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Game of Thrones - S6E6 - Blood of My Blood

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Door”

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“You Are the Three-Eyed Raven Now.”

Meera so ride or die. She continues to pull Bran through the snow while he’s still using his Greensight to see the past (Ned’s death, the Red Wedding, King Aerys yelling “Burn them all” on the Iron Throne, Jaime killing the king, etc.) and possibly the future - wildfire under King’s Landing. He awakens long enough to tell Meera the dead have found them. She tearfully apologizes to him and prepares to go out fighting, but a masked rider appears to kill the wights and take them both to safety.

Later, he reveals himself to be Benjen Stark, looking more wight than man. He was stabbed by a White Walker, left to die, but saved by The Children with a shard of dragonglass to the heart. He tells his nephew he’s the Three-Eyed Raven now and he will be there when the Night’s King finally arrives at The Wall.

“He Can Bloody Well Try.”

Sam’s father is just as terrible as we imagined. Over dinner he fat shames Sam, and when Gilly lets it slip she’s a wildling he shows his entire ass at the dinner table. Still, he agrees to take in Gilly and baby Sam. Later that night, Sam changes his mind and takes Gilly and the baby with him, and steals the family’s Valyrian sword, Heartsbane, for good measure.

Sam was right about one thing: his mother and sister are lovely.

“He’s Beaten Us. That’s What’s Happening.” 

Tommen is finally allowed to see Margaery, who has seen the light of the seven Gods. She doesn’t seem nearly as upset about her upcoming walk as she should be.

So, it should come as no surprise when the High Sparrow announces she doesn’t have to walk because she has brought someone into the faith: King Tommen - but it’s still a damn surprise. The church and the crown are now truly the two pillars of the kingdom.

And here Mace Tyrell put on his fighting clothes for nothing.

Jaime is punished for his role in the insurrection that never was and stripped of his place in the Kingsguard. He’s to head the Lannister army and travel to Riverrun to meet with the Blackfish, who has reclaimed his family castle, much to Walder Frey’s annoyance - but more on his raggedy ass later.

Jaime is furious, but Cersei advises him to do as he’s told. They’ll bide their time, reclaim what’s theirs, break their enemies, blah, blah, blah. Also, more incest.

“Don’t Let Her Suffer.”

After watching the play for the third time, Arya has a conversation with Lady Crane and encourages her to change her final speech to her liking. When Lady Crane later prepares to drink the poisoned rum, Arya slaps it out of her hands and warns her to keep an eye on the other actress who “wants you dead.”

The waif sees all and reports back to Jaqen. He finally satisfies the waif’s lady boner to kill Arya, but orders that she not let Arya suffer. Meanwhile, Arya retrieves Needle and hides.

Jaqen is so over Arya’s shit.

“Take That Castle Back.”

Walder Frey’s evil ass is surrounded by fuck-ups. He orders his sons to reclaim Riverrun though they insist they can’t because the Blackfish is mean. Walder reminds them that they killed Rob and Catelyn, and they still have Edmure. They need to remind Blackfish of those facts so he’ll stand down.

Walder acting brand-ass new.

“I Take What is Mine.”

Still a week’s ride from Meereen, Daenerys wonders how many ships she’ll need to take her crew to Westeros. At least a thousand, Daario estimates.

Daenerys is like, “Aight. Be right back.”

She rides off and returns on the back of Drogon. She doesn’t choose three blood riders, but all the blood riders. They chant, cheer, and agree to ride with her to Westeros (and anywhere, really), because dragons.

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14 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E6 - Blood of My Blood

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Am I the only one who cannot get into the Dany storyline? I actively try to be interested because I can see the GRRM is setting her up to be the overall hero of ASOIF but I barely care. We have listened to her holler and wail on for six damm seasons about how she is the shit and she’s going to take over the world, break the wheel and fuck shit up, yada yada. But unless she is burning people alive, I can’t find any enthusiasm for her. I don’t dislike her but I just find her story hard to care about. Get your ass over to Westeros and stop with the big hoity toity speeches. Now if GRRM made it so she did go nucking futs and embrace the Mad King inside her and maybe Jon had to come in and put a little ice on her fire, maybe then I would stop eye rolling every time she shows up. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone that loves Dany but I just find myself bored with much of her story. Looking forward to the podcast. ❤

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: Great episode overall. Shout out to Margery proving Red Foxx’s comment in Harlem Nights about a woman having some MEAN “Nootsie” as Devin would say when she can make a man changes Gods. She did that shit for real. I loved it… I literally said “Who the fuck is this???” when Benjin showed up. And even when he revealed himself, I was like “Who the fuck is this???”. Anyway, shout out to him being a Day Walker like Quinlan and them on The Strain. Oh, and those visions Bran had? Beastly. The Night King scares the shit out of me… Speaking of The Strain, how about Walder Frey’s punk ass showing up talking all that shit? And since I brought up The Strain, Nina can I get you to say something in the Setrakian voice? Maybe his interpretation of some of the shade Frey threw? That would be some some David Bradley Inception type shit… Yo, speaking of shade, this whole episode should have been called “Shade Of My Shade”, because there was PLENTY of it all night… I’m still not much of a Dany fan, but her sitting on top of Drogon and firing up the troops was pretty dope. Also, am I the only one who has never seen the dragons as her “children”? To me, they’re her pets. I actually think the whole thing about them being her kids is weird. Maybe I’m buggin, I don’t know… Sam’s story line still kinda bores me, but it was OK last night. How about that dad of his? You know that nigga flies the Confederate flag and votes Republican… Finally, my girl Arya. I’m cool with her being Arya and getting Needle, but I wasn’t as pressed to see that as many people. I was really interested in seeing her complete her training and being Faceless. She would have still been Arya to me, so what she calls herself wouldn’t have mattered. Plus, the possibilities of what she could’ve done as a Faceless person really intrigued me. She could have snuck in a big kill at some point, and blown our minds when it was revealed that it was her wearing a mask the whole time. But now she pissed these niggas off and put a huge target on her back. If anything happens to her I’ll be sad/mad. But I’ll also feel like she brought it on herself because of what she did in this episode. Why, Arya. Why????????

  3. Linda Frem: Hi Nina, Jon and Anton! I enjoyed this episode for what it was, a television version of a citation in an essay. Bran getting the Raven Coles notes of the thrones universe was a good refresher and possible flash forward for what’s to come? I haven’t read the books but i like how much progression (plot and character wise) this season has made from the previous seasons. I enjoyed the Sam/Gilly scenes because we got House Hunters International, Pretty Woman and Meet the Fockers all in one! My girl Arya was great this episode, she recovered her hattori hanzo sword (aka Needle) and now she’s probably going to have to fight the many faceless ninja order. As usual Dany gave a rousing Friday Night lights speech but her scenes were meh until Drogon came in like a majestic butterfly. Anyway looking forward to the Podcast byeeeee!!!


    This episode was ok. Nothing to get me hyped up. Just ok.

    Now we finally know what happened to Benjen Stark. At least he’s still siding with his family even when he’s a bit on the chilly side. Do you think there are others out there that the Children of the Forest “rescued” from the White Walkers?

    Damnit Arya! You had one job! Yes that lady was nice and definitely the best actor out the bunch but now you got faceless assassins after your ass! And you know the waif was just waiting for the ok to kill her! So do you think Arya will escape them? Will she return to Westeros? Where will she go?

    Sam’s dad is the worst. Do you think he’ll go after Sam for taking the much needed sword?

    So is Margary playing a long con or is she truly a convert? What’s the next step for Lady Olleana and them? And will Cercei fuck it up?

    Setrakian!!! And the asshole from Outlander! They got other jobs. They can be killed off.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. And Drogon got big af! Damn!

  5. We saw Guess Who’s coming to Dinner at the Tarly house. Randall Tarly really ain’t put no respeck on Sam’s name. I mean he really is the Donald Trump of Westeros. Make Westeros Great again and keep them wildlings on the other side of the wall.

    Arya gets on my nerves, why can’t a girl ever do what the hell she is supposed to do?! The story arc is the only thing that will protect her when the Waif come after her ass

    I was supporting Jamie until he kissed his sister in the mouf again… But the funniest moment in Kings Landing had to be when Lady Olenna came out there with that church fan!!! Either it was real hot or she had to fan away the stench of the high sanders. Out there pandering to the poor by not taking a bath. But seriously is Margaery playing everyone or has she really become this devout?

    Glad to see Jamie is going to River Run, there’s a possible encounter with Brienne as well as LS…

  6. (Note: I posted my thoughts on project fandom as well-just delete the duplicate posted in the wrong forum)😳
    Bejen Stark/Walter Frey/Edmund Tulley-I’m going 2 need a program 2 figure out whose who/when there were on GOT
    So did Margery/tommen/sparrows make lemonade to seal the deal? Must admire cersei’s approach 2 these developments cause I thought she would go off!
    Gilly & Sam not my fav but props to her for sticking up 4 Sam while he was absorbing major shade from dad. Sam gets 👍🏽 for taking his family & sword then moving on.
    How about that Dany getting main dragon back & railing her people!?! When she disappeared I thought she sensed the fugitive iron born crew approaching the bay…go Dani! 😄
    Arya vs waif-put my $$$ on arya-she’s found her sword, blew out the candle-she’s like enough of this “ish”.
    I’m done! Awaiting new podcast

    Alright! Spoilers and spec! Hey Nina, hey Anton. We have two major characters heading to treat with the Blackfish at Riverrun. Do you think we’re going to get those iconic book moments? Without LS what will be different? What do you think about the odd of getting LS now that the Freys and BwoB are back?

    Spec: How far south do you think the White Walkers will get? Even though I don’t want them to takeover I want folks like the Tarlys to see how dangerous the North is and how needed The Watch is too.

    Finally, Bran downloaded a lot of info but he doesn’t understand it all. Do you think we’ll get a lot more flashbacks? Will Benjen Coldhands explain it all?

  8. “Walder Frey’s evil ass is surrounded by fuck-ups.” BRB… Have to go wash my face and neck because I just snorted blue raspberry Kool-Aid out my goddamn nose.

  9. FOR THE PODCAST: This was another good episode this season that left me with a lot questions, but it also set up a lot of exciting things to come. The one thing I’ve had enough of is Daenerys too many titles and her damn speeches. We get it she has dragons and that’s cool, but her fight to rule the 7 kingdoms seems passé and I’m over it. I like Sam and Gilly in small doses and this episode I hit my limit with them for the season because it feels like the only reason we had to watch that was so Sam would have a reason to get that sword, so what’s next for them? I assume he still can’t take Gilly and that baby to maester school, so Is Sam just going to take them back to the wall? What’s going to happen when his dad and brother start looking for him to get that sword back? Ghost isn’t around to stop him from getting his ass beat this time. I thought we were going to see fighting in King’s Landing this week, but I should’ve known better because it was a Cersei plan and those never work. Good on Margaery for getting herself out of prison and grabbing the power for herself, and poor Tommen has no idea what’s going on on around him and I can’t even be mad at him because I think he going to die this season. Cersei seemed way too calm and confident about her trial by combat and we don’t really have any confirmation that the high sparrow will allow trial by combat because they really have no reason to allow it. I liked all of the Starks this week and I’m so happy Arya finally has needle back, but a girl better watch her back because the waif is no joke. I love this season and the preview for next week looks really good and I just can’t wait for the next episode.

    I LOVE THIS FUCKING SHOW!!!! 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
    The promo that Dany cut on all of westeros had me feeling some type of way, it’s was the remix of one of my favorite scenes from season 1 with Drogo!!

    We all know I don’t condone reading but damn Randyll adding fat shaming, slut shaming, and nerd shaming in one sitting!! I also didn’t know he was such a fan of the Atkins diet, although it is a fair question to wonder how Sam’s ass ain’t drop no weight I mean u send me to wall I’m gonna die of starvation after seeing them eat pigs feet a week ago

    Lastly OMG coldjen?!?! I like that, I like that *dj khalad voice* ! At this point do we know if bran knows who pushed him or nah?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! ✌🏾️🚶🏾

  11. For the podcast:

    Hello Nina, John and Anton.

    Watching naive, inexperienced characters stumbling around making mistakes is the thing most likely to make me lose interest in a story. It’s why I love characters like Tywin, Lady Olena, Jeor and Allisser. Even when they are making choices I disagree with, they drive the story forward.
    This episode was littered with characters like this and I loved it.

    Margaery had already shown that she’s capable of understanding and executing her grandmothers plots. But during her isolation she’s had to come up with her own plan. I feel like we’re seeing her evolve from lady to queen.
    I wasn’t that interested in the Kings Landing story until now. Between the dragons and white walkers, who cares about the deck chairs on the titanic!?!
    Plus I have no sympathy for Cersi and don’t really want her to get revenge on the Sparrow.
    Now that Margaery is free I can’t wait to see her end game.

    I’m really hoping uncle Benjen can provide some wisdom and protection to Meera and Bran. And I hope Sam’s mother poisons her husband and marries Bron. And marries Pod to her daughter. Who would make a suitable match for little Dickon Tarly?

    Excellent work with the podcast. Keep up the great work. I’m off to write some fan fiction.


  12. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    I’m probably too late so I’ll keep this short. Daenerys, I know you’re in Formation, but I just don’t believe you. You’ve been screaming about going to Westeros for SIX seasons and barely moved outside of a 3 mile radius. Girl bye. You ain’t going nowhere.

    I love how Margaery more or less is getting the Lannisters up outta here. Don’t forget to clue your grandmama in.

    Shout out to the fact that neither Bran NOR Meera addressed how they got Hodor killed…or mentioned Summer.

  13. For the podcast:

    Love this episode. I’ve probably watch Bran’s flashbacks bout fifty eleven times.

    Quick questions: Who’s a Black Fish? What’s a Black Fish? I honestly didn’t remember any of his “Previously On” scenes or when Walder talked about him in past seasons.

    I can’t tell if Margery drunk the Kool-Aid or is stirring the Kool-Aid?

    Still don’t understand why Jamie is going to the Riverlands?

    Love you guys and the podcast

  14. Quick feedback FOR THE PODCAST

    Loved this episode! Glad that they are still able to put stuff in for us book readers! We got motherfucking Cold Hands finally baby. And it’s Benjen! I hollered! Hopefully we’ll get to see that other person soon. Walder Setrakian pretty much set it up.

    Fuck Randyl Tarley but his house is dope as shit tho!. Glad Sam grew some balls and got his woman and child out that toxic environment. But where they gone go?!

    Bernie Sparrow running this shit now! As soon as I saw Margery still had her sew in I knew something was up! Too bad Jamie had to give up his gold cloak behind it tho: But it’s cool. Jamie was all in Cersei’s chamber’s singing to her: If we tried that we could be/Somewhere that the climate is warm, long as you around me/I swear that everything will be just fine/ lI wish that we could take some time/Go anywhere, baby I don’t mind l/Hey, there’s no we without you and I/Oh, yea, ah yea!

    And Dany is still on that privilege

    Love you guys. Can’t wait for next week!

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