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Banshee - S4E4 - Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch

Previously on Banshee, “Job”

(Note: We’re suspending the weekly Banshee podcast for this final season. With GoT starting up and The Flash finishing its second season, I’m stretched a bit too thin on the podcast front, but I will be doing a wrap-up show to discuss this final season as a whole and I hope to have some guest listeners and fellow Fanshees on with me.)

The gang’s back together, but they’re far from being as they were prior to Job’s kidnapping and Gordon’s death. And everyone’s getting pretty sloppy. This episode didn’t have as much excitement as last week’s (one giant fire aside), but with only four episodes left, it moved the story forward at a decent clip.

While Hood cools his heels in jail, Carrie meets with Kurt for information on her next target. This is done in a car in broad daylight where Nina can see enough to become suspicious. After some surveillance, Kurt’s tip leads Carrie to uncovering Proctor’s involvement with drugs and the Aryans. Despite Kurt’s warning to back off once he realizes who’s involved, Carrie gears up for a fight.

Not that Job was giving her much of a choice, Carrie eventually agrees to let him come with when she makes her move. He waits in the car, but since Carrie goes in with a damn flamethrower, Job begins to have panic attacks when the warehouse explodes.

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I’m still not convinced it makes much sense for Brock to be so willing to believe that Hood killed Rebecca. I guess I thought their prior relationship was a bit closer than it actually was. Either way, Brock does explain himself well when he says he doesn’t think Hood killed Rebecca, but he doesn’t know that he didn’t.

One person who appears to believe it full stop is Proctor. He uses his sway as mayor to get Hood released on bail, which he paid. Things get heated when Brock calls bullshit and refuses to release Hood. There was a tense moment when weapons were drawn and I legitimately thought Nina might have chosen Proctor’s side if things got physical. Thankfully, the federal agent Veronica Dawson (Eliza Dushku) arrives to step in and take over the case. She handles Proctor smoothly, but notes she most likely didn’t put him off for very long.

If her interrogation of Hood is any indication, she’s capable and smart, but maybe not as smart Hood. I was banking on her character being the catalyst for everyone learning the truth about Hood, but the end of the episode threw a curve. Agent Dawson is a crack addict and makes short work of finding a local crackhouse, evicting the addicts inside, and smoking their drugs.

For an episode with little action, there were three important developments. First, we were treated to a fantastic scene between Rebecca and Proctor the day he told her the Aryans were taking control of the new drug operation. Rebecca saw that as her opportunity to grow within the business, but Proctor doesn’t want her involved with the Aryans (or the business, it seems) citing how dangerous they are. When she lashes back at him with, “I’m dangerous!” I believed her. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out if it was her own recklessness in a personal matter that got her killed or if her murder was the result of getting in bed with the Boedeckers as a way of defying her uncle, which is also pretty reckless. It feels like her murder was more personal than what we later see happen to the young woman kidnapped at the end of last week’s episode, which brings me to our next development.

The girls are being taken by a couple, who drug and torture their victims before taking them to the unknown person giving the orders. I have no idea what to make of this and the scenes with the killers felt like they belonged in a different show. I’m not sure we can get a satisfactory end to this storyline in a reduced final season with only four episodes left.

Finally, things get worse for Calvin when Watts is released from prison. He heads right for his son-in-law’s house to greet his daughter and meet his grandson. She’s clearly shocked and by his arrival, and her words to Kurt about her fear that her son will grow up under the hateful influence of her father and Calvin are written all over her face.

In the Banshee Files

  • It’s very possible Rebecca was pregnant with Hood’s child as we see them have sex in a flashback.
  • I love that Carrie never once asked about his sexual relationship with Rebecca. She knows he’s innocent and wants to focus on proving his innocence.
Banshee S4E4 = 8/10
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