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Fear the Walking Dead - S2E3 - Ouroboros

Previously on Fear the Walking Dead, “We All Fall Down”

Dear Diary, 

After what felt like many, many, many, many, many, many months, our plane finally crashed into the ocean. It was scary and I can’t believe I’m still alive. Amazingly, so is Jake. Half his face is burned off, and he’s probably going to die, but I refuse to put him out of his misery because I feel guilty about taking his mother’s seat on the plane. Yeah, I know I should be thinking of him and his suffering, but I feel REALLY guilty.

Also, we have a chance now. These nice (but kinda scary) people are pulling our life raft with their yacht. Hold on. The captain is walking this way. Maybe he’s changed his mind and will let us aboard his boat. Fingers crossed.


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Dear Diary,

You know the fastest way to kill a boner? Hear a strange noise in the middle of the night on a boat in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. I got, like, three strokes in!

Anyway, the water filtration system on Abigail is shot and I’m the only one who can fix it. It means I have to dive under the boat a few times and clear out pumps filled with sludge, but it gets me away from Madison - I mean - it makes me feel useful, so I don’t mind. Of course she was against me doing it when I told her. She said, “That’s not how we decide things.” She’s just mad it’s not something she told me to do.

Speaking of which, while I was working she told me that Strand has a house in Mexico and that we’re going. I wanted to say, “That’s not how we decide things,” but she was standing next to a really big wrench and I’m not stupid.

I’m sick of her talking to me like a child. I’m sick of Strand treating me like the help. But I did have an opportunity to speak up for myself and put my foot down. When the kids came back from the beach, they found two survivors, but Strand didn’t want to let them aboard our boat. I demanded that we at least pull their life raft behind Abigail. And it worked!

I’m glad Strand finally respects my voice as another grown man on this yacht. We’re pulling those poor people behind us, and there’s nothing he can do about it.


Dear Diary,

My poor Ofelia. Her wound is infected and she’s all out of medicine. She wants to ask Madison for more, but I keep telling her that we cannot trust these people! I don’t care that they saved us back in Los Angeles, and they let us live with them, and they tried to help me get my wife back, and they let us come on the boat. We don’t need them up in our family business.

Fortune favors the bold and secretive so when Alicia spotted the wreckage of a plane crash on the shore, I volunteered to go with the young people. Before we left, I put a bug in Madison’s ear about Strand and Mexico. This ensured someone will be watching him while I was gone.

I almost got the wrong drugs from the luggage on the beach. Thankfully, Nick was there. That kid knows his drugs. I think he has a soft spot for Ofelia. He better sit down.


Dear Diary,

I have the worst fucking zombie apocalypse luck. I volunteered to go ashore and rummage through the plane wreckage for supplies, and of course I would be the one to find a dying man inside the plane’s cabin.

He begged me to help him get free, and I did, but then he had all this metal embedded in his back. Then he wanted me to kill him and I was like, “Are you fucking kidding me?” But he was not.

So I whacked in the head three good times with a large piece of metal and guess what? He wouldn’t die! He was just blinking at me and shit so I had to do it again, and again, and again.

Fuck my life.



Dear Diary,

Score! I got me a captain’s shirt now. It goes nicely with my grandpa pants. Speaking of grandpas, Daniel was about to bring back the wrong drugs for his hottie daughter. I was like, “Dude. No. This shit is for acid reflux and these are birth control pills! You need ALL THE ‘CILINS!”

Then I went exploring and came upon this gnarly scene. Half a dead man being eaten by crabs. Of course I was standing too close to the edge, fell on him, and had to fight him off before stabbing him in the head. Then more showed up and I had to book it.

But get this: When I was covered in their blood, they didn’t bother me. They just acted like I was one of them. That’s pretty amazing.


P.S. I kept those birth control pills cause you never know. Who would be so dumb as to get knocked up at a time like this?

Captain’s Log - Day 9

If this woman questions me one mo’ ‘gain…

First of all, Daniel needs to stop going through my shit and telling my business. I’ll have words with him later. He told Madison about Mexico, and now she’s jumping up my ass with questions and demands. I had to let her know my name is not Travis. She said if I do anything to her family she’d push me overboard.

Bitch, you can try.

And every.damn.time I let these people out of my sight, they bring home strays. They expected me to let this woman and this injured boy on board, with his face looking like a smoked brisket. Hell naw.

Travis got loud, tried to put some bass in voice, and demanded we pull them along. Aight. I got a trick for his ass. Watch this.

I cut that raft loose. I dare a motherfucker to say something, too.


Fear the Walking Dead S2E3 = 8/10
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  1. This weeks diary entries were hilarious especially strands. He must think how many times must I remind these a***** that this is my m****f**** boat! 😄

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