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Game of Thrones - S6E2 - Home

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Red Woman”

Winterfell in Better Days

The Three-Eyed Raven has taken Bran, who is now a grown-ass man of forty-five, to Winterfell in the good old days - back when Ned was a boy, his sister Lyanna was alive, Ser Rodrick’s braided mutton chops had a lot less chop, and when Hodor was Wylis the stable boy with a robust vocabulary. The Raven doesn’t allow Bran to stay as long as he’d like and brings him back to the present day, which is a lot less pleasant.

Just ask Meera, who sits in the snow mourning her brother while Bran is on his vision quests. She’s bored, but one of the snow children fairy people tells her that Bran will be needing her once he leaves.

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The Boy Who Finally Decides to Be King

If you come for the queen, you best not do it where Mountainstein can hear you. One drunken resident of the capital learns this the hard way when Ser Robert Strong cleans the wall with his brains after hearing him besmirch Cersei’s good name.

He almost has to prove his devotion again when Tommen’s Kingsguard block Cersei from attending Myrcella’s funeral under orders from the king. Cersei backs down and returns to her quarters, saving Mountainstein from having to clean more walls.

In the sept, Tommen tells his Uncle Daddy that he’s keeping Cersei away for her own protection. It appears the king is now feeling thoroughly punked by the High Sparrow, who crashes the service. Jaime instructs Tommen to visit his mother and seek her forgiveness while he deals with the High Sparrow and his stupid, sanctimonious face - my words; not his.

Jaime makes it clear he doesn’t appreciate the whole imprisonment and Walk of Shame business, and the High Sparrow makes it clear that he is absent of fucks about Jaime’s feelings. This is punctuated by the arrival of his Squad of Sparrows.

The meeting between Cersei and Tommen is much warmer as he apologizes for hiding in his room instead of laying down some royal smiting. Then he says what Cersei has been waiting to hear since her first son to the throne: he needs her.

The Dragon Whisperer

The situation in Meereen is still pretty terrible. No one knows who burned Daenerys’ fleet and the liberated cities of Astapor and Yunkai have been enslaved once more. Oh, and the dragons are refusing to eat because they miss their mommy.

Tyrion believes they’re up in their feelings because they’ve been enslaved as well, and fueled by too much wine and having read too many dragon books as a boy, he decides he’ll be the one to free them.

It turns out Rhaegal and Viserion are quite reasonable as dragons go and they allow Tyrion to remove their chains with only a bit of growling and flashing of their pilot lights.

Still, Tyrion gives Varys permission to punch him in the face the next time Tyrion has another such bright idea. I’m looking forward to moments when Varys suddenly clocks Tyrion in the mouth. “Hey, you looked like you were thinking!”

The Girl with No Name

The waif drops by for her daily beating of Arya’s ass. Once Arya is properly fed up with her shit, Jaqen appears. He offers her shelter, food, and the return of her eyesight if she’ll just say her name. She insists she has none and is rewarded with the return to The House of Black and White.

Walda, You in Danger, Girl

Now that Sansa and Theon are long gone - and killed a half dozen of Roose’s men in the process - Ramsay suggests killing Jon at Castle Black to ensure that Sansa has no safe harbor and to eliminate the possibility of Jon claiming the North in the Stark’s name. Roose dismisses this as the plan of a madman (No shit, dude.) and says it would only rally the North against them.

In what can only be described as the worst.timing.ever, Roose receives word his new son has just been born and this all but cements Ramsay’s backup plan of stabbing his father in the heart, Red Wedding-style.

Karma, thy name is You Raised This Little Psychopath and You Don’t Get Peaches from a Lemon Tree.

What of Lady Walda and her newborn baby? Let’s just say it’s been a good week for the hounds.

If Roose had agreed to Ramsay’s plan, would he still be alive? If Walda’s baby had been a girl, would Roose still be alive? Do we really care? Roose was an asshole.

Meanwhile, Brienne’s first order of business in Sansa’s service is to lie to her. She tells her of seeing Arya, but fails to mention that the man whose company she was keeping was The Hound’s. Then she asks what happened at Winterfell, because Brienne is crappy at reading the temperature of the room.

Even though Sansa is sure Jon will forgive Theon (and his sins will be forgiven when he takes the black), he doesn’t want it. He’s not going to The Wall. The two share a surprisingly tearful and touching goodbye and Theon announces he’s going home.

Does Brienne withhold info about The Hound because she doesn’t want to scare Sansa?

In Pyke, The Bridge Crosses You

Balon Greyjoy’s mood matches the weather in Pyke: cold and shitty. The loss of Deepwood Motte isn’t enough for him to give up his attempt to take the Iron Throne. Somebody forgot to tell him The War of the Five Kings is over. Yara tries, but he’s not going to listen to a silly woman.

While crossing a ridiculously rickety bridge in what looks to be a hurricane, Balon is confronted by a man who calls him brother. Because every Westerosi family is more dysfunctional than the last, Balon’s brother tosses him off the bridge to his death.

A holy man wastes no time informing Yara that her claim to her father’s title is not a given, and that we’ll all have to sit through something called the Kingsmoot.

Oh, greyjoy.

Double Treason

The deadline has arrived and Alliser Thorne wants to know if Ser Davos and his men are ready to surrender and leave in peace. The sounds of drawn swords tells him their answer is no. Before they can break through the door, the calvary arrives and they have a Wun Wun. Thorne said earlier that no one had to die that night, and that was almost true until one poor bastard decided to shoot Wun Wun with an arrow. Remember what Mountainstein did to that one guy? Well, this is like that except the giant cleaned the wall with this man’s everything. The other Night’s Watch men lay down their weapons, despite Alliser’s protest and Olly getting froggy.

While Tormund’s men prepare Jon’s funeral pyre, Davos implores Melisandre to use any magic she knows to bring Jon back. Faithless, she refuses. Davos was never a religious man, but he’s seen what she can do. She eventually tries, and when the Valyrian doesn’t do the trick she resorts to an old-fashion “please.” Still, no resurrection.

That is until everyone leaves except Ghost, and Jon suddenly awakens.

And then the internet lost its damn mind.

Game of Thrones S6E2 = 8.9/10
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 8.5/10
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15 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E2 - Home

  1. For the podcast:

    Am I a heathen if I considered yesterday another resurrection Sunday? I am? Ok I understand, but I’m still gonna say he has risen and I’m here for it!

    Can we agree that Ramsey is the most evil character of the entire series? Father-killing is one thing but having the hounds eat a newborn baby and your mother is another level. This was a great episode and I can’t wait for the recap.

    I’ll keep this brief, because I’m sure there’s lots of feedback to get through. This episode was beastly as fuck. Damn, I love this show!
    1. African Name – I will no longer refer to Hodor by his slave name. From here on out I will refer to this man by his given, African name Willis! But every time he says that other name I will instinctively think “What you talkin’ bout, Willis??????”
    2. The Boltons – Yo, fuck this entire family. Just as I was about to type that either Roose or Ramsey was gonna kill the other before it’s all said and done, BOOM Ramsey shanked him like he owed him a box if cigarettes in Pelican Bay. And if that wasn’t bad enough, this sick fuck went Full Ramsey and fed a woman and baby to dogs. You NEVER go Full Ramsey. He gotta die! He’s way worse than Joffery.
    3. Black Love – Shout out to Grey and Misande! Black Love, Baby!!!!!!!
    4. John Snow’s 3 Ep Arc – Yo can we talk about how dope this 3 episode death arc for John Snow (e.g. end of S5 and the start of S6) has been? THIS is how it’s done. This show handled it perfectly. No bullshit, no cuteness, no teasing from the cast and crew. Just tight, precise, great story telling. Now we’ve got him back and have 8 more episodes to see what happens next with him.

  3. In the books Hodor’s real name is Walder. It is known. This was a long setup for a Willis joke


    Finally a great episode from start to finish. I’ve been hate watching this show for so long that I forgot what it’s like to enjoy it (Minus the last 15 minutes of Hardhome, of course).

    I made an undefinable noise with my mouth when Lyanna came riding into Winterfell on her horse. This show has really done itself a disservice by not doing more small backstory flashbacks like this. Or maybe that’s only something readers would enjoy, I don’t know.

    Tyrion with the dragons was great. It gave me serious Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park vibes. I’m ready for Rhaegal and Viseryon to burn down this entire plot.

    This episode was helped immensely by the absence of Daenerys and Dorne, who continuously drag this show down to the dirt any time they’re on screen.

  5. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Girl I cannot with this show! I love this show!

    Tyrion must have been listening to Sisqo or something because he unleashed the dragon! I wasn’t certain this was going over well because I thought the dragons only understood Valyrian. But I guess they’ve been down there with Rosetta Stone for the Common Tongue. Good for them. Shout out to Missandei and Grey Worm who have been using their new promotion money to go to Mereen 5th Avenue and get some new outfits! I loved it. I also noticed that look they shared when Varys was saying the masters started enslaving people again. They looked at each other. #NeverAgain

    That’s cute they’re trying to make Theon redeemable, but he listed all the reasons that I’m not so quick to forgive him yet. And I still DGAF about the Greyjoy storyline. Skip.

    Shout out to Melissandre! Nothing like an athiest to strengthen your faith! Davos came in like “I don’t believe in this shit but clearly it works for you so get your ass in there and pray over Jon.” She took her mustard seed of faith and BAM! Jon is BACK! Don’t let NOTHING shake your faith, people!! BTW- THAT is how you handle a fake-me-out death, Walking Dead.

    I don’t even know what to say about Ramsay Snow. Yes, Snow. Good God. I’m not mourning Roose though. But poor BBW Walda and Roose Jr. Both Ramsay AND Joffrey had newborns killed. Wow.

    Adore you guys! I’m so ready for this podcast and Donald’s old black man laughs!


    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

    Everyone has basically mentioned all the fan-fuckin-tastic parts of the episode. Tyrion & the Dragons! Jamie stepping to Bernie Sparrow, which after seeing that online, I will forever refer to him like that, and of course all the good shit that happened at the Wall with the best being Jon Snow back from the dead!

    Of course FUCK Ramsey! There’s a seat in hell right next to Joffrey for his evil ass!

    So I’m closing with something folks probably won’t mention. Shout out to Varys staying at the top of the stairs next to the door when Tyrion went down to chat with the dragons. He was ready to run if need be. Lol.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! What do you guys think Jon will do to the traitors? And am I the only one who wants to see a cage match between Frankenmountain & Wun Wun? Who would win?

  7. For the Podcast:

    So… When Jon walk up in the traitor’s cells singing “I’m on a new level, I’m on a new level
    I’m on a new level, I’m on a new level. Bought me a new shovel, put these niggas in the dirt.” what do you think the reaction is gonna be? Also, he gotta kill them now, right? Cause hopefully he has an icebox where his heart used to be and he extra petty now. I thought he was dead y’all, like dead dead… Then I seen his wolf and thought “They showing him for a reason” when they cut back a second time I knew Jon was back.

    Next week we about to see Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion reunite to save mommy next week or soon, right? It would be a great show of aggression.

    Do you guys think it’ll be an all out civil war at King’s Landing?

    And this show hate babies, did we ever get that babies name? If Not Prince Puppy Chow seems about right.

    Looking forward to the show as always.

    It was lit fam!
    *drops the mic like Obama*

  9. The red woman was sounding like one of those TV preachers that beg people for money when she was trying to resurrect Jon Snow

    I’m curious to know if Jon had warged or whatever it’s called into Ghost’s body when he was dead.

    Bran joined up with that tree and sprouted up like one at the same damn time.

    Something pretty messed up had to happen for Hodor to embrace his slave name. But they didn’t even chop off one of his feet like Kunta Kente

    I had a hard time knowing who stabbed who when the boltons was all hugged up. I hoped they would have kill each other.

  10. Brace yourselves what you talking bout wyllis hodor memes are coming lol

  11. For the podcast: I would just like to give a special Beyonce Sorry type of middle finger to all my coworkers who laughed at me when I said that Jon Snow would be Resurrected by the 3rd episode. You know I was underwhelmed last week

    Very good episode, entertaining action packed, several storylines. Some observations:
    J Snow lives-as if we didn’t see this coming 😎 but I wonder is it him?? Or did he return as some1 else??
    Cersei-unfortunately that man I learned a life altering lesson-slander her @ yr own risk.
    Missandre & Grey-the Michelle & Barack of meering.
    Welcome back Bran/Greyjoys (rip papa Greyjoy)
    Hodge formerly known as wilst-that was a pleasant surprise that Jodie once hadvs
    Ramsay Bolton-cold blooded b******/man has a black heart/
    Was his true father evil incarnate??
    Trying…operative word “trying to keep it short” 😄

  13. We can all breathe easier now that Jon is back.

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