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Banshee - S4E5 - A Little Late to Grow a Pair

Previously on Banshee, “Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch”

This was the week of reaching breaking points.


It appears as though Proctor knew a lot more about Rebecca’s side deals than previously thought. He went so far as to steal the money she’d been squirreling away in a safety deposit box before she died. In present day, his family wants answers and an arrest. They protest outside of city hall, and since the press is there and resorting to violence is very non mayor-like, Proctor is forced to wait to unleash his wrath. He does so by burning their farm and telling them they are no longer to sell their wares in Banshee.

And while he may not believe Hood killed Rebecca, Proctor knows he got her pregnant. He puts him back on the case of finding Rebecca’s killer, and advises him to find a new place to live since he’s burned down the cabin Hood was living in - the cabin he knew he was living in all along.

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Brock begins to take the unsolved murders personally after one of the latest victims’ relative shames him for not doing something about them sooner. He goes on TV and publicly vows to catch the killer, insulting him for good measure.

In turn, the horned killer targets his next victim in response.


One of the most touching scenes of the series occurred when Hood apologizes to Job for giving up on him. Job is still struggling with memories of what happened to him, but he forgives Hood as he’s also been holding on to guilt for being free while Hood served 15 years in prison.

Besides, they have bigger things to worry about: Like Carrie’s nighttime vigilante activities. Job is sure Carrie’s courting trouble and when he catches Nina Cruz snooping around Carrie’s house, it’s all the motivation he needs to transform into his old self.

Nina Cruz has no idea who she’s fucking with.

Bunker Bros

Watts gives Kurt an ultimatum: rejoin their brotherhood or else. That’s not something Kurt even needs to consider and turns him down immediately. On top of that, he vows to take Watts down. Watts decides to deal with Kurt after he parties with his crew, promising them lots of money now that he’s out and working with Proctor.

In fact, Watts wants to appease Proctor so badly that he forces Calvin to gruesomely murder one of their own in front of Proctor as a way to apologize for the warehouse fire.

This is probably why Calvin eventually stabs Watts in the throat and then cuts up his body in the bar.

In the Banshee Files

  • Brock stopping Kurt from assassinating Watts at his party was hilarious. He knows Kurt didn’t think the plan through (committing murder with dozens around while wearing your police uniform is not smart) and implores him to help save Banshee the right way.
  • I’m a huge fan of Eliza Dushku, but not sure I’m feeling her character yet, and since we only have three episodes left, I want something to start happening to make me care.

Banshee S4E5 = 8/10
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    Dialogue - 8/10
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