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Crisis on Earth-X: The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow Overview

Previously, on Crisis on Earth-X

This review will serve as this week’s review of The Flash S4E8 and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S3E8 so it’s a bit more detailed than my review of the first two parts.

The second half of the DCTV crossover kicked off with our heroes (and villains) on different Earths, and some even in a different time period.

Barry, Oliver, Sara, Alex, Stein, and Jax are in an Earth-X concentration camp while Dark Arrow and Eobard Thawne have taken over S.T.A.R. Labs to transplant Kara’s heart into Overgirl. Members of all of the teams — Cisco, Caitlin, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy), Rene (Rick Gonzalez), Wells, and Mick are locked in the pipeline. Iris and Felicity are also hiding in the labs, looking for an opportunity to free their friends. They send an S.O.S. to the Legends aboard the Waverider, but they’re not sure where in time they are and how long it might take for them to receive the message.

The captives on Earth-X are confronted by the man in charge of the camp, Sturmbannführer (Paul Blackthorne), who is disgusted to see his daughter’s Earth-1 doppelgånger (Sara) is also queer. He orders the execution of Sara, her friends, and a gay meta-human from Earth-1, Ray Terrill/The Ray (Russell Tovey). They’re rescued by Earth-X’s Leonard Snart (call him Leo), Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller). He and Ray agree to help our heroes return home via a heavily guarded temporal gateway, but their resistance leader, Earth-X’s Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), wants to stick to their original plan to blow it up so that their führer, Dark Arrow, and Overgirl are unable to return.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW —

Alex convinces Winn to give them an hour to get out, but goes back on his word before they make it and launches Red Tornado to take out the facility and any chance they have to return to Earth-1. While Barry and Ray take on Red Tornado, the rest breach the facility (using Oliver as a führer stand-in). Oliver’s cover is blown when Sturmbannführer tells him to kill Earth-X’s Felicity, a camp prisoner caught sneaking food to starving children. Still, they’re all able to make it through the gateway before Schott can destroy it, but Stein is shot in the escape fusing with Jax is the only thing keeping him alive when they get back home.

Iris and Felicity manage to free Kara after Felicity shuts off the power in the labs and encrypts them from being restored. They’re stopped by Metallo-X before they can get away, and Kara agrees to undergo the operation if Thawne will spare Felicity’s life and gives her permission to restore the power.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Thawne’s operation is once again stopped by Ray (Brandon Routh), shrunken down in order to stop the scalpel from cutting into Kara. With the help of the remaining Legends — Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), Nate (Nick Zano), and Zari (Tala Ashe) — the others are freed as well. They reunite with the Earth-1 escapees (including Ray and Leo) aboard the Waverider.

The final hour gets off to a heartbreaking start. Even after they separate, Stein’s wounds are beyond Gideon’s capabilities and they’re killing Jax as well. Stein convinces Jax to let him take the serum he made that would separate them permanently. This would save Jax, but leave Stein to die from his wounds. After a tearful goodbye, Martin Stein dies. Jax then goes to his home to tell Clarissa and Lily.

The Earth-X invaders are not out, and armed with their own army and Nazi Waverider, they prepare to invade Central City. Every suits up, including Curtis (Echo Kellum) for a final battle. In the end, Overgirl’s body explodes due to the overload of radiation and Kara barely makes it tossing her body into orbit before it does; Barry has an opportunity to kill Thawne, but lets him go instead; and Oliver, who has no such qualms about killing, puts an arrow in Dark Arrow’s heart.

There’s a lovely service held for Martin Stein and the heroes depart for their respective homes — except Leo, who decides to stay behind on Earth-1 for a bit.

Barry and Iris decide not to press fate any longer and opt for a very impromptu ceremony with Diggle officiating and Felicity and Oliver as their witnesses. As they’re about to be pronounced man and wife, Felicity interrupts and asks Diggle to also marry her and Oliver.

And I can’t fucking even.


This was a nearly flawless crossover event, leaps and bounds better than the first two. The story was tight — though a bit risky (Nazis? Really?) — and making it feel like a four-hour movie instead of watching four separate episodes of our separate shows served the story well. The effects were some of the best I’ve seen across the DCTV universe and they really nailed coming up with inventive ways for our heroes to combine their talents and powers. I was particularly impressed with how well Caitlin’s Killer Frost has command over her powers, and watching her create an ice bridge to slide her, Amaya, and Zari aboard the Nazi’s Waverider was awesome.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Wentworth Miller is just the best. Leo Snart was just as snarky as his Earth-1 counterpart, but it was a nice surprise to find he’s a more caring and optimistic guy. Also, kudos for allowing two openly gay actors (Miller and Tovey) portray openly gay superheroes who are also in love. It’s a shame Miller will soon be done with the role in all variations because he’s been one of the greatest highlights of this universe.

They also managed to skillfully incorporate the women who don’t have superpowers into the mix and allow them to be heroes as well. Iris and Felicity saving themselves repeatedly and Supergirl is so much better than having Felicity provide tech support and quirky one-liners and having Iris just be absent as they did in earlier crossovers.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

I know they’re Nazis (and damn they went FULL FUCKING NAZI with these characters), but Dark Arrow and Overgirl were so much fun to watch and that’s mainly due to Melissa Benoist. I’m honestly considering upping my Supergirl viewing from casual to weekly. She’s such a talented actress and really sold this darker version of Kara.

The whole squad taking on Metallo-X was amazing as was the effects on Red Tornado.

Candice Patton and Grant Gustin acted their entire asses off reading their vows. They’re just so damn good in these roles.


I cannot believe they killed Stein. He was SO CLOSE to having a happy ending and the character didn’t deserve this. I would have much rather he had been allowed to just retire and teach his grandson to play chess. I’m also a little grossed out that they let a Jewish character be killed by Nazis.

And speaking of Nazis… I mean… I get it. Punching Nazis is hot right now — as it SHOULD BE (seriously, punch all the Nazis all the time) — but damn. Nazis. And they were legit Nazis. Overgirl was very happy to be White and blonde and Aryan. Those were actual words that left her mouth.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

I honestly don’t know if I can type how fucking disturbed I am by this double wedding nonsense. It was so out-of-pocket, and just… bad. Who wrote that shit? Whose bright idea was it? In what fucking universe would another woman interrupt the “I now pronounce you” part to get married at another woman’s wedding? Unless this is their way of finally acknowledging Oliver and Felicity are both trash-ass individuals… and even then, I don’t like it. Full rant on tonight’s podcast.


What does Jax do now? Is he leaving? If so, can we get Wally on Legends? You know, a show that might actually use his and the actor’s considerable talents… please?

Why did Leo Snart stay behind? Is he going to try to help Mick through the grieving process of losing Stein? Lord knows Mick doesn’t do feelings well. I don’t care why he’s around; I’m just glad we get more Wentworth Miller.

Leave your brief thoughts on parts 3 and 4 below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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Crisis on Earth-X - Parts 3 & 4

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, Emily Bett Rickards, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Chyler Leigh, Caity Lotz, Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, Dominic Purcell, Danielle Panabaker, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzalez, Echo Kellum, Paul Blackthorne, Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Russell Tovey, Jeremy Jordan

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12 Comments on Crisis on Earth-X: The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow Overview

  1. I’ll try & keep this short

    For the Podcast

    Supergirl was still the best episode of the bunch. The Legends would have been the best one if they hadn’t fucked up what would have been a sweet impromptu WestAllen wedding if not for some Error show bullshit making it all about them. I’m even more pissed cause apparently they get a big wedding next week! 😡😡😡

    I’m surprised at how bad an actor Jax is. DP was better than him and that’s saying something. And if he’s powerless now, can he go away?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear what I’m sure will be a fabulous podcast!

  2. For The Podcast:

    It’s actually pretty impressive that they can have this many superheroes on screen, and for me to give a fuck about NONE of them. Where the fuck was Wallace in all of this? Literally the only hero I actually cared about seeing in the crossover. Fuck this.

    They did NOT just do my man Stein like that. Killed by fucking Nazis. FUCK YOU CW. Kill off Jax instead. That was some baby-back BULLSHIT.

    But let’s get into the real caucasity. Caitlin is redeemed for all time, because say what you will about her, but she’d never pull that shit on Iris. Fuck you Olicity and your Dollar Store Value WestAllen Chemistry. Moonlight was about to finally get its award and then Blah Blah Land had to come up out of nowhere after flip flopping on weddings for 4 hours and decide, “You Know What? I can’t let this black woman be great or have her things.” Fuck Arrow, Fuck the CW, Fuck the writers, Fuck everything. This bitch hadn’t even RS-FUCKING-VP’d at the start of the crossover, and now she’s ruining weddings.

    Finally, all of these yellow Xs flashing across my screen really made me want an X men TV show instead.


    All im going to say is this crossover was greatness, just pure greatness. Can we please get RusselI Tovey back because i love that actor. I am so happy they ended this with Barry and Iris finally getting married and then it ended, nothing else happened, Barry and Iris got married and then the screen went black. Did you guys see something else? Because i sure the fuck didn’t


    I am not going to recap all this shit! Hell naw. I’ll be real short.

    -Pour one out for Victor Garber. I didn’t want him to die and Franz acting made it worse. Shorty can’t act himself out of a paper bag.

    -I miss Snart. He and his boo were cute. But I guess I can’t have more of that now can I? Also why in the hell would you go back to earth X? SHEEEEEEEEED.

    -Finally, before I watched Supergirl and Arrow, I said on my post that I didn’t want to see Niggatello and there he was during the wedding. ALSO I REBUKE THIS WEDDING IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. If Joe ain’t black man angry for not being there, I will rage!! And one last thing. This bitch fucked up WestAllen’s impromptu wedding to jump her no chemistry having ass in it. It’s bad enough I don’t get the wedding I want but now they have to share this day with these bland ass folks. NIGGATELLO COULD HAVE MARRIED Y’ALL ON THE SHOW I DON’T WATCH. HELL NAW. This has me heated like an overcooked hotpocket. We need a re-wedding because fuck this! CW y’all did so much right and fucked this up. Just for that, give me them WestAllen babies.

  5. For the podcast:
    This crossover was actually really good.
    The good: WestAllen goodness 😍😍😍😍. The awkwardness that ensued from the ‘not-Lexie/Sara’ hook up. Pink triangle & Snart. & Wally being allowed 1 great moment with catching them bullets!
    The bad: Jax’s tearless crying face. It took me out of some very emotional scenes.
    The ugly: them heifers (aka Olicity). They’re canceled for messing up such WestAllen greatness. They’re just such garbage people. Ok, I’m getting mad again. Thanx for the free 💩

  6. For the Podcast.

    This crossover was really good. I’ll keep it short, and only mention one con. Oliver and Felicity interrupting WestAllens third attempt to get married. All three of their weddings have had interruptions. I wish I used profanity because I really want to call them everything, but children of God. Anyways, I’m sure the rest of the crew will cover everything else. I can’t wait for the Podcast.

  7. This was such a fantastic crossover! I’m glad this huge investment paid off for the CW. The music for those title sequences were lit. So props to Blake Neely (I think he’s the scorer).
    They’ve clearly learned from their past trials for a crossover. Individually, the shows weren’t rushing/reversing their plots to match for this event. Having this wedding was a clever way to bring them together. Supergirl knew not to bring all that Mon-El shit over. Alex’s subplot actually worked well. Legends had a major death but it didn’t feel too shoehorned in because they’ve been building towards it. But. fucking. arrow.
    Why were they even still there in the end!? The people from a whole other time or a whole other fucking Earth have already left! GO HOME.
    I’ve never seeen an episode of Arrow. What seems clear to me tho is that this whole Olicity marriage conflict was never referred to until this crossover. It is so fucking rude and stupid to use the relationship The Flash has built in their show to develop your own. Barry and Iris deserve better.
    Thanks for the pod.


    Nina, you will get to everything that made me mad at the end cause you are the G.O.A.T.

    That said, I enjoyed this (that ending notwithstanding, and Barry’s ridiculous decision to leave Thawne alive, which prior to the ending I had called as the only downside of the crossover.). BUT…I need them to stop centering Oliver in these crossovers. It is not because of any resentment or anger I have towards Stephen Amell (so many folks have done way worse shit so at this point-Stephen has admitted he’s not that bright so he’s okay-wooden acting but okay.) I understand last year when Supergirl was moved to the CW and both that show and Legends were recovering from lackluster premiere seasons and getting their feet. But these shows have found their footing, and Flash despite some story missteps has the best acting of the Flarrowverse shows. Legends has the best stories and acting (Franz’s dry ass crying notwithstanding) of all the shows. It’s time to stop putting everything Oliver front and center.

    Have a great rest of your week my lovely people!

    One more thing-can we activate our Excellent Black British Actor Warranty? Franz is damaged and I think we need to do an exchange.

    (Posted twice cause I wasn’t sure which thread to use)

  9. What I hated
    When Stein asked Caitlin why she was dressed like that …then she Proceeds to go into a full explanation of how when she turns into killer frost she needs to be ready …STAHP this just ..STAHP I know it’s minor but this nonsense exposition is just dumb ….who cares . You can say , it’s for the people who don’t watch the flash but it comes off as thinking we’re stupid I hated it .

    …oh and what Mumbles McGillicuddy did at the end had me out loud say ….”oooooo. U in trouble …people gonna B maaaaad at this lol.”

    What I did like
    Anything with the legends in it. Sarah continues to be the best out of all the shows ..and Rory continues to be hilarious. “Did you hit that?” Sarah slaps him in the back of the head

    AND SNART BACK ?! I love it 😍

  10. For the podcast

    Hey guys!
    So.. Yeah… Well.. That happened.
    They really used The Flash to promote the other shows. Barry barely had lineson his show portion.
    I don’t fuckin care abt Olive oil and Felicia! I hated them!
    But I liked seeing Iris and Fefe working together.
    I really liked the fighting sequence scenes.
    Damn Olive oil had way too much screentime. I hated that.
    And the wedding at the end of LOT.. It was going nice until Felicia opened her fuckin mouth and interrupted WA wedding just bc she finally decided she wanted marry Olive oil. Fuck her!
    Oh! And the Stein death.. That was sad. Didn’t like that.
    They really killed the black guy in the beginning and a Jewish at the end huh.. 👀
    I really hope WA redo the wedding next week (private) and never invite OF to anything.
    This part idk if u can say on the podcast (it’s abt Error)
    Btw, OF got married in the crossover but those mfs are gonna get married on their fuckin show next week! Like.. Their asses couldn’t wait. They had to make things abt them…I hate that shit even more! 🙄 They can choke!
    Anyways.. Sorry if it was too long 😅 Thanks for the podcast. Hope y’all have a great week! 🤗

  11. Hello guys. I’ll try and keep this short for a 4 episode feedback. The crossover was as bad as i imagined and ended up worse than i expected with the Nazi storyline. It screamed “i was written by white people trying to show how not like those other white people they are” It was tone deaf and exploitative. I hated every second. Thing I liked: Westallen one minute wedding was beautiful. I was as happy as Barry was watching Iris walk down the aisle. I loved their vows. It was them and the most sincere thing in this entire mess for me. Wally’s brief action sequence was the coolest thing in the entire crossover. I loved Leo Snart. I can’t believe George left England just to kiss Leo Snart in this mess of a plot. And if you haven’t watched Being Human Nina, you need to get on that shit. Although I feel like you have.

    The bad: Everything else. I would rather watch another episode of Caitlin (who was actually fun in this mess) and Iris going #feminism every two seconds than stomach another crossover featuring two of the most selfish, rude and whitest characters to every white, Oliver and Felicity: who the writers used westallen’s wedding to prop up and bore me to tears with their awful drama. Fuck this crossover for sidelining most of the flash characters and having Barry let an actual Nazi go free because…he doesn’t kill? Bitch has never head of a jail? I hate this fucking shows. They are trying my last nerves.

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