I like the Sasha stuff except I think they should’ve added Tyreese, Bob and other family she’s lost since the turn. I didn’t mind the flashbacks but I think that as she riding in the coffin there would’ve been enough time or her to reflect on much more than just the people in her life over the past 2 or 3 years.
    I could knit pick all day about the finale but I found this episode to be the best out of the entire season. It had my heart racing during certain parts and I had already read the spoilers last week.
    I think I’ve finally stop taking the show so seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. The writers clearly don’t care about continuity and they plan on continuing with this method of writing, so fuck it.
    If I want to see serious storytelling I’ll just watch Game of Thrones or Black Sails and call it a day.
    I hope this wasn’t too long. Love the podcast wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    P.S. Would someone tell Ezekiel to stop the Arthurian monologs when going in to battle before he gets himself and others killed?

  11. Hi guys!

    For the Pod:

    I really like the episode as a stand alone episode but as a part of the whole season I have questions. Questions like

    1. Why is Jadus all about that up front payment when it comes to Rick but is letting Negan pay in I.O.Us?

    2. Why did they ruin their big pay off by showing us Eugene give Sasha the pill before they had too?

    3. Why did they waste so much time with filler and not showing us Sasha’s growth then awkwardly shove it in here?

    4. Why did Negan have a super villain monologue? It was so annoying. I thought he was pissed off, just kill Carl and be done with it.

    5. When Negan asked Sasha “I don’t know why you think I am not the guy who bashed your friends brains in” did we all scream “because you’ve been written that way!”?

  12. For the podcast:

    First, you know Rick was interested in the 3way if michonne was. He gave michonne that “man, she crazy…….or is she” look. What if Jaundice just got the ok for some dick. Maybe she would told Negan she got a better “Deal”.

    Also the garbage pail kids aren’t in the books total filler but i didn’t mind them as much as others.

    I don’t know which I like better dead Sasha going after Negan or in the book (Spoiler up to this point) When Rick asks to see “Sasha”, Negan sends her in, knowing she’s dead, and after the unmasking dead “Sasha” bites a Alexandrian

    I like Eugene dawning the Black Coat ala Westworld Black Hat. I like evil Eugene.

    Not nann a Savior know who a damn Donny Hathaway is. bullshit.

    I love the WWE aspect of the episode. “Oh no GPK turn heel in the middle of the match. But wait is that the Kingdoms theme music? OMG THEY BROUGHT A TIGER!!! SHIVA BABY! Here comes Maggie with a steel chair. OH THE HUMANITY”

  13. Did I hate it or like it …..neither ….I just didn’t care . This show has some how made me not care if any of these characters die anymore It was trying to be deep with flashbacks and inner monologues and it failed miserably . I mean how long was she dating Abraham for ? They’re trying to make them seem like Jack and Rose 🌹 or something . And why are they trying to make Glenn into some type important founding figure? He was Moses or anything that speech at the end was silly

    My favorite part …Carl popping off first. That was dope.

    Question to you . Would you guys be able to notice if a tiger was sneaking up on you ? Cause that was ridiculous.

  14. Per Nina’s instruction:
    1) I really loved this episode!!

    2. Favorite part was the tiger eating people. Least favorite was Eugenes stupid ass.

    3. A question for the hosts.
    No question, just a huge Thank you all for always podcasting this show, even when it sucks.

    Done and done.

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