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Best Video Game Series Ever: Mario Bros. vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

The Battle for the Best Video Game Series starts with the O.G Titans of the Industry! In the red corner, boasting a consistent and long-running career, the Italian Plumber! Mario’s games span nearly 30 years, 5 home consoles, and 5 handheld systems. For every new Nintendo system released, there’s a Mario game to go with it. While some might consider the base story repetitive, it still keeps gamers of all ages coming back to play. Looking back, it’s clear he’s the heavy favorite and, to some fans, the juggernaut of gaming.

In the Blue Corner, we’ve got the Blue Blur! Sonic the Hedgehog’s claim to fame is speed. In his day and age, the speed he brought to the game exceeded all expectations. And while Mario had his version of Batman’s armory of suits and specialized equipment, Sonic goes Super Saiyan before we even knew there was such a thing. While his role in the Pantheon of Video Game Icons has been relegated to competing against Mario in Olympics-themed party games for home consoles, maybe in this match-up he’ll be able to reclaim some of that old glory.

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