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Bates Motel - S4E7 - There’s No Place Like Home

Previously on Bates Motel, “The Vault”

One good confession deserves another so Romero finally tells Norma about Bob Paris’ go-bag full of money that he’d hidden in her basement. He wants her to use the money to fix up the house, something she’s wanted to do, but never had the money for - and he points out that her luck since arriving in town has been pretty crappy. Consider it a balancing of the universe, he tells her.

She reluctantly, but happily accepts, but because this is Bates Motel, we knew this happiness wouldn’t last for long.

Norman sees a picture of Norma and Romero in the paper with the caption stating they’re married. He calls the house and Romero answers. Norma lies to Norman about why Romero is there and that’s all Norman needed to demand that he be released from the hospital. Despite Dr. Edwards’ resistance, Norman proceeds to write the letter necessary for him to at least consider Norman’s request. Hoping to get Norma to change Norman’s mind, Dr. Edwards allows her to see him, but that was absolutely the wrong play.

Images: A&E

Images: A&E

Norman confronts his mother about her marriage, and she again lies and says it was only to afford his medical care. Norman pleads, cries, and begs to go home, and Norma caves. Dr. Edwards appears to have a soft spot for Norman as well, so when Norman pulls the same act, and even offers to go on medication and continue out-patient therapy, Dr. Edwards also relents.

So you have no doubt that Norman is one-hundred percent aware of his manipulations, he grins creepily after wiping away his tears once alone. He also cuts Justin where it hurts when he admits that unlike Justin, he knows how to behave like a normal person and make people feel at ease. Well, “at ease” may be a bit of a stretch, but Norman can certainly play the victim to get what he wants.

Norma’s acquiesce is especially frustrating because Dylan confronted her about the whereabouts of Emma’s mother, Audrey. He knows she stayed at the hotel and no one has seen her since. He flat out says he’s concerned that Norman did something to her and we know that Norma believes this as well. Norma letting Norman come home isn’t just giving in to her baby because she feels bad, it’s putting other people in danger.

Bates Motel S4E7 - Dylan and Emma

Dylan is in love with Emma, and I love this relationship. I’m hoping they can escape to Seattle unscathed, but since Dylan vows to figure out what happened to Audrey, I am almost positive there won’t be a happily ever after for those two. And it appears that the honeymoon is now over for Romero and Norma now that Norman’s coming home.

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