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Daredevil - S2E6 - Regrets Only

Previously on Daredevil, “Kinbaku

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“Regrets Only” was an exhilarating episode that balanced the show’s legal drama with a surprisingly well-executed chic spy thriller element. It’s been said that the Marvel Universe as depicted on Netflix’s shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are several shades darker in tone when compared to the Marvel films and Agents of SHIELD on ABC that it’s hard to believe that they all exist within the same world. The episode introduces a sense of fun and excitement that we haven’t seen thus far. Say what you will about Elektra’s psychopathy, at least she’s enjoying herself—much to Matt’s perpetual consternation. Elodie Yung continues to shine in this episode through her fight scenes alongside Charlie Cox as well as her penchant to constantly make snide comments that prompt the occasional chuckle. Elektra clearly brings out a certain quality that we haven’t seen in Matt. It’s a sense of daring that has defined his alter ego for decades, otherwise he wouldn’t agree to perform a heist with her that is reminiscent of Oceans 11 and The Thomas Crown Affair.

The action and excitement of Matt and Elektra’s Roxxon heist contrasts wonderfully with the scenes involving Frank and Karen that make up the emotional center of this episode. And who would’ve thought that Karen of all people would be the person to get through to Frank Castle? Deborah Ann Woll and Jon Bernthal play off each other’s characters magnificently in a manner that helps further humanize Frank Castle. Although I call BS on Frank’s claim that he never meant to hurt Karen. He recklessly opened fire in a busy hospital. It’s a miracle of narrative convenience that nobody was hurt.

“I hope that your schedule is clear, buddy. Because the People vs. Frank Castle starts next week.”

Matt is arguably the worst in this episode when he forces Foggy to represent Frank Castle in court before suddenly disappearing with Elektra. That awkward moment when Matt has to quickly explain why he has to go when Elektra sends a chauffeur to fetch him would’ve been the right time to reveal his secret identity to Karen and garner more trust from her and Foggy. But alas, he shuffles off in a hurry and leaves friends to pick up his slack.

Nonetheless, The People v. Frank Castle is shaping up to be the trial of the century. Nelson & Murdock may have actually bitten off more than they could chew.

Side Notes and Memorable Quotes

  • Every fight scene involving the Yakuza should have The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Date with the Night” as its soundtrack.
  • No sex? Yeah, that rule is going to last.
  • Ha! Foggy went to theatre camp. Of course he did.
  • I love that Matt uses his blindness to trick people into not perceiving him as a threat.
  • Gibson is such a dork that’s way in over his head.
  • “I believe in protecting women.”-Roth To which Karen replies sarcastically, “Thanks. From all of us.”
  • Frank calls D.A. Reyes a witch. We were all thinking it, but he finally said it.
  • “Who said I was Yakuza?” Cue dramatic music here. Marvel comic fans probably have a good idea as to who exactly Hirochi is working for and what exactly his organization is working towards.

Quote of the Week 

“One more thing, and this is the deal breaker. You have to give me back that pie.”- Elektra

Daredevil S2E6 = 9.7/10
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Beating the crap out of Yakuza goons that apparently aren’t affiliated with the Yakuza - 10/10
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