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Game of Thrones - S6E7 - The Broken Man

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Blood of My Blood”

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When I saw we were getting a cold open instead of the usual theme music lead-in, I knew it would be lit.

A group of people are building a church on the hillside. Is this a vision of Bran’s? A regular flashback? And who’s that one guy carrying a tree trunk by himself?

Oh, my God. The Hound lives! He’s a part of this kind community led by Septon Ian McShane, who swears and is already infinitely more likable than the High Sparrow. He counsels on The Hound on his purpose - he must have one because he’s still here; hard to kill - and how a man can change. It’s pretty fucking adorable.

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Of course, this doesn’t last. A trio from The Brotherhood Without Banners try to run their pockets, but Septon McShane puts them off. They return and slaughter everyone while The Hound is out getting firewood.

It’s so fucking on now.

Blink Twice for Danger

Margaery is playing the born-again role to perfection. She prays a lot. She’s wearing dresses that cover her body from neck to ankles. She’s smirking less. She’s abstaining from sex with her husband. Whoa. Slow down there, your highness. The High Sparrow reminds Margaery that desire be damn, it is her duty to provide her husband with an heir. Then he threatens Lady Olenna, who is unsurprisingly not playing along to get along.

Margaery meets with her grandmother under the judgmental and creepy gaze of Septa Unella. The Queen of Thorns refuses to believe this is the real Margaery before her and begs that she return to Highgarden. Margaery refuses, citing her wifely duties and newfound faith. What about Loras? Well, he’s still cooling his heels in the sept’s cells until he repents. That’s enough for Lady Olenna to stay in the capital, but Margaery again implores her to leave. Finally, she slips her grandmother a note and only then does Olenna back off. Alone, she unfolds the paper.

What is it? A bulleted list of Margaery’s plans? Dirt they can use to get rid of the High Sparrow? No, it’s a sketch of a rose. That’s… helpful.

Before heading home, Lady Olenna has one last verbal sparring match with Cersei, who wants an alliance. Lady Olenna breaks it down thusly:

I hate you. You suck. You’re evil. You fucked me over. No. I’m never helping you. This is all your fault. I hate your face SO much. I hate you like Mrs. White hated Yvette the maid for fucking her husband. No one likes you. You’re alone. I hope you die.

A Closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Fed

Jon approaches the Wildlings to ask their assistance in fighting for Winterfell. They’re apprehensive, of course. That wasn’t the deal when Jon gave them safe passage beyond the wall. Still, joining Jon makes sense and he pleads his case well. If the Bolton army and their allies defeat Jon (and they will without the Wildlings’ help), they will turn their attention to slaughtering the Wildlings.

Wun Wun is the first to get on board. He’s like, “Whose mammoth we taking?”

Next, they head to Bear Island where they ask Lady Lyanna Mormont for her fighting men. She’s about ten-years-old and not here for the play play. She don’t care about Jon’s close relationship with her uncle. She wants receipts. Why should she get involved? In steps Davos to warn of the White Walkers and finally Lady Mormont agrees. She will provide them with all 62 of her fighting men.

Not 62,000. Not 6,200. 62.

6 in the tens place and 2 in the ones place 62.

Jon is like, “Is this Common Core?”

Finally, they visit Lord Glover, who doesn’t even need to think about it. Nope. The Boltons helped them get their land back from the Ironborn. What have you done for them lately, Jon and Sansa? Glover lists all of Robb’s poor decisions and says House Stark died with Robb.


Jon’s army - less than 5,000 total - are camped where Stannis’ army made their command center. Jon also wants to strike soon - just like Stannis did - so they’re not trapped by a storm. Sansa has little faith in their motley crew and insists they enlist more help before making a move. Jon won’t budge.

Sansa sends a raven. Most likely to Littlefinger. If you pause it and look closely at the parchment you can just make out:

Dear Petyr,

Remember how I said you should go fuck yourself? Yeah. About that…

The Freys Can’t Do Shit Right

Jaime arrives at Riverrun to find a sad, sad state of affairs. The Freys threaten to hang Edmure if the Blackfish doesn’t surrender the castle. Blackfish is like, “Nah.” Then they threaten to slit Edmure’s throat because the method is clearly what’s stopping them from getting their way. Blackfish is like, “Nah.” Bluff called, they resolve to try again later. Jaime puts an end to that, slaps a few faces, and places Bronn in charge of making their siege look more siege-y and less like a broke-ass Bonnaroo.

He parlays with the Blackfish, who’s still like, “Nah.” He’s not giving up his home; he’s willing to die there. They have supplies to last two years. Jaime does not.


Yara, Fix My Life

The Greyjoys are headed for Meereen to make a deal with Daenerys, but first they stop for a little R&R. Yara is all about the booze and women, but Theon.. not so much. Yara has had enough of broken Theon. If he’s truly beyond repair, then he should kill himself. But if the real Theon is still in there, she commands him to come out and play. She says all this while forcing him to down a flagon of ale.

This is pretty much the worst therapy ever. We’ll see if it works.

A Girl Done Fucked Up 

Arya books passage on a ship headed for Westeros the next day, but she’s attacked by the Waif wearing the face of an old woman. She stabs Arya twice in the stomach, twisting the blade. Arya escapes by jumping off a bridge and into the water. When she surfaces, she walks through the street bleeding. No one helps.

I’m 50/50 on whether that was Arya or Jaqen wearing Arya’s face. I’m leaning towards it really being her.

But a girl done fucked up, and I don’t mean Arya. Jaqen said Arya shouldn’t suffer, and instead of slitting Arya’s throat, the Waif took her time and pleasure in stabbing Arya.

Waif, who hurt you, boo?

Game of Thrones S6E7 = 8.3/10
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24 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E7 - The Broken Man

  1. I don’t know why there are complaints. This was another episode building to something.
    The Hound tries settling down. Everybody reminding John and Sansa how Rob fucked up. Cersei got served a hot dish of “This shit is your fucking fault. STFU!” Blackfish’s fucks were in short supply. And “Arya”…hmm.
    The pieces are moving in place.
    Oh and Yara can suck a titty big ass ring pop. I mean she was all on that titty.

    What’s to complain about?
    PF FO’ LIFE!

  2. Great review-interesting thoughts re arya/it seemed too easy


    I quickly sat up when I realized there was no theme song, then I was like “is that Bucky?” I started clapping when the Hound dropped that log and turned around with his burnt-ass face. I’m loving the Sansa/Jon road trip but I had actually forgot how much Robb had messed things up before his death. I hate to see Jon and Sansa be told no but then again I’m like “I see no lies here.”

    I’m sure you guys will cover this, but do you think Lady Olenna knows Margerie is playing the game and that’s why she’s leaving or has she been scared enough by the Faith Militant to leave town?

    Great recaps on both the regular and premium feeds!


    How enjoyable is this show that four minor supporting characters are so fun to watch . Bronn, Tormund, Lady Olenna and the Hound! I was certain the Hound was worms meat.

    As for Jamie. I had forgotten he vowed
    To find Sansa and Arya and he didn’t do shit. I hope the Blackfish keeps that Castle. Fuck Jamie.

    And Last when that sappy music started playing as Arya is all lost in the emotions of leaving Bravos - I was like get it together Arya!! You aren’t back home yet!

  5. For the podcast: Arya wouldn’t have been proudly parading through the streets with bags of gold or stopping to admire the view from a bridge. Hell, when we last saw her, she was literally holed up in a tiny space, hiding in the dark. Nope, the Waif either stabbed Jaqen or possibly some innocent tool Jaqen made to appear like Arya.


    This has become my favorite season of Game of Thrones since the first
    one! Everybody is clapping back and I love it! The Hound is BYKE!!! I
    hollered and pumped my fists when he was revealed. Clegane Bowl 2016
    is in full effect! All Summer Sixteen All Summer Sixteen

    Why does every northern house look 10 times better than Winterfell in
    its heyday?! Bear Island was nice as shit, I think they even had
    electricity! I liked that Sansa spoke up for herself and her house but
    apparently those houses still salty about that Robb and Talisa shit. I
    see no lies though he did fuck up!

    Blackfish was the best! He called Jaime a bitch to his face and dared
    him to do something bout it! Those Freys ain’t bout that life.

    Y’all thought Arya was safe huh?! The Double D’s don’t give a fuck
    about your feelings! GRRM said fuck your favorite character! This Game
    of Thrones baby ANYBODY can get GOT!!! She shouldn’t have been walking
    around in the daytime sightseeing and shit like shit was all good!

    I wish we got more of Ian McShane. That was probably total stunt
    casting but the little we did get of him was cool. But the Brotherhood
    Without Banners out here on no fucks given pillaging tour, I wonder
    what that’s about. They were pretty noble last time we saw them, must
    be a problem with the leadership. *wink*

    Thanks all I got. Love you guys Take care!


    I’ve been really impressed with how things have been introduced this season. My MVPs of the episode are: Lady Olenna (for her etherous verbal beatdown of Cersei), Queen Marge (her long Con game is at power level 9000) and finally the rookie of the year Lady Lyanna Mormont. Gaaaadayum how could someone so young be so cold and diplomatic? I bet her 62 Bear island fighters are like having 6 or so Samoans in your crew.

    Anyway my “holy shit” moments of the episode came from the Hound’s return and Arya damn near getting disemboweled on the bridge. People are never going to stop doing their touchdown dance at the 1 yard line. Lol.

    Love the recaps and I look forward to listening them while on vacation. Aloha y’all. Peace.


    I decided not to totally shit on this episode, because it’s the first episode all season that I really thought sucked, so I’ll leave it alone for now, plus next week looks like it’s going to be awesome. I will voice one complaint however because it drove me crazy.

    Why the hell is Jon the opening act on the Ain’t Shit World Tour? Why is Davos being written to deliver this speech about the dead when JON WAS FUCKING THERE?? You’re back from the dead and you’ve seen some serious shit Jon, it’s time to use your fucking words. You know, something like:

    “Jeor gifted me with Longclaw, the ancient Valyrian blade of YOUR House, because I saved his life from the re-animated corpse of a dead brother. I went to Hardhome, where an army of the dead lead by FOUR APOCALYPTIC WHITE WALKIN’ MOTHERFUCKERS- one of whom I killed with your family’s ancestral sword like a total boss bee tee dubs- stormed an encampment of wildlings and slaughtered everything in sight, and then their leader made all of them get back up with magic. I know what’s coming, and we’re all dead if we don’t take back the North.”

    Instead, we have to listen to Davos, who apparently put all of his perks in the Speechcraft tree, say all the shit that Jon should have been up there saying and I do not understand why. I’ve made it well know how stupid I think it is that Davos is still hanging around, but that’s mostly just me being petty. THIS on the other hand, I found to be legitimately egregious. Why kill Jon off if you’re just going to bring him back to be the same old Basic Jon he’s always been- standing around sad-faced? GET YOURS, Jon.

    That’s it, ranting pants off. Look forward to the podcast as always.


    I am really loving this season! It’s been fantastic!

    My new mvp is Lyanna Mormont! She’s a mini Lady Olleana in training! You think they would have her & Rickon get married if they survive. Cause he would need a strong woman like that?

    Lady Olleana is the best and she raised Margery well. I do wonder what happened to Margery & Loras’ mom.

    The Blackfish is awesome! And do you think he would side with Sansa? After his dismissal of Edmure, I was worried but the fact that he mentioned the promise Jamie made to Catelyn about her daughters gives me hope. I hope he doesn’t die. And I hope Jamie doesn’t get Bronn killed.

    The Hound is back! And he’s about to jack up some Brotherhood Without Banners folks! But why did they do that? Those folks ain’t have no money. They offered dinner. Damn!

    Will the Starks ever win or are they doomed to forever fail?

    That’s it. Can’t wait for the podcast!

  10. lol Lyanna rocked my world. I want her to have the iron throne. That injury to Arya should kill a normal person but that just can’t be how this plays out. I’m not feeling all that tough love on theon. He needs a hug.

    1. Am I the only person who thought, for a split second, that the opening scene was gunna reveal Gendry and not the Hound. Even though I know the book theories on the Hound, I just was so thrown by the cheery and wholesome vibe of the opening.

    2. I LOVED Leyana Mormount! How refreshing to see a young leader actually be effective! All the kid leaders we’ve seen previously kind of sucked lol. Bran did an okay job when he was Lord of Winterfell for a little bit in S2 or 3. But all the others; Tommen, Geoffrey, Robin Aaron were just sad compared to Lady Mormount. Lady Mormount for PREZ!

    3.The Starks truly stay Starking! Jon and Sansa, bless their hearts lol, they are trying! Both have good leader qualities but always seem to just fall short. Jon, you know 2,000 men ain’t enough for shit! And Sansa, had to hit up Little finger real quick like “you know I didn’t really mean what I said, right?” lol. I think they have great strength together, especially with Davos helping but I pray for once their Starkyness doesn’t end in death.

    4. Speaking of Starks and death, Arya! Do y’all think that was really her? I’m of two minds about it. People have been theorizing that it was some kind of inception shit and she was actually the Waif and the Waif and Arya are the same people. I don’t agree with that at all. But I kind of think “Arya” could have been Jaquin actually testing the Waif. Or it could be as plain as we saw it and Arya Starked up and let her guard down and got shanked for it. Then Jaquin or someone will come in a save the day sparing her life. Either way all I know is Arya ain’t dying!

    Ok Ok, while I have many more thoughts imma shut it down. I really enjoyed this episode, I can always appreciate a couple set up episodes that still effectively move the plot forward, and can’t wait to see how it’s gunna pop off next week because of it (particularly the Hounds vengeance plan)!

  12. Not for the podcast, but:
    “Not 62,000. Not 6,200. 62.
    6 in the tens place and 2 in the ones place 62.
    Jon is like, “Is this Common Core?”

    I just died.

  13. For the podcast:

    Do we think King Whatshisface is in on the con with Queen Margery?

    Why is the BWB indiscriminately killing unarmed innocents? I don’t recall this being their M.O.

    How can Jaqen give Arya’s face to anyone if she’s still alive? I thought they only used the faces of the dead. (??)

    I was happy to see The Hound, but expected him to turn up at some point.

    Granny Tyrell is a bad mammajamma. Ilovehersohard.

  14. I so thought I was early. Guess not. FOR THE PODCAST:

    This episode might has well have been called “Let’s See How Bad You Fcuked Up.” Because good Lord.

    Cersei: Lady Olenna was spitting bullets at Cersei and telling her all the ways she ruined everything. And Cersei thought she could say “Yeah I messed up so let’s clean this up.” Lady Olenna then told her EVEN MORE about herself! It was so good to see Cersei broken. That was so great.

    Robb: Robb’s fcuk ups are still haunting the Starks. After the Glovers told Sansa about all the shit he did, even I was like “Oh shit. He really DID mess up.” However, half of that bullshit was Catelyn’s fault. Because fcuk Catelyn.

    Greyjoys: Skip.

    Freys: Jaime AND the Blackfish made the Freys look silly. It was hilarious.

    Jaime: The Blackfish definitely told Jaime he was a bitch.

    Arya: Well…are we sure that was Arya that got stabbed and not the Waif? Hmmm.

    Can’t wait for the kiki!

  15. For the Podcast: Hi Nina, Jon & Anton! Soooo am I the only one who could hear the 5th dimension’s “age of Aquarius” during this cold open? Welcome back, Sandor! You’ve joined a vegan commune, grow your own food and make your own clothing! Like last week, I enjoyed this episode for what it was a “How not to f#ck up your power and influence: A Guide to the Thrones.” Hands down my favourite moment of this episode was Lady Olena telling Cersei about herself, not a newly cut blonde pixie wig was to be found after that verbal upheaval. Special shout outs to Marge the born again, Lady Mormont for checking all the adults, Davos the best hypeman in the North, Uncle Blackfish asserting old man fuck it attitude, and my girl Arya who is eat pray loving herself through slaver’s bay! Alright, let me get back to work, can’t wait for the podcast! Byeeeeeee. Wait, where is Gendry?

  16. For the podcast: This season continues to be the best! The Hound is back! I’m so excited I hope him and Arya cross paths again! I want to be lady Lyanna Mormount when I grow up she is little but she is fierce! Best part of the episode hands down though was lady Oleanna reading Cersei for filth she dropped bars picked them back up and dropped them again! One last thing is Sparrow Sanders (and his creepy telling a woman she has to have sex with her husband) ass on to Marge and the fact that she is conning him? Also I would like to thank Marge because she’s playing that Blac Chyna long game and I respect that

  17. Man these episodes are so damn good!!

    The Hound came back and found a new life… But they killed off his whole crew! I can’t wait to see him get some revenge.

    And man just when I was hoping for an Arya/Hound reunion tour. A girl wasn’t on her shit and got stabbed up.

    Will the real queen of the seven kingdoms please stand up?! Young Lady Mormont is the real MVP. She dropped so many bars on Jon and Sansa that I’m waiting for her new mixtape.

    This episode was full of bars though Lady Olenna unleashed her inner black church muva again and read Cersei like a scripture from the seven pointed star.

    Then the Blackfish… Should be called the shade fish cuz he don’t give a damn about those Frey’s or Jamie.

    I have a tin foil hat question… Call me crazy but isn’t it odd that no one in Braavos looked at Arya after she got stabbed up? Did this really happen or is it some hallucination? Maybe the waif is a figment of her imagination or something.

  18. For the podcast : Lady Mormont reminded me of what it would have looked like if Aria had needed to take over command of Winterfell in season one and I was here for it! She was tough, spoke with authority and had the wisdom listen to her advisors when she needed to. Marry her off to Robin Arryn so she can take over his huge house and resources, and her and her advisors can thank Littlefinger for his service and send him on his damn way!

  19. I liked the statement made after the show about the wildlings being savy enough to see beyond their hate and traditions to rise to the occasion and join John. They know now that seeing everyone else as their enemy is not going to help them stay alive. This is Ceresi’s problem as Margery ‘s grandmother points out. Her stupidity fueled by her hate has been her downfall. This is also the problem with racists today. They would rather stay in the past and hate black people, even if It costs them money (like Hollywood whitewashing movies even though it’s been proven that diverse casts bring in money) I’m looking at you The South. You lost boo. Get over it and burn that damn flag. Also I love yarra literally basically saying “kill yourself” to theon. Looking forward to the podcast

  20. “A Lannister always pays his—”


    When I first saw the cold open I thought that we were on the wrong channel. It wasn’t until I saw Ian McShane and the seven-pointed star around his neck that I realized with glee what was to come. The Hound is baaaaaack and his place in this episode only confirmed that I had already suspected since reading Book 4.
    Cleganebowl is in full swing! GET HYPE!

    Lyanna Mormont stole the episode and Nina Gold the show’s casting director is killing it with these talented child actors. Jorah is the unwanted red-headed stepchild of his family… CLEARLY.

    I’m certain that Sansa wrote to Littlefinger for help and I’m sure he’s going to join them with the Knight’s of the Vale soon enough.

    Arya Stark is..ummmm wtf? If they somehow reveal that the Waif was just a figment of her imagination like in Fight Club and this has all been one long metaphor for her shedding her Stark identity to embrace her new life I will… Do a walk of atonement.

    Yara Greyjoy is going to fuck the tits out of Daenerys. I knew it. And I’m so totally for that happening.
    I also knew that Margaery had been faking it from the get-go but it’s so unnerving to see Margaery constantly having to be on her guard more so than when she was at the mercy of Joffrey and Cersei.
    Queenbowl is happening! Get hype!

    The Blackfish’s triumphant return was amazing and everything I EVER hoped for. The actor conveys so much with his bored scowl that reminds of Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon. Interesting book lore: The Blackfish was Jaime’s idol growing up. So when Brynden Tully said that Jaime was disappointing was like if I met Stan Lee or Chris Claremont and they went “well, you suck.” Damn.

    Also, that golden backhand from Jaime had me laughing!

  21. For the podcast: What are the chances Arya hooked up with the actress she was supposed to kill and they set her up to look like she was bleeding if she was stabbed? Long shot, I know. I think it would be a poor story choice if this was the case. What if she got hit with a hammer? Or fed bad oysters?

  22. I might be 2 late but just in case
    Lady O/QOT thoroughly checked cersei queen of shame so hard that she could barely say a word

    Lady lyanna “stop the chitchat/get to the point” to Jon & co-thought Sansa was going to jump the child & said look u lil…..Davis saved the day for 62 men-better than nothing

    Rob got a “boy bye” from the leader of that next house

    Blackfish/Jamie interaction was interesting-have 2 give it up to the fish

    Walter frees boys tweedle Dee/tweedle dum & edmure Tully needs a lil of that black jack 2 get out of his situation

    Hound is back-yay though I forgot who he was! All peace & luv until the brothers destroyed that sanctuary-now it’s on!

    Arya getting bested by the waif was a surprise-thought she’d be on guard-seemed too easy-wonder if rumors out there have any merit.

    That’s it from me-hope it’s not too late.

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