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Game of Thrones - S6E1 - The Red Woman

Previously on Game of Thrones

As a book reader, I’m excited for this season of Game of Thrones. Most of what happens will be beyond where the books are, plus they’ve already proven they’re willing to go off book and kill off characters who still breathe on the page. After this premiere, I anticipate loving this season as long as they don’t draw out certain situations we’ve already seen.

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Conditions in the North: Icy

Ramsay mourns for Miranda for all of three minutes and then orders that her remains be fed to the dogs. He vows revenge on those responsible for her death, but first he has to find them. Roose makes it very clear: Ramsay’s antics have cost them Sansa, whose presence is needed if they’re to gain the North’s support when the Lannisters come calling. He crossed Cersei by scheming with Littlefinger to wed Ramsay and Sansa. If they can’t provide an heir to solidify his hold on the North, then it will just have to rest on the baby Roose is having with his wife.

Show of hands: Who thought Ramsay would kill his stepmother before the 9:55pm mark? Just me?

Theon and Sansa haven’t gotten far, at least not far enough that Bolton’s dogs aren’t within barking distance. Even crossing icy water isn’t enough and they’re soon surrounded by their pursuers. Before they can be returned to Winterfell, Brienne comes through with Pod, hacking her way into Lady Sansa’s service, finally.

Conditions at King’s Landing: Miserable

Cersei plays with her new short hairdo and plots the demise of her enemies until she receives word a ship has arrived from Dorne. Her joy at seeing Myrcella quickly vanishes when she spies a shrouded body on the boat. Surprisingly, she doesn’t lash out and blame Jamie (yet) or the Martells (yet). She’s resigned herself to the witch’s prophecy being real. It’s Jamie who promises to kill everyone who dared to cross them. Where will he start? Let’s hope he visits the High Sparrow sooner than later.

Our first look at Margaery’s imprisonment reveals she’s not being treated any better than Cersei. Septa Unella reads scripture and demands a confession. However, unlike Cersei, Margaery is only concerned for Loras, her brother, who was also arrested by the Sparrows. Not even when the High Sparrow himself speaks with her does she break. Margaery is not going to fall for the “just tell me the truth and I won’t be mad” okie doke.

Conditions in Dorne: Treacherous

Last season I had hoped Doran Martell had a trick up his sleeve when he spoke of believing in second chances, but not thirds. Strike one: Elia. Strike two: Oberyn. I wondered if he hadn’t finally given into Ellaria’s bloodlust and sanctioned the murder of Myrcella.


He barely has time to digest the news of Myrcella’s death before one of the Sand Snakes kills Areo Hotah and Ellaria stabs him in the chest. She taunts him as he dies, telling him how much the people of Dorne despise his weakness. Considering none of the guards lifted a finger to help him, I see no lies there. Doran dies with the knowledge that his son’s fate will be the same, and sure enough: The other Sand Snakes kill Trystane on his ship.

This is an interesting development. Dorne can’t take on King’s Landing alone. Who could they consider an ally? Depending on whether or not Margaery and Loras are released, and what role the Lannisters/throne may play in that, maybe the Tyrells? Or they may be able to team up with Roose and any forces he can sway to his side in the North.

Conditions in Meereen: Pitiful

Meereen is, in short, a hot-ass mess.

People are starving in the streets, and slurs against Daenerys are now written on the walls alongside, “Kill the Masters.” The former slaves think she abandoned them, and the Lord of Light has a priest reinforcing that idea. Things go from bad to worse when Daenerys’ fleet of ships are burned in the harbor. Is this the Harpies or former slaves? Hard to tell these days, but Varys informs Tyrion he has his spies trying to learn who’s leading the Sons of the Harpy.

Jorah and Daario’s road trip leads them to the spot where Daenerys was taken and they realize she’s with the Dothraki. As expected, Jorah hasn’t revealed he has Grayscale.

Conditions Wherever the Hell Dany Is: Rapey

Daenerys’ khalasr captors are the broiest bros to ever make rape jokes. They openly speak of raping her before presenting her to their Khal, who then also talks about how he’s going to rape her. She drops every last one of her government names, but they are not impressed. It’s not until she name drops Khal Drogo does he apologize and remove her binds.

She offers up horses if they’ll escort her back to Meereen. No can do, says Khal Broho. Daenerys has to go where all the Khal widows go to grow old together.

Florida. They’re taking Dany to Florida.

Conditions in Braavos: Hell’s Kitchenesque

You know who else is doing pretty terribly? Arya. She’s now blind and homeless, sitting on the streets listening to the world continue on around her. At least Waif from The House of Black and White stops by for a visit. Oh, wait. She’s a bitch.

She beats Arya’s ass with a stick for a bit and then promises to stop by the next day to do it all over again.

Conditions at The Wall: Colder than a Red Witch’s Very Old, Drooping Tit

Jon Snow’s very dead body lies in the snow where the treasonous Night’s Watchmen left him. Ghost cries and scrapes at the door holding him from his master. Davos finds Jon and along with Dolorous Edd and a few other brothers they can trust, they lock themselves in Jon’s office with his body.

Edd and the others are ready to die to avenge Jon, but Davos is like, “Slow your roll. We may think of a way out of this that doesn’t involve dying. Speaking of which, um, Ghost knows we didn’t do this shit, right?”

When Melisandre sees Jon’s body, she’s clearly shaken. The fire showed her Jon Snow fighting at Winterfell. How can this be? She goes to her quarters to question everything she thought she knew. Meanwhile, Alliser Thorne takes responsibility for killing the Lord Commander with the rest of the Night’s Watch, but cites protecting them and The Wall from Jon’s bad leadership. Note: He doesn’t then offer up a new vote for Lord Commander. He’s taken the title for himself. Asshole.

Davos reminds Edd they know a whole lotta folks who owe Jon Snow their lives. Edd definitely picks up with Davos is laying down and heads to meet with the Wildlings. Alliser’s first order of business is to strike a deal: He’ll let Davos and Melisandre go if they’ll just open up peacefully. They have till nightfall to think about it. Davis is smart enough to know Alliser is full of shit, and suggests to the others that they’ll need Melisandre’s help.

Unfortunately for them, Melisandre is getting too old for this shit. No, really. She’s old as fuck. She removes her necklace (and her Spanx) and transforms into an ancient lady, who wants nothing more than to take a nap.

Game of Thrones S6E1 = 8/10
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16 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E1 - The Red Woman

  1. It’s great to be back y’all! I’m excited for the show but even more about watching live with the fandom crew.


    The theme for this season should be “how do we clean up this shit?” Seriously all of the characters are in terrible situations and Jon is easily winning because he still dead. I know you guys will discuss things in depth but I just wanted to ask which kingdom has the most power at this point? Roose told Ramsey that Stannis’ army was nothing compared to a Lannister army, but the audience knows that the Lannister’s don’t seem to have the money needed for all out war. Don’t even get me started about Dorne, I think Ellia would go to war even if she and the sand snakes had to swim across an ocean.

    Best line of the episode: “when I first met her she smelled of dog.” I need Ramsey to write a book on relationships.

    2nd best line: “Women with blue eyes are witches.”

    Love the recaps!


    Hey girl! Great to be back!

    First things first: Farewell, Dorne. We hardly knew ye. I so did not see that coming. What I don’t understand, and hopefully you guys can help me out- are they messing with the timeline again? Because Tristane is on a boat headed to King’s Landing, painting the funeral eyes. For who? He doesn’t know about Myrcella, and he doesn’t know about his daddy. And how did the Sand Snakes get on the boat with him? I didn’t get all that.

    Other than that, I’m really tired of Sansa’s “damsel” bullshit. Theon got you out of a deplorable situation and yo ass don’t even wanna cross a river? You wanna deal with being eaten by dogs or a chilly river? Stop being a punk and bring your ass!

    Either way, I’m all in for this season. Keeping it short because I know there will be a lot of first season feedback. Can’t wait for the podcast!

  3. Nina Pérez you are hilarious. Florida. They are taking Dany to Florida. I’m cracking up.


    I LOVE THIS FUCKING SHOW!!!!! I CANT STOP FUCKING YELLING!!! I’ll stop now so I can try to give some feedbyke!!

    First I’ll start wit Jon snow, am I the only one wondering if Jon will turn into a wight while they just sitting on they ass waiting for their jimmy johns order or come to the door or nah? Lets transition to Melisandre and that ginger minge(glad I can get u say that again!!). That might have been the saddest scene on the show I’ve ever seen!! To go from goat status to having a nootsie looking like catchers mit from the 1920’s ruined my night tbqh!!! 😒

    Lastly is the city of Dorne!!(they just never gonna fix that I guess…?) MAN THAT 💩 ESCALATED QUICK AS FUCK!!! My only question is are you interested in the Dornes subplot now or is it too late!! Also for the haters who said how the sand snakes got on the boat, they could’ve of easily sailed there too and boarded the ship once they got there!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️

    almost missed it until I realized I have HBO Now…..any goo…
    Great opening episode-women are the power this weekend- we get beyonces amazing lemonade Saturday-Sunday we get brienne of tarth coming to Sansa’s rescue & pledging her loyalty-did she kick major a$$ or what!?! You go brienne! Her partner/compadre gets special mention though reek saved his hide…..
    Cersei-my 1st thought from her walk of shame/shame/shame though I felt for her upon learning about the death of her daughter.
    Dorne-I couldn’t believe how swift & bloody they got rid of the obstacles in their way so where do they go now?
    Khalisi -even she was defiant 2 her captors though either i didn’t understand or missed why she didn’t initially mention that she was a khal widow…..
    Arya-down for now but not out….I feel sorry 4 the girl because she will be recipient of aryas payback which wont be pretty.
    Melissandre-seemed she went from fab to hag in seconds!
    Those are my highlights-sorry if it’s long-eagerly looking 4ward to the podcast.

    I know there will be lots of feedback for this episode, so I’ll make it brief. Fist of WE’RE BACK MUTHA FUCKAS!!!!!!!! THIS is great TV. THIS is how you do a cliffhanger and the end of one season, then come back with a new season. This is what the fuck I’m talking about!
    1. John Snow/Ghost – Damn, this mutha fucka was still laying in the snow when the show opened. Literally a cold world. And man, heaing Ghost yelp like that made me think one thing, this is what it sounds like when wolves cry. Shout out to Prince. Anyway, if/when John is brought back to life he and Ghost need to right on the entire Night’s Watch. They ALL gotta die.
    2. Briane and Pod Daddy – These two came through and wrecked shop. That shit was dope. And when did Pod learn to fight? He out there slanging dick and swords!
    3. Jorah/Darrio – Darrio was talking that shit! He was like “Hey, Jorah. Smell my finger. You know what that is??? Yeah, you know what that is… Bitch”. Meanwhile Jorah and that Crocodile AIDS on his arm were side eyeing him like he wanted to shank his ass. watch your back Darrio.
    4. Cersei – I hate this woman, but she’s gonna set it the fuck off on everyone, and I’m here for it.
    5. Arya – I can’t wait for my girl to get right and beast on everyone. Starting with that lil heffa that keeps fuckin with her.

  7. For the podcast

    Good episode but not the best.

    I was cheering when Brienne rolled up and started slicing mofos.

    Nice to see the reunited Tyrion & Varys but was I the only one just waiting for someone to swoop down and kill them in that courtyard?

    Dorne is a hot mess!

    I hope Drogon can find Dany at the Dothraki Capital. And folks need to stop bragging about rape on this damn show.

    Finally, put your damn necklace & clothes back on Melisandre! Ain’t nobody, and I mean ain’t NOBODY here for that shit! Being the old lady better mean you can fix Jon quicker or something!

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  8. For the Podcast: Just this…Pod and Sansa sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. This needs to happen. I don’t …..DING DANG care who’s with me. My life will not be complete without it! Thanks, can’t wait to hear the podcast. 😚


    I called it shit last night, but I’ll stop just short of that here because I don’t want to be caught standing on the tracks when the hype train rolls through.

    The dialogue in this episode was terrible across the board. Jaime is back to saying the same shit that he did last season and in season 1. “Fuck everyone, we’ll kill everyone, we’ll take back what they took from us.” Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s almost as if his amazing season 3 character arc never even happened, and now we’re right back to the Jamie Lannister who would absolutely shove another kid out of a window without hesitation. We’ve done a full character circle.

    Why do they have Ellaria continuing to act as if Oberyn was dragged out into the street and murdered? It was a willing and legal Trial By Combat, for which one of the consequences could have always been death. Everybody seems to grasp this concept except for her, and somehow it’s allowed to continue fueling her character motivations, and it’s total nonsense. Every time someone from Dorne opened their mouths last night I wanted to go to bed. Prince Doran thinks Ellaria is “brilliant” now? What? Why? When? How?

    The dialogue was even worse when we had to read it. When did we start saying “pussy” so much on this show, and talking about pussy hair and fucking people’s grandma’s? Did we hop into American Pie and I missed it? This is not the type of vernacular that is used on this show. Is Varys going to call Tyrion a douchebag next?

    Why did Thorne & Co. leave Jon’s body laying out on the ground only to really want Jon’s body later on? Didn’t think that one out at all, Alliser.

    Brienne giving Sansa her oath was excellent though, and I got a little choked up when she forgot what to say. Aww she doesn’t know things anymore 🙁. The only thing I wish would have happened was for Brienne to grip her up in a big bear hug. And Arya was awesome because Arya. They did Bran dirty in this episode, though.

    I suspect that I’ll be in the minority by not liking this episode, but I also suspect this will get better….?


    I love this season premiere. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I now see the difference in how some shows end a season finale with a death cliff hanger & the differences between the payoffs with that’s season premiere. Thanks Nina. I’m woke now. I’m hoping we now get Cersei v. Ellaria. & the 3 bad ass snakes vs the Incredible Undead Knight. After watching Lemonade. I think Daenerys I going to unite the widows & somehow take over the Targaryens. I hope we get Jon Snow back & that it becomes a mini redemption arc for Melisandre cause clearly she’s lost her faith (therefore lost the eternal good looks that The Lord of Light blessed her with). & if that happens. How will I get more of the eerie music they play when she works her voodoo? Anyways, can’t wait her y’all thoughts….

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