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Podcast Fandom Episode 28 - American Horror Story: Coven - S3E7 - “The Dead”

In this edition of Podcast Fandom, Nina, Meghan, Ellen, and John podcap the American Horror Story: Coven episode “The Dead“. Of course there’s scene-by-scene analysis of the episode, but you’ll also get to hear odd references to To Kill a Mockingbird, fast food shame, stand-up comedy, and uncomfortable holiday songs (it is that time of year, after all); plus much more. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Show notes

  • Chifforobe (n) - 1. A piece of furniture consisting of a wardrobe combined with a chest of drawers. 2. An object against which to bang resurrected witches.

Angela Bassett’s gun show.
  • Podcast Fandom is now available on Stitcher, another great way for you to listen to our shenanigans.
  • Remember there is no episode of American Horror Story: Coven next week, due to Thanksgiving; to that end, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating next week!
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1 Comment on Podcast Fandom Episode 28 - American Horror Story: Coven - S3E7 - “The Dead”

  1. I very much agree that they are inconsistent with Queenie’s impulsiveness vs her violence. The scene breathing point makes a lot of sense. If they gave us more backstory perhaps, and time to digest how all of this impacted her, it would feel natural that she wants to punish this person who had done all these horrible things to slaves.

    Also agree how authentically Angela Bassett delivers her lines. I’m going to keep watching just because of her.

    Didn’t think I’d make it through the whole podcast, but I did. And AHS: Coven needs to cut y’all some checks because this podcast is what has me and the reluctant folks I’m dragging with me, watching this show.

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