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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S3E2 - Freakshow

Previously on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Aruba-Con” 

When Are We?

1870 Wisconsin

The Legends go after their first official anachronism: an extinct sabertooth tiger being held by P.T. Barnum (Billy Zane) at his traveling circus. Since it’s rated a “1” in terms of difficulty and historical impact, this should be pretty easy. Except it’s not.

When Ray, Nate, and Jax accidentally free the tiger, Sara turns to Amaya (still in 1942 Zambesi) for help in tracking and capturing the beast.

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The Mission

Jolted by Amaya’s presence, Nate has a lot too much to drink in a local bar and ends up revealing his power in front of a stunned P.T. Barnum. Since he’s close to shutting down his circus due to dwindling sales, the showmaster jumps at the chance to make Nate a part of his attractions. Jax and Ray are taken by Barnum in order to draw Nate out.

After the tiger is contained (found by Amaya and Sara; shrunken by Ray’s new shrink ray), Amaya and Nate attempt to rescue Jax and Ray while Sara deals with a member of the Time Bureau, Gary, who was sent to spy on them. Agent Sharpe arrives to retrieve Gary, but has to go through Sara first. In doing so, Sharpe lets it slip that Rip is, once again, keeping something from the Legends.

When Amaya and Nate are also captured by Barnum, a darker side of her power is revealed. She decides to remain with the Legends in order to sort through her issues.

Mission Report 

It’s great how the show embraces that the Legends can be screw-ups by having the characters acknowledge it, but they rally hard when someone else accuses them of being incompetent. It’s like how you can make fun of your mother’s cooking, but no one else better try that shit.

A flashback to when and how Amaya left Nate made it easy to see why he took the breakup so hard. Now that she’s back with the group, it’s a good thing that she and Nate cleared the air — somewhat.

Am I the only one who thought Sharpe and Sara were headed for some angry sex?

It was a Titanic reunion with Billy Zane playing Barnum and Garber as Stein. Also, the-wink-and-a-nudge reference to the film was a nice touch.

I am beyond excited with the reveal of a new villain, Kuasa, played by a Black actress (Tracy Ifeachor). She’s summed from a body of water by a cloaked figure who claims to be in league with Mallus, the mystery person Rip referenced last week. Did the figure in the cloak sound like Amaya with her voice distorted, or is it just me?

Barnum’s struggle to come up with his hook was hilarious. The Best Show on Earth? The Greatest Show on the Planet?

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S3E2 - “Freakshow” | Starring: Victor Garber, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Franz Drameh, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Amy Pemberton, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers

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